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Alcohol and Other

Chapter 15 Section 4

Medicines are legal drugs that

help the body fight disease and
Some medicines require a
doctor’s prescription
Other medicines can be bought
without a prescription (over-the-
Drug Abuse
Immediate Effects of Abused

Drug Abuse- deliberate misuse of Tolerance- a state in which a
drugs for purposes other than drug user needs larger and
medical ones larger amounts of the drug to
produce the same effect on
Most commonly abused drugs are the body
especially dangerous because they
act on the brain and other parts of Tolerance may develop if a
the nervous system (marijuana, person takes a drug regularly
alcohol, cocaine)
Tolerance can cause people to
Alcohol can cause confusion, poor take large amounts of drugs,
coordination, and blurred vision causing an overdose
Abused drugs can alter a person’s Overdose may cause loss of
mood and feelings consciousness or death

Repeated use of abused drugs

can result in addition
The body becomes physically
dependent on the drug
Withdrawal- period of
adjustment that occurs when a
person stops taking a drug
A person can experience
headaches, fever, vomiting,
aches, and cramps
Other Effects of Drug
Drugs affect a person’s health
Drug users sometimes share needles, risking the chance
of contraction of HIV
Drug abuse can lead to jail time
Drug abusers struggle to get along with others
Kinds of Drugs
Depressants- drugs that slow down the activity
of the central nervous system
Depressants relax muscles and make people
sleepy, slow reaction times
Alcohol and heroin are depressants
Stimulants- speed up body processes, make
the heart beat faster and breathing increase
Cocaine, nicotine, amphetamines are
Inhalants- substance producing mood-altering
effects when inhaled; paint thinner
Hallucinogens- substance that can make
people hear or see things that do not exist
Anabolic steroids- synthetic chemicals that are
similar to hormones produced in the body;
Alcohol is a powerful depressant, illegal for those
under age 21 in the US
Alcohol is the most commonly abused drug for
The more alcohol in the bloodstream, the more
severe the effects
Alcohol produces impaired judgment
Alcohol abuse can cause destruction of brain and liver
cells, and lead to addiction and emotional
Alcoholism- disease in which a person is both
physically addicted to and emotionally dependent on
How do abused drugs affect the nervous system?
Why can these effects be dangerous?

What are the effects of long-term alcohol abuse?

What is alcoholism?

Contrast the effects that stimulants and depressants

have on the body.