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The British American Tobacco Group is one

of the world’s leading international
manufacturers of cigarettes, marketing its
products in almost every country worldwide.
The British American Tobacco Bangladesh
Company Limited (BAT Bangladesh), the
biggest tobacco company of Bangladesh.
852 people work as direct employees of
BATB and another 40,000 people work
indirectly as farmers, distributors and local
suppliers for the company.
BAT group holds 65.91% of the total
share of the company, Investment
Corporation of Bangladesh owns 18.76%
of the shares, Shadhin Bima
Corporation, Bangladesh shilpa Rin
Shangstha, Government of Peoples
Republic of Bangladesh, Sena Kallyan
Sangstha together holds 4.73% of the
shares and other shareholders own the
rest of 10.60% shares. The Registered
farmers of BAT Bangladesh grow
tobacco leaves for the company in
Kushtia, Manikganj, Chittagong and
Company Background:
The journey of this company started long
back. BATB was established back in 1910 as
Imperial Tobacco Company (ITC) Ltd. In March
01, 1949 Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC)
came into existence with head office in
Karachi. In order to meet the increasing
demand, the first factory in the then East
Pakistan was established in Chittagong in
1952. In 1954 PTC established its first
cigarette factory although high-grade
cigarettes still came from Pakistan. The Dhaka
factory of PTC went into production in 1965.
Bangladesh Tobacco Company, which was
established after independence, merged with
original British American Tobacco Company
Extend our leadership through
world class performance.
List of Market offerings:

1.Benson & Hedges

2.John Player Gold Leaf
3.Pall Mall
6.Viceroy(New product)
Product name , size and
Name Size Price (TK)
Star 10 19
Star 20 38
Benson & Hedges 20 98
Benson & Hedges 20 98
Gold Leaf 20 60
Capstan 20 50
Pall Mall 20 60

Scissors 10 20
Scissors 20 38
Pall Mall 20 60
Practice Marketing

The ‘4 Ps’
All marketing is based on the
fundamental ‘4 Ps’: product, price,
promotion and place. For BATB ,
promotion is now much more limited
and very carefully controlled.
British American Tobacco’s first
chairman, Buck Duke, said two
basics for success were “devise a
superior product” and “hire the best

Price competition in business can be
fierce. For example, the value for
money segment of a market may
grow as higher tobacco taxes make
premium brands more expensive and
some consumers look to ‘trade
down’. BATB have reputation for
quality is a strong aspect of its
competitive offer at every price point
and try to maintain it.
Laws governing tobacco brand
advertising and it’s own restrictions on
companies’ product brand
communications mean that promotion
now has far less relevance than the other
‘3 Ps’, and that mass media promotion is
going or gone.
Last but certainly not least is where
consumers buy their brands. We want
our brands to be where consumers want
to buy them, when they want them and
never ‘out-of-stock’. We want them to be
in the right types of outlets - for
example, for our premium brands to be
Evaluation OF SBU

H Benson
Benson has high growth ,high-share business or
products requiring heavy investment to finance
rapid growth. It will eventually turn into cash
Cash cows
Gold leaf has low growth ,high share business or
product that are established successful SBU
requiring less investment to maintain market
Question Marks
Pall Mall has very low share business units in
high growth markets requiring a lot of cash to
hold their share ,
Scissors has low growth and low share business
Implementation of Product - Market Expansion Grid
Strategies :

Market penetration Product development

Star Benson & Hedges light
Pall Mall-manthon
Gold life light

Market development Diversification

Viceroy (No diversification)
Social marketing
Bangladesh suffer floods and cyclone
every year. The company mobilized its
employees and business partners to
support the Governments relief efforts
to the victims by contributing cash,
food, medical supplies ,food crop seeds
, fertilizers and building materials.
Environment, health and safety (EHS)
remains a core focus area for BATB.
Apart from this BATB try to use less
energy, reducing carbon
dioxide(CO2),reducing water use,
research and development, harm
SWoT Analysis of BATB:-
Strength of BATB
1.Huge company.
2.Famous Brand
Weakness of BATB
1.Supplying goods are not at all reasonable
2.Less survey of buyers intention.
Opportunities of BATB
1.Availability of product
BAT will have to advertise and promote
“Winfield” in a careful and correct way.
They will also have to use the marketing
tool efficiently and get accustomed to new
ways of selling its product in a new
country. Corporate social responsibilities
(CSR) should be taken seriously so that
the national sovereignty, and age old
custom and tradition are not harmed.
They should be technologically more
advanced and innovative than the rest of
the tobacco companies in order to gain a
positive and a successful recognition in
It is important to remember that though
BAT is enjoying monopoly in the medium
and high brand segment of cigarette and
turn over is also high, it will face difficulty
as people are gradually becoming health
conscious. Anti smoking campaign is a big
threat for BAT to run the business. They
should look for different other areas to
invest to hedge against possible loss that
are likely to occur in near future. Moreover,
BATB’s latest business mission is to double
its revenue in next five years, which is quite
possible. But as mentioned earlier the
implementation of existing laws and