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Patel Bhautik k.
It is a closed Vessel in which the heat
produced by the combustion of fuel is
transferred to water for its conversion into
steam at the desired temperature and
At atmospheric pressure water volume
increases 1,600 times









Schematic diagram of boiler

Types of Boilers
Horizontal and Vertical boiler
Fire tube and water tube Boiler
Externally and Internally fired boiler
Forced and Natural Circulation boiler
High,Medium and Low pressure boiler
Stationary and Portable boiler
Single and Multi tube boiler

If the axis of the boiler is vertical it is called vertical

boiler. e.g.:- Cochran boiler

If the axis of the boiler is horizontal ,It is called the

Horizontal boiler.
e.g. :- Lancashire boiler ,Locomotive boiler.

The boiler in which the hot gases are inside the tubes
and water surrounding the tubes is called fire tube
e.g. : Lancashire boiler, Locomotive boiler.
The boiler in which
the water is inside
the tube and the hot
gases surround them
is called water tube
e.g.:-Babcock and
Wilcox BoilerO
Externally fired and Internally
fired tube Boilers.


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In the boiler if the In the boiler in
fired is outside the which the furnace is
shell, that boiler is located inside the
known as externally boiler shell it is
fire boiler. known as internally
)"Babcock and fired boiler.
Wilcox boilerO )"Cochran boiler,
Lancashire boiler.
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In the boilers if the In the boiler if the
circulation of water circulation of water
is done by a pump takes place due to
then they are known diff. in density
as forced circulation resulting from diff.
boiler. in temperature, it is
)"#ension boiler, known as natural
Lamount boiler circulation boiler.
)"#Lancashire boiler
High,Medium and Low pressure
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It is one in which the working pressure of the boiler is more
than 25 bar.
)"#Babcock and Wilcox boiler.

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It is that boiler whose working pressure is between 10-25 bar.
)"#Lancashire boiler and Locomotive boiler.

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It is that boiler whose working pressure is between 3.5-10
)"#Cochran boiler.
Stationary and portable boilers
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The boiler which can The boilers which
not be transported can be easily
easily from one place transported from one
to another are called place to another are
stationary boilers. called portable
).:-Lancashire boilers.
boiler,Babcock and )"#Locomotive
Wilcox boiler. boiler.
Single and Multi tube Boiler
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The boilers having The boilers having
only one fired tube two or more fire or
or water tube are water tubes for the
called single tube circulation of hot
boilers. gases or water are
)"-Cornish boiler. called multi tube
boiler,Babcock and
Wilcox boiler.
Advantages of Boilers

In thermal power plants

Textile industries for sizing and bleading etc.
Sugar mills
Chemical industries
°isadvantages of Boilers
Weight is bulky.
Need of hard foundation.
It need more maintanance.(because of high
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