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Shantelle Keech

Who did I ask?

I gathered a wide range of people, forming a cross section of
Demographic Categories
society in order to receive an accurate and wide range of
responses from different viewpoints. The three demographicsCategory C
I asked were:
Category B
1. CATEGORY A: White, middle class adults

Category A

2. CATEGORY B: Diverse, multi-ethnicity youth demographic

10 12 14 16

3. CATEGORY C: Lower, socio-economic teenage demographic

. In using this wide range of demographics, I was able to attain
niche and mass readings, although the responses I will value
most strongly will be those from Category B as the people
from this demographic are my ideal target audience.
. Within the cross section of society I recognise that the
respondents may be from the niche audience, being people
who enjoy soundtracks and music videos from the indie-pop
genre, essentially appreciating my product more than other
respondents whom are from the wider audience and of my
less targeted demographics (Category A and C).

Respondent Genders

VOXPOP Solo Subject Responses

Category 2 Subject C: How does the representation of the character make you feel?
This respondent was a white, socio economic group D/E male who offered a preferred reading of my product.
He was also apart of my targeted niche audience in that he associates himself with being a fan of the indie-pop
genre. The respondent stated that he know[s] people in [the protagonists situation personally so it
builds empathy and sympathy [] is very emotional for people who have gone through this
situation. Due to the fact that he mentions that Its very relatable as a piece, theres reference to
Blumler and Katzs theory of uses and gratification in terms of personal identity and personal relationships.
What do you think the meaning behind the music video is?
For this question we gained a qualitative and quantitative response in that I gained the opinions of two
members of the audience; this included a Subject B (a white, socio economic group D/E male) and Subject A (a
black, socio economic group D/E male), both from Category 2. Subject Bs interpretation was that the music
video is ultimately about trying to be accepted into society. and the idea of religion being forced
onto society. Whilst Subject 1 believed that the message behind the video is to be who you are and
not to let other people control your decisions. He collectively believed that he thinks its encouraging
the audience to follow what they want to do in life and not worry about anyones opinions.
Both respondents in this case took a preferred reading of the music video. We also received a reading from
Subject A in Category 3; the (black, socio economic group D/E male) respondent stated that he believed the
music video signified the idea that it doesnt matter what you are, you just have to be confident in

VOXPOP Solo Subject Responses

Category 2 Subject B: What are your thoughts on the representations of the
female in the video?
Subject B expressed through his interpretation a negotiated reading in that he believed the
female who acted as the protagonists girlfriend was represented as every other girl
really, in a situation that she doesnt understand. Originally my own perception of
what the female was portraying was someone who was objectified by Edward due to the fact
that hes ultimately using her as a product of his familys ideals and a method of hiding his
true sexuality however Subject 2 didnt recognise this through his personal reading.
In the attempt to find out if the respondent gained any sense of my interpretation through
his own, I followed it with the question of:
Do you think shes objectified?
Although this question seemed to be leading, the respondent didnt take these reigns as he
said Not necessarily in certain parts shes objectified when shes laying on the
bed but overall shes not really sexualised. This response appears to be an
oppositional reading in terms of Stuart Halls theory although I believe there mayve been a
sense of the respondent not understanding the question fully however I understand that this
was my own fault for making the question far too brief.

VOXPOP Solo Subject Responses

Category 1 Subject A: Do you believe that the representation of the
traditional family and the sexual ideas to be a stereotype or countertype?
Were these negative representations?
The respondent of this question was an Eastern European socio economic group C2
female who expressed the fact that in her experience, especially whilst growing up
watching things in the 80s, she wouldnt have seen such an obvious male on
male relationship She expressed how she was almost shocked at the filming in
the church, I was quite surprised that you were allowed to do that in a very
traditional church. Despite this she stated that she felt that the scene where
they came out and clearly the religious bit got them all upset and crying I
thought that was very powerful at the end. Subject As reading here is preferred
as we intended to represent homosexuality in a positive light along with challenges
that people face with identifying with a different sexuality. Its understandable for
someone who grew up in a time where there werent as many gayrights as there are
today to feel displaced or a little shocked especially with the scenes inside of the
church as theyre conventionally recognised for heterosexuality and traditional roles.

VOXPOP Solo Subject Responses

Category 3 Subject B: Simplistic costume, low budget sets and
performance shots are just some of the conventions of the indie-pop
genre. Do you believe our music video portrays these?
As recognised within the VOXPOP one respondent, a socio economic group D/E female
gave a very limited expression of her opinion on the music video in terms of this
question; she said Yeah, because in the music video, theres a lot of drama in
their lives. Although this could be recognised as a negotiated reading due to the fact
that she recognised the fact that theres a theme of dis-equilibrium in their lives, it
doesnt answer the question. On the other hand, a female from category 2 and Subject
E expressed how I believe you followed the conventions of the drama and
portrayed them as the sets arent really expensive - although they do look it.
Never the less, you didnt really portray the performance shots because I
remember from other music videos seeing the full band, not just the singer.
Subject Es response here is preferred as she recognised our intentions to break the
convention of using performance shots and we also use locations which would
normally be reasonably expensive, especially for producers with low-budgets.

VOXPOP Solo Subject Responses

Are there any techniques or visual effects you believe to be the most
When analysing the responses for this question from the VOXPOP, I have established
a difference in the interpretations and understanding of this question from the varied
social grades and audience categories; Subject C from Category 3, a white Eastern
European group D/E male offered a disjointed answer which gave no recognition of
the techniques and visual effects from within the music video. He stated that I like
how it was all set up [] It doesnt matter if youre gay or not [] the boys
going out with a man and then at the end the other man he leaves the boy
for a girl. On the other hand, Subject C from Category 2, a white British socio
economic group D/E male expressed more eloquently how he believes the most
effective technique is the projections on top of the actors; this shows how
theyre truly feeling inside rather than what you can actually see.
The Category 2 males reading was much more preferred as I personally would value
to use of the projector most highly due to the fact that it holds great expression and
offers more elements for the representations and connotations of the music video.

VOXPOP Solo Subject Responses

Do you believe there to be a link between the lyrics and the
Along with assessing audiences opinions on the question within the VOXPOP, we
used this question in our survey which audience members could complete online.
It was conclusive that 90% of respondents believed it to be true; supported by
Subject D in Category 2s statement that she clearly remembers seeing in one
shot there was one of your actors wiping the mirror and that was a key
line in the song., I can relate the music video to Andrew Goodwins theory of
music videos have links between the lyrics and the visuals, meaning that Im
conforming to these ideas.
Subject Ds response is a preferred reading due to the fact that during preproduction I had planned to film a shot where on the specific line of I wipe the
steam off of the mirror, the visuals would correspond, rearticulating the lyrics of
the soundtrack.


Not sure

VOXPOP Solo Subject Responses

Do you believe there to be a link between the ancillary texts
and music video?
Within my survey I asked this question using the format of a radio button with a
response box, allowing respondents to offer their opinions and reasons for whether
or not they saw a link. I found from these results that 83% of people asked could
recognise a correlating link between each of my products establishing that I have
successfully incorporated synergy and an interrelationship. One anonymous
respondent stated that in her opinion she could recognise the link between the
digipaks as lighting, colours and the projector are used in the video,
advert and digipak. This was a preferred reading due to the fact that the
respondent was able to depict and identify a clear link between the three
products; when designing I made the conscious decision to manipulate the
appearance of the images being used to create synergy.



Not sure

Assessment of Responses and

Research Methods
In reference to the responses that Ive gathered, I can recognize many pros and
cons in relation to both the quantitative (VOXPOP) and qualitative (survey)
Quantitative Research
Qualitative Research

Pro: The data is an accessible method of receiving

Pro: The nature of the responses allowed for me to
manipulate data into graphs and tables, resulting in
it being much easier to read and analyse.
Con: Due to the questions asked being closed, it
resulted in me being unable to analyse in order to
receive different readings and interpretations.
Con: The nature of the responses being based on
data which I cannot relate to a specific person or
differentiate between the different respondents
meant that Id be unable to assess the information
based on the backgrounds or demographics.

Pro: Quantitative research allowed me to receive

detailed responses and interpretations which I am
able to analyse with the knowledge of their given
circumstances and understanding of who they are as
people/audience members.
Con: the respondents of the Category C demographic
received the intelligent and mature themes of the
music video very differently to the audience
members of Category A and Category B due to their
futility. This was a poor choice of demographic
Con: In reference to the Hawthorne Effect, the
audience members would feel uncomfortable
speaking and behave differently when they know
that theyre being filmed. The qualitative written
responses therefore were much stronger than the
Con: We also experienced the danger of leading

Final Evaluation of Findings

In evaluation, through these audience feedback Im able to recognise ways in
which my product may not be exclusively relatable for some audiences due to their
varied ideals and also the mature themes of the music video.
Ive recognised that audiences can establish clear links between each of my
products, meaning that my applications of synergy have been successful.
I now understand that when forming a focus group for audience feedback I would
receive more relevant and preferred responses if I werent to direct it towards such
a wide/mass audience and rather focus a lot closer on niche audience whilst still
gaining responses from wider audiences, just not at greatly. I believe this will give
me a more accurate reaction and opinions as fans of the indie-pop genre wouldve
been able to identify things that they essentially enjoy experiencing within the