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India is the 2nd most populous nation in the world.
It is the country having most number of urban agglomerations
More number of towns and cities count for more number of Market places
Markets spaces are backbone for a developing urban dwellings.
They are the center for small to medium scale commerce in a large scale
People come to market places for buying necessities on regular basis not just for shopping but also
They offer different types of food, commodities, accessories, electronics and other miscellaneous things.


Study in detail market spaces in the Besant road stretch of Vijayawada.


Study various aspects of urban design in a market space along with the de-merits and merits.
Analyze the spatial usage of the stretch and create an alternative proposal which in detail creates a
solutions for the problems faced.


Besant Road is the busiest Market stretch in the city of Vijayawada, the study contributes a broader view
of the current scenario and required for the future development of the stretch.


This study helps in developing futuristic market streets which are both user friendly and easily accessible.


This study is confined to the stretch of Besant road which borders Karl Marx road to the North and
Mahatma Gandhi Road on the South.

Now / Then



Market spaces are commercial spaces that are used for
selling and buying goods.
Market spaces have a long history with humans right
from the ages of barter system to modern day shopping
streets and malls.
Market streets and spaces are situated in the center of
These spaces are the first formed “Downtowns” which
are center for trade and commerce, until industrial


Promotes small to medium scale business and street
Creates opportunity to showcase crafts and home made
accessories for start ups.
Creates Revenue for Local body through taxes and rents
Places for food courts which offer wide variety of
cuisines at reasonable prices.

Factors of formation

Reason for Development

To improve social activity.
Adapt to the changes that are happening globally.
Increase green spaces and vehicle free streets
Improve the conditions of street vendors by giving them
an identity and scope to standardize their business
Develop the waste management system which makes
market spaces cleaner and more efficient.

One cannot go to different places to buy
different things.
People tend to show interest on places
where different types of goods are available
at single stretch.
This increase the number of shops selling
different products to come to a single place.
As the number of shops increase, the people
come increase which leads to formation of a
vibrant street where small scale street
vendors come to trade their stuff.
This increase the viability of commerce of
different ranges. From High end products to
cheap sell of products.
This leads to formation of a good economic
zone in a town which creates good revenue.

These types of markets are the stepping stone for an arising market street. Fixed Commodity Market      These type of market falls under both open / closed market. But with less market value. This type of markets are seen only in some kind of places. Flea Markets     These are a type of markets where especially. They are common all over the world. They are held on streets and adjacent shops on a street. Here people come on a regular basis to buy the daily needs. Market Streets    Market streets are centralized business streets where permanent and semi permanent dwellings are used for commercial activities throughout the year. And if that commodity is non existent.. INTRODUCTION TO TYPEs OF MARKET SPACES . as every type of commodity is available through out the year. Vegetable Market. Meat Market etc. Ex: Fruit Market. They are maintained by public bodies like municipalities. these markets become obsolete. Street vendors gather together on a particular day or a week on a selected street. Since a particular place in the town is famous for selling a particular type of good. They are regularized by Authorities on basis of Zones. Their existence is entirely dependant on a particular type of commodity. These types of markets sell different commodities on a large scale. these types of markets come into existence. These are normally called as “markets” in India.Open Markets     These Markets are accessed by public without restrictions.

Malls and complexes are confined to bigger cities.  Generally. They don't create much revenue to the government but to private persons who maintain them.  This type of markets are seen only in some kind of places. Some of these complexes [ex: BDA Complex(s)] are maintained by metropolitan authorities.INTRODUCTION TO TYPES OF MARKET SPACES Fixed Commodity Market These type of market falls under both open / closed market.  They normally sell commodities at a higher price due to cost of maintenance.. buildings VegetableinMarket. Ex: Fruit Market.  These type of Markets are confined to a single building or a these markets become obsolete.  They don't produce much direct revenue as they are exempted from paying certain rents and duties as promotion from governments.  Fixed Commodity Markets MALLS/COMPLEXES These are high end shopping places where luxurious goods are available at a single place. And if that commodity is non existent.  They are generally maintained by private persons.  Their existence is entirely dependant on a particular type CLOSED MARKETS of commodity.  They are generally seen in smaller towns. Shopping Mall / Complex SOCIETIES/UNIONS  These are fixed commodity markets which are formed by trade unions producing or acquiring goods of similar type. structure or multiple a closed compound.  These types of markets are seen in big metropolitan areas and developing cities. these markets are owned by societies under the assistance or aid from banks or governments.  They are generally confined to areas where people can afford to buy goods at a higher price. these types of markets come into existence. Societies / Unions . They are huge structures where one can get a good shopping experience but at a price. Meat Market etc.  Since a particular place in the town is famous for selling a particular type of good.

pavements should be provided for the safety of people in the market spaces. This also increase the viability of growth as a central business district of the town and give a scope for authorities for taking necessary measures for the development of the square  Cleanliness Clean markets are always first option for people to visit. So. Pavements and roads should be designed according to the population. They are more easy to walk on when compared to asphalt surface which is more suitable for vehicles. Vehicular movement is difficult most of the times. Availability of a vast spectrum of goods plays a major role in the development of market spaces.  Pavements Pavements are better for pedestrians.  Parking facility As most of the markets are filled with pedestrians.COMPONENTS OF A GOOD MARKET SPACE  Availability of vast spectrum of goods Generally people visit markets to buy all sorts of goods at a time. there must be a parking space provided for both visitors and the shop keepers to avoid the hassle. Because they increase the hygiene and allows users to have a good shopping experience. So. So. So. . Waste management and proper drainage systems are a must for the market area. So.  Free movement Free movement of vehicles and pedestrians is a good sign of a good market.

Access to all the shops in the markets also makes it a good market space as everyone can come enjoy it even without shopping. Reason Re-Design of Besant Road      Over Crowding Narrow lanes which are regularized but have high pedestrian and vehicular movement. Un-regularized street vendors. Street furniture give the markets a unique touch. Easy access Markets that are easily accessible by people are the most visited markets. This in turn helps in maintaining the road widths and proper movement across the market. . Proper regularization(Zoning) Regularization and proper permits to all the shops helps maintain the market’s beauty. Improper Waste management. They increase the number of visits by people as they allow people visiting to relax and have some shade.COMPONENTS OF A GOOD MARKET SPACE Shelter Pergolas. Minute amount of amenities provided. Also providing certain space for the vendors on street and allocating them licenses helps in having a contributing good governance.

Sikh community is a major minority of city apart from Muslims and Christians. This street is named after the famous Human rights activist of the 19th century “Anne Besant” Vijayawada Culture     As it is a main center of commerce. Besant Road .India Andhra Pradesh Krishna District History    Vijayawada is the second most populous city in the state of Andhra Pradesh and is the administrative capital of the state. Being a religious center for all the religions from the historical times made this city an example for communal harmony. The city is famous for Dusserah celebrations. food and commerce. Besant road is the most busiest street in the city of Vijayawada. which is infamous for its street shopping. settled here which resulted in a vibrant multi cultural society. people from different regions of India.

Besant Road is one of it’s major hub of textile and small scale Wholesale Business. As most population lives in conditions below the poverty line.. Sandy clay loams (23%).231 resides. HPCL and IOC are located in the vicinity.5083° N latitude and 80. Economy     Vijayawada is the Commercial capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh with an annual GDP of ~ $3Billion ( ₹ 130 Billion) It is a center for Agro.62% of total population of Vijayawada city. It’s elevation is 75 feet and 6 inches (23 meters) from the Mean sea level. Black cotton soils (58%). Textiles. Total no. The black cotton soil is most extensive and occurs in POPULATION Western part. of Slums in Vijayawada city numbers 123. It has a De-notified IT Hub which was Initiated by previous governments and industries like BPCL.Mean Sea Level   Vijayawada is located between 16. Sandy soils (2%). Logistics and small scale consumer Industries.6417° E longitude. viz. Market streets are important to serve them for a mere prices when compared to super markets Black cotton soil Sandy Clay Loams Red lomy soil Sandy soil . The sandy clay loams formed along river.228 in which population of 451. This is around 43. Red loamy soils (17%). Topography There are four types of soils in the Vijayawada area.

In summer. making it one of the busiest in the country. Nehru Bus Terminal”. “Pundit high.5km from the junction. Air Nearest Airport is located at Gannavaram which is about 18km North east of the city. The chosen site is 2km away from the terminal and can be accessed using a local bus. December (North east Monsoons) receive moderate to heavy rainfall •Winters in Vijayawada last from the mid of December till January. September (South west Monsoons) and October. •Long summers from March until Late weeks of June makes this area vulnerable for people coming from temperate regions.Climate Data •Average temperatures range between 28-32C through out the year. here the Connectivity average daily temperature can By Busto 43C which is very go up Vijayawada has the largest bus terminal in India. November. By Rail Vijayawada Railway station is a junction and located on the main line of Delhi – Chennai and Chennai – Kolkata. The site is located approximately about 1. . • The months of August.

Road Views (Existing) .

seven days a week.00 pm.30 am to 10. and Rs.20(Adult). It is situated on Ring Road Near AIIMS. INA Market is accessed through INA underground station of Delhi Metro. 10. INA MAP SHOWING DILLI HAAT. at a nominal entrance fee. INA HIGHLIGHTING 10:00 am . From Delhi Airport You can Reach by bus crossing AIIMS. Rs.10:00 pm (all days open) Address VARIOUS ZONES Dilli Haat (opposite INA Market). From NDLS Rly station you can reach by Delhi Metro. INA Timings PLAN OF DILLI HAAT.10 for (Children). Entrance Dilli Haat INA is open to public. Sri Aurobindo Marg A Unit of Delhi Tourism Accessibility Dilli Haat. which opened in 2010..DESKTOP STUDY : DILLI HAAT DILLI HAAT. .

Kahwa & Kebabs of Jammu.DESKTOP STUDY : DILLI HAAT SERVI CE ENTR Y CENTRAL PLAZA ENTR Y STAL LS PARKING KEY PLAN OF DILLI HAAT DILLI HAAT TOURISM • • • • • The Dilli haat Tourism provides the craftsmen who are registered with the D. There are 25 different stalls that offer dishes representing different regions of India and they are served in a Eco friendly way. This methodology ensures that the visitors can buy the things at the prices that are not inflated by the high cost of maintenance. so that each and every craftsman gets opportunity to place their things and products for sale.C. They have to pay a mere amount of INR 100/. There are 62 in all stalls that are allotted to the craftsmen from different part of India on 15 days rotational basis. Pooranpoli of Maharashtra and Dhokla of Gujarat. The visitors can also enjoy the authentic dishes served from different regions of India under single roof.Handicrafts to place their things in the bazaar.for a period of 15 days. Bamboos hot chicken of Nagaland. . The food plaza in the Dilli haat offers the multi cuisine like momos of Sikkim.

Strong reminder of the architecture prevalent in northern parts of India The place is full of greenery with the blooming plants and this adds more color to the already beautiful place. this bazaar showcases a variety of stalls selling handicraft items. • The stalls are allotted to the craftsmen  for 15 days and is then rotated so that other sellers get an opportunity to exhibit and sell their products. handicrafts and food along the lines of Dilli Haat. Spread across 6 acres of land. TREES MAINLY FOUND • NEEM • PEEPAL • ASHOKA • BANYAN PARKING • PARKING FOR 45 CARS • 20 TWO WHEELERS Ramps provided for physically handicapped people Visitors get to buy authentic wares at prices that have not been inflated by high costs . • And for the foodies. • With more than 60 stalls in the bazaar. • A  vacant land near the metro station on S V Road is all set to turn into a permanent village fair selling interesting facets of rural Karnataka. opposite to the bustling INA market. that includes art works. DILLI HAAT is a joint collaboration between the New Delhi Municipal Corporation and the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Department.DESKTOP STUDY : DILLI HAAT • Located on Aurobindo Marg. Dilli Haat has a food plaza where you can get to taste the culinary delights from the different parts of India. • Dilli Haat was set up to promote the Indian handicrafts industry and cuisine. craftsmen from all over India come  here to showcase their products.

These mainly are not legal but can be removed easily during a road extension Uncovered Extension  Showcasing the merchandise without any protection on the road in front of the shop  Normally these kind of displays are kept on the road and are taken back by evening Type Semi permanent (Covered) Semi permanent (Un covered) Commodities they sell Number Present CLOTHES FOOTWEAR ACCESSORIES BAGS ELECTRONICS FOOD MISCELLANEOUS _________________ Total 6 5 3 2 6 9 _________________ 31 CLOTHES FOOTWEAR ACCESSORIES BAGS ELECTRONICS FOOD MISCELLANEOUS _______________ Total 5 1 4 1 ________________ 11 .Market Structures Street Semi Mobile Street Un Covered Hawkers covered permanent Carts belong that Extension belong Extension toStructures structures Shops(Perm to Streeto O Structures Belonging to shops  These are the structures that are used by shop keepers to showcase their merchandise in front of their shops.  They can be either covered or uncovered.  These extensions sometimes are permanent and some semi-permanent Covered Extension These are semi permanent roof coverings extended on the shop frontages to protect the goods that are kept in front of the shop.

 These type of structures also depend on the frontage permission given by the owner of property. they instead keep it on the site as a semi-permanent structure Semi permanent (Covered) Mobile Carts  Are the carts that either occupy frontage with the permission of the owner or on the streets without any permission. which is not covered from roof.75m to 0. The Space taken generally is 150x200cm  These vendor stalls normally are movable but.  There are Several types of carts based on the type of Commodity they sell  Their sizes vary from 1.5x0.50m Semi permanent (Un covered) . vendors stock and time of the day.Structures belonging to Street vendors  These are either semi permanent or mobile carts used by street vendors to sell their products.50x0. Type Commodities Number Present Mobile Carts CLOTHES FOOTWEAR ACCESSORIES BAGS ELECTRONICS FOOD MISCELLANEOU S ______________ Total 14 11 4 5 1 27 1 ______________ 63 CLOTHES FOOTWEAR ACCESSORIES BAGS ELECTRONICS FOOD MISCELLANEOU S ______________ Total 12 9 3 2 1 4 7 ______________ 38 CLOTHES FOOTWEAR ACCESSORIES BAGS ELECTRONICS FOOD MISCELLANEOU S ______________ Total 9 3 4 8 ______________ 24 Semi permanent structures occupying inactive frontages  The Vendor stalls that use the frontage of a property by taking the permission of the owner of the property.  These are solely dependant on season.


.Detailed Site Measurements Of road width (Centralized) and Site to be developed.

Electricity lines and Telephone lines are present on the same pole making it a mess and hazardous to the workers.Problems Studied Over Crowding Open Electricity Lines No Proper Zoning Open Drainage No Proper Parking facility Problems Studied Vs.  Cable lines. Security and Media Lines help make the road clean and free from tangled wires above the ground floor. Electricity Tunnel  Underground electricity. Telephone. Proposed Solutions Open Power Lines  Open power lines in the stretch has been reported by the local dwellers as a problem during the site study.  The tangled telephone wires on the Electricity poles cause more mess .  Improper electricity lines can cause a huge mishap in the neighborhood as they are highly charged and cause short circuit. which is because of the constant repairs due to the tangled lines.  This is also causing frequent electricity cut.

This comes in a wave pattern with a minimum width of 2. .5m to maximum of 4.4 m. Proposed Solutions Pavem Providing elevatedent pavements for passive pedestrians and paved road for active pedestrians makes congestion free and easily accessible.Problems Studied Vs. Paved Road Pavement And Paved Roads An elevated pavement of 30cm is provided on both the sides for slow moving pedestrians.

Under ground drainage system 900mm Diameter pipe is used for central sewage system. A0. This storm water can be collected directly near water treatment plant and sanitized and utilized for the public usage. Open drainage floods when there is heavy rain. Storm Water Outlet Storm water outlets are placed near pavement to let the storm water out separately without any connection to sewage pipe. an underground sewage system can solve the problem of waste clogging. So.Problems Studied Vs. . Proposed Solutions Sewage Pipe Storm water Outlet Open Drainage This is the most needed amenity for the stretch. The pipe is centrally placed on the pavement for maintenance. The sewage is blocked by waste material and plastic which is accumulated in the open canal.50m square pipe is used for the storm water collection.

This results in a clean and constant flowing sewage water. 3. 4. weather conditions. 2. A height of 5m is given for the central lighting A height of 3m is given for the pergola which is a standard Underground Drainage is provided This eliminates the problemsystem of shopping on odd in days with extreme the stretch for a wide number of reasons.50 Dia) Ground Cover This Underground Sewage system collects water regularly and with no openings in between. . thus an end to the problem of open and percolated drainage. The waste is not percolated. Central Lighting system which is now being developed with solar powered technology. This allows Public to have shade in case of rain or hot climate. 1.0. creates an off grid light source saving electricity and giving light to the entire stretch.Pergolas and Central lighting Shelter is a good amenity that can be given on any pedestrianised stretch.15m Dia) Collector Pipe (0. Vijayawada being one of the cities with highest recorded temperatures and un expected monsoon rains. Pergolas are helpful for public who come on an odd day. Open drainage cause over flooding Constant cleaning is required Foul smell is inevitable Aesthetic value of the stretch is decreased to a large extent Sewage pipe from Building(0.30 .

Proposed Solutions Parking Lot Parking facility is an already existing amenity given by the authority. But. . It sits nearly abandoned for 4 wheelers and two wheelers occupy some of the space.  Ramp width of 6mts and floor height of 4m is provided  Ramp angle of 30º is provided for upper floors  A separate food court is provided for food vendors on the streets which makes it easy to taste different types of food at a single place.  This integration of different vendors also makes it easy for authorities to prevent on road hawking.Food Court and Flea Market Problems Studied Vs.  An integrated flea market for hawkers selling accessories and small things makes it easy to shop while having snacks. Improper Zoning and no proper pathways inside made it vulnerable to survive for long.

as it leads to Lenin center.Shops For Street Vendors(Vending Zones) Street Vendors are given a special license in the near future. Which gives a hope of getting a structure for lease in that particular area. Problems Studied Vs. Proposed Solutions Open Air Auditorium  This is a busy business center and also a center for social gathering during festivals like dusserah. These Vendors are vulnerable to rain and hot sun. . Providing a separate space for these vendors makes the stretch more lively and congestion free.  A lot of public protests are carried in this stretch. (Named after Vladimir Lenin who is a socialist)  A place For social gatherings is very useful for this stretch as it prevents un necessary blockages of roads.

This also makes an aesthetically appealing Tree Junctions Tree junctions are great place for seating. This also is a tradition to spend leisure time in rural India String Lighting String Lighting gives the street a good look and also saves electricity to a large extent Placing String lighting at junctions also acts as a barrier for not letting heavy vehicles enter the narrow lanes. Making a good platform around the tree makes it a good seating spot through out the day. This allows people to relax while shopping and wait for the people to Amenity & Extra Proposals join them. Street Furniture Providing street furniture like benches for the pedestrians is a good idea in the development of a street that is pedestrianised. .Boulders Boulders and Planters are placed in the junctions to prevent the entry of vehicles.

Final View of the Proposed Stretch of Besant Road. .