To indicate when something happen.

Preposition Explanation Examples of Time at Shows at the specific 1. My tuition class time begins at noon. Ex: night, noon, 7 2. We sleep at o clock midnight. in Part of the day, 1. She is at home in the month, seasons morning. 2. Julie will come home in June.

Preposition Explanation of Time on Shows at the specific day or date.

Examples 1. I was born on 31 October 1985 2. I have piano class on Monday. 1. We have extra class from 1.50 to 2.30

From . to

Show the length of time

Preposition Explanation of Time before Used when the first event mentioned happened first. 1. She took off her slippers. 2. She entered the house after Used when the first event mentioned happened next. 1. We watched the movie. 2. We had dinner.


She took off her slippers before entering the house.

We had dinner after the movie.

Fill i th bl
1. .

ks with th c rr ct r



e y

s ill st cle is arrivi

f r ere ____ t e ty





t ______ t

cl ck.

e teac er as t e last ers e left t e classr as e e.

t leave. e t

____ every st ft r

on 4. Father is leaving for London _____ Friday. efore 5. You must wash your hand _____ you eat

your food.
in 6. Flower will bloom ____ spring. fro to 7. We have class ____ ten ____ eleven.

1. I will see you ____ Saturday.
A. B. C.

at on in

2. I study ____ the evening.
A. B. C.

From on In

3. I was born ____ 1985.
A. B. C.

on in to

4. Wani left the house ______ Liza.
A. B. C.

from to after

5. She peeled the banana ______ she ate it.
A. B. C.

after in before

6. The movie starts _____ 12 p.m. till 3.00 p.m.
A. B. C.

before in from

7. The children watched television ____ they got home from school.
A. B. C.

from before after

Construct 5 sentences based on the preposition given.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

In Before After On At

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