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Figure 1.

3 - Numeric Change in Wage and Salary

Employment in Service-Providing Industries,
20102020 (projected)

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics National Employment Matrix

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Impact of the Economy on the Quantity of Jobs

being Created
Prevailing interest rates and consumer demand cause companies to
How many people they need
Which jobs should be maintained

Increased the need for new technical skills
Automation of tasks that were previously performed by employees

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Impact of the Economy on the Distribution of jobs

More jobs are likely to develop in major metropolitan areas
Need for telecommuting

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Impact of the Economy on the Quality of Service

Competition for prime service jobs will become much more intense
in the future
Successful employees will be:

Better educated, trained, and prepared

Those who have tapped into the concept of professional networking

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Global Economic Shifts

Sales in brick-and-mortar stores are down, owing to the growth of
online retailing
Post-recession, organizations have:
Cut back on the size of their workforce
Sold off, merged, or closed operations
Taken dramatic steps to attract and retain customers

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Shifts in the Population and Labor Force

The present labour force is:
Older, more diverse, and has more women
Expected to grow at a slower rate than in previous decades

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Increased Efficiency in Technology

Has resulted in:
Increased production and quality
Equipment working continuously
Enhanced ease of service delivery and faster processing

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Globalization of the Economy

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Governments remove legislative or regulatory guidelines that inhibit
and control an industry
Deregulation of public services led to:
Breakdowns in service quality
Closure or restructuring of the company
Opportunities for new companies to step up and to better serve

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Geopolitical Changes
Business access and competition within some areas of the world
has changed significantly
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): Entered into by
the United States, Canada, and Mexico
Greater need for better understanding of diversity-related issues
European Union
Economic market made up of 28 states

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Changing Values
Companies are attempting to attract and hold customers by:
Making changes in their products
Changing their manner of service

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White-collar Workers and Women in the Workforce

Increase in the number of white-collar workers has led to the
creation of new types of service occupations
Womens traditional roles in society have shifted to service providers

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Diverse Population and More Older Workers

Entering the Workforce
Racially and ethnically diverse population

Bring new ideas, needs, and levels of knowledge, experience, and ability
Bring a better understanding of the needs of the group that they

More older workers entering the workforce

Median age of people in the Canada / United States is rising

Return to work due to economic necessity and/or social reasons

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Growth of E-commerce
Consumers can surf the net for products and services without
leaving their homes or offices
Manufacturers can provide products and services worldwide without
ever physically coming into contact with a customer

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Making it Remarkable

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Making it Remarkable
Think of your own remarkable customer experience
What did they do right?

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Making it Remarkable
They have to be
Then they have to be


How do you establish

an expectation?
Customer Experience
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Today`s Customer


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Consumer Behavior Shifts

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Figure 1.8 - Components of a Customer-Focused


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Figure 1.10 - Competencies of Customer Service


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Addressing the Changes

To sustain in the present highly volatile business environment,
companies must:

Become learning organizations

Focus on service recovery

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Customer Service Principles

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