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Functions of Regional Offices:

As Provided in the E.O. 292:
1. Implement laws, policies, plans, programs, projects,
rules and regulations of the Department to promote
the sustainability and productivity of natural
resources, social equity in natural resource utilization
and environmental protection;
2. Provide efficient and effective delivery of services to
the people;
3. Coordinate with regional offices of other
departments, offices, agencies in the region and local
government units in the enforcement of natural
resource conservation laws and regulations, and in the

Functions of Regional Offices:

4. Recommend and, upon approval, implement
programs and projects on forestry, minerals, and land
management and disposition;
5. Conduct a comprehensive inventory of natural
resources in the region and formulate regional short
and long-term development plans for the conservation,
utilization and replacement of natural resources;
6. Evolve respective regional budget in conformity with
the priorities established by the Regional Development

Functions of Regional Offices:

7. Supervise the processing of natural resources
products, grade and inspect minerals, lumber and
other wood processed products, and monitor the
movement of these products;
8. Conduct field researches for appropriate
technologies recommended for various projects;
9. Perform such other functions as may be
provided by law or assigned by the Secretary.

Regional Executive Director

Coordinate and directs implementation of all
policies, regulations, programs and projects on
development and conservation in the region.
Represent the region in regional administrative
bodies in the preparation and formulation of
regional plans and programs
Represent the





Two Assistant Directors

Assistant Regional Director for Technical
Assistant Regional Director for
Management Services

Assistant Regional Director for Technical Services

Provide technical support services to the
Regional Director
Identify evaluate and address the
implementation gaps of DENR programs
and projects Region.
Direct and supervise the following
divisions/sections under it.

Divisions under the OARD:

Licenses, Patents and Deeds Division

Surveys Division
Conservation and Development Division
Enforcement Division

Functions of LPD Division:

Oversee and direct the issuance of new

licenses, permits and land patents, evaluate
and recommend issuance of all kinds of land
patents and deeds, leases and other tenurial

Supervise the processing and evaluation of

applications for all forest utilization and wildlife
contracts, processing plants, etc.

Functions of LPD Division:

Evaluate existing policies and recommends
policies to improve licensing and permitting
activities. ; performs implementation gap
analysis; and formulates appropriate solutions.
Draft proclamation for approval of the President
upon the recommendation of the Secretary.
Initiate/recommend administrative and legal
action against violations of ENR rules and

Functions of LPD Division:

Provide advice, technical assistance and
guidance to organizations and individuals
under authority of the Department on the
processing and evaluation of DENR
licenses, leases, permits patents and
Consolidate, update and maintain the
divisions records and database.

Functions of Surveys Division:

Oversee and direct the conduct of activities involving
land surveys mapping and classification.
Monitor, verify and recommend for approval of cadastral,
public land subdivisions and other extensive survey
mapping projects, original and isolated surveys.
Monitor and evaluate all activities relative to
enforcement of survey standards and policies, rules and
regulations for the sound management and disposition of
all alienable or disposable public lands and other lands in
the regions not placed under control of any other agency.

Functions of Surveys Division:

Formulate, develop and maintain manual and
electronic systems of land records management
including appropriate procedures consistent with
prescribed rules and regulations regarding
classification, disclosure/access, reproduction and
Recommend issuance of survey order for cadastral
surveys and other extensive survey projects.
Act as Secretariat in the conduct of Public Bidding for
Cadastral Survey Project by contract.

Functions of Surveys Division:

Provide technical assistance to the LGUs in the
resolution of political boundary conflicts
between municipalities within their jurisdiction.
Testify in court, before review or at legislature.
Participates in activities to promote the
Departments services and provides technical
assistance in conducting conferences seminars
and workshops

Functions of Conservation and Development

Develop, organize, direct and implement management
plan for the conservation/protection of urban greening
areas, PA, critical habitat, watershed, and other
conservation areas, and ecotourism areas.
Monitor and evaluate all activities related to
implementation of policies rules and regulations for the
conservation of natural resources, including but not
limited to forest land use planning in coordination with
LGUs, preservation of biological diversities, genetic
resources and endangered flora and fauna, and

Functions of Conservation and Development

Perform implementation gap analysis and formulate
appropriate solutions by coordinating activities of division
and other stakeholders to discuss issues and resolve
Identify and recommend researchable areas pertaining to
biodiversity conservation and resource utilization to ERDB.
Prepare reports and other publications relating to
operational trends and programs and objectives and
accomplishment on PA, critical habitats and other
conservation areas, ecotourism, coastal resources and
foreshore, and forest conservation areas.

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