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In what ways does your media product use, developer challenge forms and conventions of real media products?


I think our media product represents social groups such as young troubled teenagers who will take the law into their own hands, who have no justice and don't care about anyone or anything. There are such kids out their who don't care about their education or family and are mentally challenged who have problems and don't know what is right or wrong. These people may decide to act in different ways to the average person, in some cases violence to themselves or others, or they can be out for revenge over something. In the news today, there a lot stories about knife crime, as well as a lot of the criminals being of a young age, mainly teenagers. Therefore I think my media product shows an accurate representation of what there life could or may be like in this day in age.

The above t o sli es show relevance to what social roups edia products represents. These pictures show a contrast to our character, and shows it portrayed in real li e, therefore to give the audience an accurate representation of what our edia product should include. These two real life cases show that age has nothing to do with cri e these days, and shows that our killer isn't the only teenager with troubles, who may resolve it with violence. These slides hopefully show what type of social groups me and my partner tried to relate our killer too, however our killer has a little twist to itself, as it uses to humour to dial down the violence and keep up an audiences interest in our product.

After some discussions and research me and my partner came to the conclusion that the media piece that would distributing our media product would most likely be Dimension Films. The studio's movie franchises include the later Halloween films, Children of the Corn, Scream, Spy Kids and Scary Movie. Why? The main reason we choose this particular motion picture unit would distribute our filming, is due to it allocating the scary movie sequels, as they are an precise reflection of what our opening two minutes to our movie is like, and relates to it a great deal, with the humour and violence.

Our media product is aimed at a mainly teenagers and younger adults, as we consider that they are more likely to get the humour and understand to a further point. As well as them having supplementary interest into these genre of movies. The main reason we decided to aim this at a younger generation is due to films like scary movie, which are also aimed at the same sort of audience, which our movie relates to with a lot of similarities.

From our project I as well as my partner have learnt a range of different features around media. I have gained knowledge of what it takes to get the perfect camera shot, for example what camera shot you need, close ups, medium, or long range shots, in addition to what it takes to get the shots correctly. Furthermore I have become skilled at the use of editing software, and how it can enhance a project by a great deal, from adding sound clips to certain parts, adding transitions, deleting a certain part of a clip. This all facilitated me into making my project to the best of its ability.

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