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SPOT110: IBM Notes and

Salesforce Integration
Customer Case Study
Art Altman, Director, New York Life Investments
Aldo Zanoni, CEO, Riva CRM Integration

2014 IBM Corporation

Customer relationship management: $36 billion industry by 2017 (Gartner)
The critical role of integration in CRM success
Customer case study: New York Life Investments
Benefits of server-side CRM and email integration
CRM and email systems supported by Riva
Riva by the numbers
What Riva syncs between CRM and IBM Notes
Riva screenshots for IBM Notes 9

One of fastest-growing segments of business software

Customer relationship management software is one of the fastest-growing segments in
business software. Gartner expects the CRM industry to reach $36.5 billion by 2017.
CRM systems help you keep track of customers and manage interactions with them as
they move through complicated sales cycles.
Ease of use and integration with business processes help drive CRM adoption and
Many companies still try to track customers in shared spreadsheets or other documents.
This approach becomes unwieldy as you try to scale.
There are only 20 million users of commercial CRM today compared to at least 500
million people with customer-facing roles in sales, support, and marketing. 1
Source: SugarCRM CEO Augustin on his 2014 Outlook and Limitations of the Cloud. Silicon Valley Business Journal.

CRM trends in 2014: Whats coming

Big data and

Better integration of cross-channel

predictive analytics

customer engagement


Custom mobile apps that

social media


are more closely integrated

with business processes
Mobile security

marketing automation

Platform integrations
(ERP, financials, HCM,
email systems, databases,

customer experiences

The critical role of integration in CRM success

Its about the heterogeneous processlinking apps together in a seamless continuum
that is a business process and not simply an attempt to automate data retrieval.
To achieve this, integration at the platform level is required. This is why companies such
as Oracle,, Microsoft, and Workday are all announcing integrations
among their platforms. The plane on which vendors compete is shifting from applications
to processes.
They need to be able to show enterprise customers that their platforms are extensible
and can play with the other big boys, because one company will not own the cloud.

Source: New Year, New Strategies

New York Life Investments

Customer Case Study

Customer case study: New York Life Investments

New York Life Investments is an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of
New York Life Insurance Company.
New York Life Investments has $407 billion* in assets under management
and it serves a variety of sectorsretail, institutional, bundled defined contribution
and defined benefit, and guaranteed products.
New York Life Investments is the 29th-largest asset management firm in the U.S.
Headquartered in New York, NY with major locations in New York , NY,
Parsippany, NJ, Westwood, MA, and Chicago, IL.
Over 2,000 employees.

*As of November, 2013


Introduction to our Sales Distribution Model



Our products are sold through registered intermediaries including:

Large wire-house brokers (national and full service)
Financial Advisors (regional)
Registered Investment Advisors (Independent)
New York Life Agents

Introduction to our Sales Distribution Model

NYLIM External Wholesalers

Rep Service


Key Accounts


NYLIM Internal Wholesalers

Sales Distribution includes collaboration among:

Internal Sales Desk: (Internal Wholesalers)
Wholesalers (External sales force)
Key Account Managers



Sales Distribution Model External Wholesalers

External Wholesalers Out in the field meeting with Reps in their territories
to educate them on our funds


Sales Distribution Model Internal Sales Desk

NYLIM External Wholesalers

Key Accounts

Rep Service





NYLIM Internal Wholesalers

Internal Sales Desk - Viewed as the Command and Control Center


Customer case study: New York Life Investments


Provide a consolidated calendar for

our internal sales desk, external
reps and sales managers.


Riva syncs IBM Notes, IBM Notes Traveler and
Salesforce calendars bi-directionally.

Riva: Calendar integration

Phone call with client

Meeting with client


Riva: Calendar integration

Team sales meeting

Meeting with manager


Private appointment

Customer case study: New York Life Investments


Sync specific inbound and

outbound emails from IBM Notes
to CRM as completed tasks.


With Riva, you can select which emails you want
to sync from IBM Notes to Salesforce.

Riva: Email integration (received and sent items)

Log emails to CRM


Riva: Email integration

View completed email tasks


Customer case study: New York Life Investments


Sync contact email addresses for

sending outbound emails from IBM
Notes. Filter contacts by territory.


Riva syncs contact email addresses from CRM to
the IBM Notes contacts list.

Riva: Contact and lead integration


Riva: Contact and lead integration

CRM contacts


Customer case study: New York Life Investments


Sync calendars, contacts and email

as close to real-time as possible.


Riva is configured to sync automatically once
every 5 minutes.

Riva: Administration console

Set Riva sync interval


Riva: Administration console

Show event monitor

Set peak time settings


Riva Event Monitor

View sync processes in real time


Riva Fault Tolerant Implementation at New York Life


Riva implementation at New York Life Investments


Current number of Riva users at New York Life Investments.

Number of Notes Mail databases that Riva

is connected to at New York Life Investments.

Number of IBM Domino servers used by Riva (one for Production,

one for Failover). New York Life-supported Domino versions include
Domino server version 8.5.3 and the client is 8.5.2.

Riva CRM Integration

Server-side CRM integration
for IBM Notes and Domino


Why did New York Life Investments choose Riva?

Server-side synchronization


Supported cloud and on-premise CRM systems

Salesforce Professional
Salesforce Enterprise
Salesforce Unlimited
Salesforce Developer
Salesforce Portal

NetSuite CRM


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Sage CRM Professional Cloud

Sage CRM On-Premise 7.0
Sage CRM On-Premise 6.0

Oracle Sales Cloud

Oracle CRM On Demand

Sugar CE
Sugar Professional
Sugar Corporate
Sugar Enterprise
Sugar Ultimate

Saleslogix Cloud
Saleslogix On-Premise 8.0+
Saleslogix On-Premise 7.0+
Saleslogix On-Premise 6.0+

GoldMine 2013
GoldMine 9.x
GoldMine 8.5+

Supported email systems, clients, and mobile devices


IBM Notes and Domino

IBM SmartCloud (future support)
IBM Notes Traveler
BES for Notes

Exchange 2013
Exchange 2010
Exchange 2007
Exchange 2003
Exchange ActiveSync
BES for Exchange

Office 365
Exchange Online
Hosted Exchange
Exchange ActiveSync
BES for Exchange

Novell GroupWise 2014

Novell GroupWise 2012
Novell GroupWise 8.0+

IBM Notes 9
IBM Notes 8
IBM Notes 7
IBM Notes 6
IBM Notes for Mac
IBM Notes on Citrix
IBM Notes for Linux
IBM iNotes
All mobile devices

Outlook 2013
Outlook 2010
Outlook 2007
Outlook 2003
Outlook Web App
Outlook on Citrix
Outlook on Terminal Server
Outlook 2011 for Mac
Apple Mail (Mac OS X)
Entourage 2008 for Mac
Entourage 2004 for Mac
All mobile devices

Office 365
Outlook 2013
Outlook 2010
Outlook 2007
Outlook 2003
Outlook Web App
Outlook on Citrix
Outlook 2011 for Mac
Apple Mail
Entourage 2008 and 2004
All mobile devices

Novell GroupWise
GroupWise WebAccess

Novell GroupWise 7.3+

Novell Data Synchronizer
BES for GroupWise

GroupWise for Mac

All mobile devices

No separate plug-ins or mobile apps to install or manage

Windows desktops and laptops

Web-based email clients

(iNotes, Office 365, Outlook Web App,
GroupWise WebAccess)


Mac desktops and laptops

Virtual desktops
(Citrix, Terminal Services)

Smartphones and tablet PCs

(iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows
Phone, Surface)

What Riva syncs between CRM and IBM Notes

* Custom configuration required

to sync these objects.


Riva value proposition

Reliable, server-side synchronization
No IBM Notes or Outlook plug-ins to install, configure, or manage
Supports all IBM Notes, Exchange, Office 365, and GroupWise email clients
Native mobile CRM integration (iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone)
Syncs more CRM data than most IBM Notes and Outlook plug-ins (e.g., custom objects)
Advanced email tracking capabilities (from desktops and mobile devices)
Centralized user management with support for complex messaging environments
Rule-based sync policies controls what Riva syncs for different users and groups
Time-saving email-to-opportunity and email-to-case features
Improves CRM adoption and satisfaction through better, seamless integration


Riva by the numbers


Number of Riva On-Premise

and Riva Cloud customers

Number of major banks

that use Riva

Number of Fortune 500

companies that use Riva


Total number of Riva

partners and resellers

Revenue growth in FY 2013

Year we launched Riva

Salesforce integration for
IBM Notes and Domino


Sync Salesforce contacts and leads


to IBM Notes 9 and 8.5


and IBM iNotes


Sync Salesforce accounts


to IBM Notes 9 and 8.5


and IBM iNotes


Sync Salesforce calendar events


to IBM Notes 9 and 8.5


and IBM iNotes


Sync Salesforce tasks


to IBM Notes 9 and 8.5 To Do lists


and IBM iNotes To Do lists


Sync IBM Notes emails to Salesforce


Sync IBM iNotes emails to Salesforce


IBM Notes emails logged in Salesforce


Sync Salesforce opportunities


to IBM Notes 9 and 8.5


and IBM iNotes


Sync Salesforce cases


to IBM Notes 9 and 8.5


Sync Salesforce custom objects to IBM Notes 9 and 8.5


Riva SmartCreate: Create Salesforce accounts and contacts


from IBM Notes 9 and 8.5


Riva SmartConvert: Create Salesforce opportunities and cases


from IBM Notes 9 and 8.5


Riva AssignTo: Track emails against CRM objects


from IBM Notes to Salesforce


Questions and Answers


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Web or mobile browser
Connect Online kiosk onsite


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