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March 7

Rizal checked out of Tokyo Hotel and lived at the Spanish Legation

Rizal and Perez Caballero
‡ ´young , fine, and excellent writer ´ ‡ ´an able diplomat who had traveled muchµ

Rizal¶s first day in Tokyo was embarrassed because:
‡he did not know the Japanese language ‡he looked like Japanese but could not talk

To avoid further embarrassment:
‡ study Japanese language ‡ studied Japanese drama (kabuki), arts, music and Judo (Japanese art of self defense) ‡ browsed in the museums, libraries, art and galleries and shrines ‡ visited Meguro, Nikko, Hakone, Miyanoshita, and charming villages of Japan

RIZAL AND THE TOKYO MUSICIANS ‡ One Cool Afternoon In March 1888, Rizal
heard the Tokyo band playing classical work of Strauss ‡ Stop and listen in rapt attention ‡ He thought: ´how admirable was the rendition. I wonder how this Japanese people have assimilated the modern European music to the extent of playing the beautiful musical masterpieces of the great European composers so well!µ

‡ To Rizal·s amazement, they were talking in tagalog ‡ He approached them, inquiring in Tagalog: ´Paisano, taga saan po kayo?µ

RIZAL·S IMPRESSION OFfavorably impressed JAPAN Things which
Rizal in Japan:
1.The beauty of the country 2.The cleanliness, politeness, and industry of the Japanese people 3.The picturesque dress and simple charm of the Japanese women 4.There were very few thieves in Japan 5.Beggars were rarely seen in the city streets

Thing which he did not like:

1.Rickshawhuman beings working like horses, pulling the cart

ROMANCE WITH O-SEI-SAN SEI‡a few days after Rizal moved to the Spanish Legation in the Azabu District of Tokyo, he saw a pretty Japanese girl walking past the legation gate

Seiko Usui
- lived in her parent·s home and she used to pass by the legation during her daily afternoon walk

1. French 2. English

2 language

Rizal and O-Sei-San visited: ‡Imperial Art Gallery
‡Imperial Library ‡Universities ‡Shokubutsu-en (Botanical Garden) ‡City park (particularly Hibiya Park) ‡Picturesque shrine

Rizal·s ideal woman:

‡Beauty ‡Charm ‡Modesty ‡Intelligent

O-Sei-San·s heart palpitated with joys to see a
man of gallantry, dignity, courtesy and versatile talents helped Rizal in many ways. More than a sweetheart, she was his:
‡Guide ± Guided in observing the shrines and villages around Tokyo ‡Interpreter ± interpreted the Kabuki plays and the quaint customs and mores of the Japanese people ‡Tutor ± improve his knowledge of Nippongo and Japanese history

Rizal boarded the Belgic, an English streamer at Yokohama, bound at the United States

‡Mourned for a long time the last of her lover become resigned to her faith cherishing unto death the nostalgic memories of her romance with Rizal

‡Years after Rizal·s execution, O-sei-san got married.
‡O-sei-san·s husband ‡British Teacher of Chemistry of the Peers· School in Tokyo ‡Died on November 2, 1915


‡Daughter of O-seisan and Charlton ‡Got married to Yoshiharu Takiguchi (Son of Japanese senator)


* Mrs. Charlton, as a widowed, lived in a comfortable home in Shinjuko District, Tokyo. She survived World War II.

US Bombing of Tokyo May 1, 1947


‡O-sei-san died at the age of 80, buried at her husband·s tomb at Zoshigawa Cemetary. ‡A Japanese inscription on their tomb reads as follows; ´Alfred Charlton, 5th order of merit, and wife Seikoµ