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OmniScan MX2 Training Program

Introduction to the OmniScan MX2 Hardware

Introduction to the MX2 Getting Started - Overview

This module contains information related to the Omnsican MX2

hardware user manual that was delivered with the instrument and
covers basic features such as ports, connectors, batteries, module
compatibility, etc.
The MX2 hardware user manual contains additional essential
information for the safe and effective use of the MX2 beyond what is
presented in this presentation and should be reviewed in its entirety
prior to use or in the event of problems or conflicts.

Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview Power Key and Light

The power key is used to start up and shut down the MX2.
The power light indicates power and battery status:

Off 90 = The MX2 is powered off and no battery charging.

Green = The MX2 is powered on.
Orange = Battery charging is complete (One or more).
Flash orange\green = MX2 off \ battery A is charging.
Flash orange\red = MX2 off \ battery B is charging.
Flash orange = MX2 off \ Both batteries charging.
Flash red = Critical error. Battery damage or over temperature.

Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview Memory Card

The MX2 requires a Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC)

memory card that contains the system software.
The SDHC memory card can be hot swapped without the
need for shut down and reboot.
SDHC memory cards are small and fragile. Care should
be taken when installing and removing.
The SDHC memory card is the default location for storage
of set up files, data files, reports, and all associated user
information. The user information can be redirected to
another device such as a USB flash for faster file transfer.
The SDHC memory card must be unlocked for normal

Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview System Software

Current MX2 software and updates can be downloaded directly from the
Olympus website at
Software update notification will be emailed directly to you when available
after enrollment in the notification program on the web site.

Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview System Software cont.

The OmniScan MX2 is

delivered from the factory
with the current operating
system installed on the
SDHC memory card.
To update the system
software version, language
support, or to prepare a new
memory card, download and
extract the OmniScan MX2
installer utility from the
Olympus website.
Run the install
OmniScan.exe and follow
the on screen instructions.

Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview User Folder

All files relative to the user such as setup files, data

files, custom wedges, reports, etc reside in the user
folder. All files and folders not in the user folder are
for the system and are replaced automatically when
the version is updated.
The user folder and all content is preserved when
upgrading or reinstalling the system software with the
utility available from the Olympus IMS web page.
As a good practice the user folder should be backed
up periodically and data files removed when no
longer necessary on the card.

Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview Acquisition Modules

The OmniScan MX2 is compatible with

all new and previous generation phased
array modules from 16:64M to
32:128PR. The open architecture is
designed to also support the next
generation of advanced phased array
modules and software.
The OmniScan MX2 is compatible with
new and previous generation UT
modules with 2, 4 and 8 pulsers.
The OmniScan MX2 is not compatible
with previous eddy current modules.
Extreme care should be taken when
removing and replacing the modules so
as to not damage the connectors and
pins and to ensure a tight seal.
The MX2 must be off when removing
and replacing the module.

Introduction to the MX2 Equipment Overview Touch Screen

The display touch screen acts as a

finger pointing device with a single
touch point (One finger only).
To click an interface element touch
or tap the screen lightly on the
To drag an interface element slide
one finger across the screen lightly
and release where desired.
It is highly recommended that the
touch screen protector that was
delivered with the OmniScan MX2
be installed before use.
Touch screen functions are covered
in detail in the next section.

Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview Main Control Area

The scroll knob is used to scroll

through selections without the
need for a mouse, keyboard or use
of the touch screen.
The accept key is used to confirm
a selection.
The cancel key is used for
cancelling a selection or to return
one level in the menu hierarchy.
Used by an experienced operator with two hand interaction, the
three elements of the main control area (Right hand) and two
increment buttons (Left hand) can be used to control all functions of
the MX2 for fast easy navigation without the touch screen or USB

Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview Increment Keys

The increment keys are primarily

used for changing the display to full
screen for the data views.
The increment keys will also raise or
lower the steps where there is a
numeric value for an input parameter.
Example: When the UT gain
parameter is selected, using the
increment keys will adjust the dB
increment in steps of .5, 1, 2, and 6
dB and can be used with the scroll
knob to change the gain value.


Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview Increment Keys cont.

When a numeric parameter is not active,

selecting the
key will change the display to
full screen.
When in full screen mode, selecting any key
will change the display back to the normal
mode where menus and readings are visible.


Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview Help Key

Selecting the help key will display the section of

the online manual relative to where you are at in
the software menu.
The scroll knob allows navigation in the on line
help manual.
Selecting the help key a second time will return
the display to normal operation.


Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview Acquisition Indicator Light

The acquisition indicator light is

located below the play key and
the color indicates the operating
mode of the MX2.
When the light is off the MX2 is in
the acquisition mode and the
pulsers are firing.
Selecting the pause button will
display an orange light indicating
the MX2 is in the pause or freeze
When in pause or freeze mode
the relative UT functions are not
visible but disabled for


Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview Alarm Indicator Lights

There are three numbered alarm indicator lights on the MX2.

These lights will flash red when triggered by the respective condition
set in the software.
These alarms are relative to And\Or conditions set using gate A and
gate B and can be configured for an external trigger using the digital
I/O connector.
The alarm functions in the software are covered in detail in a later


Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview USB Ports

The MX2 has 3 USB ports for

peripheral devices such as mice,
storage drives, printers, etc.
The fastest data transfer will be
available on the USB 2.0 (HS) port
with a high speed flash device.
The USB On the go port allows direct
connection between the OmniScan
MX2 and a computer.
The Micro USB flash drive that was
delivered with the MX2 allows the door
to be closed while installed in the port.
Any peripheral USB devices used with
the MX2 such as printers and disk
drives must be compatible with the
Windows CE operating system.

Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview Ethernet and Serial Ports

The RJ-45 10\100 Mbs

Ethernet port is used to
connect the MX2 directly to a
computer network using a
TCIP connection. (Requires
shared folder and remote
procedure configuration on
host computer)
The serial port is used to
provide 5 V nominal, 500 mA
maximum to peripheral
devices such as remote


Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview Batteries

The MX2 can store and charge two lithium-ion

batteries but only requires one for operation
without external power.
The MX2 will optimize the battery discharge for
maximum battery life whether using one or two
The batteries may be removed and replaced
without shutting down the MX2 as long as
external power or another valid battery is
The MX2 also contains a coin battery that
keeps the internal clock and masterboard
configuration running.
Detailed battery maintenance procedures are
available in the MX2 users manual.
The battery receptacle door must be closed
and secured while in operation to maintain the
IP66 rating.
Two fully charged batteries will provide
approximately 6 hours of use under normal

Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview DC Power Adaptor

The MX2 requires 15-18 VDC

(Min 50W) and comes with a DC
power adapter (Omni-A-AC).
The power adapter has a
universal AC power input that
operates with any line voltage
from 100-120VAC or 200240VAC and 50-60Hz line
When operating on battery
power the DC power adapter
door must be closed and secure
to maintain the IP66 rating.
Use only the Omni-A-AC power
adapter with the MX2.

Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview Power Supply

The OmniScan MX2 like all sophisticated electronics

requires a clean grounded power supply.
Although the OmniScan MX2 comes with a power
supply designed to be used in industrial environments,
verification of the wall outlet power is highly
recommended both for electronic protection, battery
health, and elimination of electrical interference or
Noise in the UT data as pictured below.

Electrical noise on C-scan and S-scan due to ungrounded external power source.


Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview Shockproof Rating

The OmniScan MX2 is designed to

be used in industrial environments
where climbing and tight access is
often required.
The main frame case has been
tested and meets the requirement
for drop test protection of MIL STD810G, Method 516.6, Procedure
An industrial strength protective
case without the use of internal
moving parts or rotating hard drive
provides reliable long lasting
service life and industry leading

Intro to the MX2 Shockproof Rating Drop Test Movie


Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview MX2 Specifications

General specifications for the MX2.

See brochure and user manual for
complete details.


Intro to the MX2 Equipment Overview MX2 Warranty