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Emilie Quenensse Mr.

Schurtz English 12 AP Period 1 28 April 2010

Human Trafficking

The Creation of the

(Human Trafficking Is…)


Trafficking is)

Fastest growing criminal industry in the world

32 billiondollars made



(To See If…)


million victims worldwide






(Sandman )

With “disruptions to social stability, slavery emerges as a tempting financial solution”
(Batstone 23).




A woman does not see opportunity



(Mind on Fire)

Corruption within Governments


“Perhaps death would be her only escape. She counted it among her options” (Batstone 39).

(Exothermic )

   Violent conflict can erupt at any moment…where do we go?


Child Soldiers

(Douglas )

The rich get richer and the poor get used and ultimately suffer

(RubyBlossum )

Economic Globalization


(Neocorsten )


(Obvious but Needs…)

Three steps within demand

Acquisition, Movement, Exploitation


• Acquisition occurs in general through one of five ways – Deceit – Sale by family – Abduction – Seduction or romance – Recruitmen


They will believe



“We are like slot machines to our families”
(Kara 8).

(Sherbert) (Tracy)



False Romance


Some slaves become allies of their traffickers and recruit new slaves…

…earning commission for each new slave

161 Countries identified as affected by human
trafficking destination countries

127countries of origin 98 transit countries 137


“Girls and boys, women and men of all ages are forced to toil in the rug loom sheds of Nepal, sell their bodies in the brothels of Rome, break rocks in the quarries of Pakistan, and fight wars in the jungles of Africa” (Batestone 1).



(window shopping)


Welcome to

Amsterdam’s Red Light

(Boys Fishers)

Forced Labor


(In Contempt of Fate)

The Fate of Victims
“I feel like they’ve taken my smile and I can never have it back” (Zimmerman 1).

(sad woman)

Escape is Rare and Difficult

(Camerotti )

Cultural Values

“She has lost everythingher family will reject her and her neighbors will treat her as a pariah
(Batstone 35).


Re-trafficked- two, three or more times


Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000

(thart2009 )

Global Mission

Class activity: letters to the Senator I 2 0 0 6 PA l g i a tu re m a d e h u m a n tra ffi n g a se co n d d e g re e fe l n y. n e sl cki o
S i ce e n a ctm e n t, th e sta te h a s ye t to u ti i th e l w . n l ze a -due to a common misconception that only the federal g o ve rn m e n t ca n ta ke e ffe cti a cti n i ca se s o f h u m a n tra ffi n g , ve o n cki w h e n i tru th , m o re o fte n i i l ca l a n d sta te l w e n fo rce m e n t a n d n t s o a vi m se rvi p ro vi e rs w h o co m e i to d i ct co n ta ct w i i cti ce d n re th t -lack of knowledge or training of law enforcement and community m e m b e rs o n h o w to i e n ti a n d re sp o n d to h u m a n tra ffi n g d ty cki ca se s -a lack of coordination between law enforcement , prosecutors , vi m se rvi s p ro vi e rs a n d th e p u b l c o n h u m a n tra ffi n g ca se s, cti ce d i cki tra i i g , a cti n p l n s, a n d vi m s re so u rce s; a n d n o ce n tra l ze d n n o a cti i ve n u e to co n ve y i fo rm a ti n o n re sp o n d i g n o n to th e cri e o f h u m a n m tra ffi n g cki Two important bills will soon be introduced 1)Mandatory posting of the national human trafficking hotline specialists available 24/7, in over 100 languages to provide immediate response 2) Creation of the PA State Human Trafficking Task force/ advisory committee -will establish committee, consisting of key personnel, organizations and agencies to develop and implement a plan to end

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