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Teach Like a Champion

49 Techniques that put students on the path to college. Doug Lemov We will cover just 5 tonight. Very powerful, yet simple strategies.

Technique #1 - NO OPT OUT
‡ A sequence that begins with a student unable to answer a question should end with the student answering that question as often as possible.

Clip #1 ± No Opt Out ± Mr. Williams

Technique #2 ± RIGHT IS RIGHT

‡ Set and defend a high standard of correctness in your classroom.

Clip # 3 ± Right is Right ± Mr. Armstrong

Clip # 4 ± Right is Right and ³Stretch It´ ± Ms. Bromley

Technique #4 ± Technique Matters
‡ ³The complete sentence is the battering ram that knocks down the door to college.´ ‡ Require complete sentences and proficient grammar every chance you get
‡ There IS a ³language of opportunity.´ ‡ Grammatical format ± correct slang, syntax, usage and grammar in the classroom

Clip #5 ± Format Matters ± Mr. Williams

Technique #22 ± Cold Call
‡ ³How can I adapt my decisions about which students I call on to help all my students pay better attention?´ ‡ In order to make engaged participation the expectation, call on students regardless of whether they have raised their hands.

Clip # 7 ± Cold Call/Pepper ± Mr. Rector

Technique #15 - Circulate
‡ Move strategically around the room during all parts of a lesson. ‡ ³Breaking the plane shows that you move where you want as a product of your decisions about teaching rather than as a product of student behavior.´ ‡ Engage when you circulate. ‡ Move systematically.

Clip # 6 ± Circulate ± Ms. Dickinson