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Hilton Cancun Golf & Spa Resort

Partnership Consulting

Presented by:

“Improve the client’s condition.”

1) Listen to your customers.
2) Fix the problem, not the symptoms.
3) Treat the condition of the golf course as an important marketing tool.
4) Keep issues in the perspective of value.
5) Keep it simple.
6) Use commonsense.
7) Employees are your best tool for improvement.
8) Think the basics: air, water, nutrients, mowing, cultural practices and sunlight.
9) Measure your progress by tracking your returning guests.
10) Constantly make improvements in the facility.

Page 1- Principles
Partnership Consulting
is a program offered by
Golf Club Consulting, Inc.
to assist golf course owners
with the condition of the golf course.
This involves working with the owner
and on-site personnel during a pre-determined number
of site-visits each year and
providing on-going support between visits.

Page 2 Description of
To improve and address all facets
of the golf course maintenance
to improve the revenues of the golf course and the hotel.

Page 3 Goal
Benefits of Partnership Consulting:
• Utilize the experience of a Turf Agronomist involved with over 50 golf courses.
• Benefit from over 33 years of responsibility in golf course operations.
• Improved golf course conditions.
• Increased golf and hotel revenues.
• Access to information and tools to improve the golf course for a fraction
of the cost of having a full-time specialist on staff.
• A centralized understanding of the overall property goals, which prioritizes
the needs of the golf course.
• Comprehensive written report after each site visit outlining needed actions and
an evaluation of the existing conditions.
• Unlimited email support with site and ownership personnel.
• Unlimited phone support with site and ownership personnel.

Page 4 Benefits of
Who is Partnership Consulting for?
• Owners that need someone that knows the reality of business and
understands what it takes to successfully operate a golf facility.
• Clubs that can’t afford full-time expertise.
• Facilities that have reduced the salaries of the management staff below
their ability to produce quality golf course conditions.
• Owners that need someone with the knowledge of agronomy, golf
construction, operations and marketing.
• Clubs that need someone that has dealt with the issues before.
• Owners that need someone that knows what the issues are.
• Owners that need someone with a vision of the end product.

Page 5 Who

The quality of the golf course conditions

does not affect the bottom line.

Page 6 Misconception

The condition of the golf course is an

important reason
why a person plays a certain resort course.

Page 7 Reality
Factors in Choosing a Golf Facility (Resort course)
Percentage of golfers who rated these factors “extremely” or “very important”

Course conditions (72%)

Convience (65%)

60% Availability of tee times (26%)

Ambiance of facility (25%)

Price (20%)

Course design (18%)

Availability of other amenties (15%)
0% Golf shop service (14%)

Designer of course (2%)

Food: quality & service of (2%)

* Source: National Golf Foundation

Page 8 Why people choose a resort course

Whether the golf property is
a private club, a public course or as a resort amenity,
there is (1) constant in maintaining a golf course.


Page 9 Constant
Why Partnership Consulting?

Golf Club Consulting, Inc.

has the expertise to produce
superior golf course conditions.

Page 10 Why?
How does Partnership Consulting work?
Having a plan of how you’re going to improve the condition of
the golf course is a very important component of Partnership
Thus, the first priority is to create a maintenance plan that
encompasses all facets of maintaining and improving the golf

Page 11 How?
What does a Maintenance Plan include?
• Golf course care (course feature maintenance, irrigation system, cultural
turf practices, fertilizer plan, pesticide usage, mowing schedule, water
feature care, cart path care, equipment maintenance, equipment
repairs, flowers care and trees maintenance.)
• Communication.
• Reporting needs.
• Monitoring of.

Page 12 Content of Maint. Plan

What is covered during visits?
• plan monitoring
• needed changes to plan
• present problems
• quality issues
• reporting
• fertility
• mowing
• pesticide applications
• cultural practices
• equipment needs
• internal communication
• irrigation
• budget monitoring

Page 13 Agenda
The needs and the challenges to improve the conditioning of any golf course will vary significantly.
For the case Hilton Cancun Golf and Spa Resort, the following is submitted for your review:

2007: (1) site-visit, with on-going support
2008: (4) site-visits, with on-going support
2009 and thereafter: (3) site-visits annually, with on-going support

Visit cost:
4 visits per year: $3,300, plus expenses (based on $80 per hour)
3 visits per year: $3,700, plus expenses (based on $90 per hour)
2 visits per year: $4,100, plus expenses (based on $100 per hour)
Off-site work cost (other than with site or ownership personnel):
4 visits per year: $80 per hour
3 visits per year: $90 per hour
2 visits per year: $100 per hour
Total annual cost:
2007: $4,500 ($3,700 for site visit / $800 expense reimbursement)
2008: $16,400 ($13,200 for site visits /$3,200 for estimated expenses reimbursement)
2009 and thereafter: $13,500 ($11,100 for site visits / $2,400 for estimated expense reimbursement)
Cost (if by owner): $900 for each completed visit of the terminated contract and incurred expenses.

• Due to the time commitment involved, only (4) Partnership Consulting agreements are contracted each year.
• Thus, these prices are valid until October 15, 2007.

Page 14 Recommendations
One idea or one improvement
save the cost many times over.

Page 15 Savings
We welcome the opportunity
to assist in improving the revenues and golf course conditions
The Hilton Cancun Golf and Spa Resort

Thank you.
Dick Eide
831 Westbank Road
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Cell: 970.618.0813
Office: 970.384.2069

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