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Spinal Surgery In


What is spine (back ) pain?

The back pain of the spine is totally
divided into two parts one is the
upper and another is the lower
back so the lower back spine pain
can be caused by a variety of
problems with any part of the
complex interconnected network
of spinal muscles, nerves, bones,
discs or tendons in the lumbar
spine. The bad effects of the spine
back pain mean the large nerve
roots in the low back that go to the
legs may be irritated.

Causes of spine pain?

The spine is divided into 5 types of
vertebrae 7 Cervical
12 Thoracic
5 Lumbar segments
5 Sacral
Of these segments, cervical and lumbar spines are the segments
that commonly undergo surgeries. The reason to have spine pain
in the body could be both either the traumatic or the genetic
problems even the cause of the spine pain is the advanced age of
the patient as well.

Spine condition:
There are two kinds of spine surgery one is Spondylolysis
and another is the Spondylolisthesis.
1. Spondylolysis: When the lower back pain has a stress
fracture in one or more than it in the vertebra and that
makes the spinal column. Even the bad effect of it has on
the fourth and the fifth lumbar vertebra so we call it
2. Spondylolisthesis: when the vertebra is not able to
maintain the position of the spine and shifted out of the
placed so we call it Spondylolisthesis

Surgical treatment
Spine surgery in India has the
both the way to have the
treatment through surgical as
well as non-surgical. Nonsurgical refers to the medicine
and the exercise, but the
surgical always included much
procedure to overcome that
spine surgery pain.

Surgical treatment
Discectomy Removal of the disc lying between the two vertebral
Laminectomy - It is the excision of the bony lamina (part of the
spinal vertebrae).
Laminotomy - It is the removal of a small portion of the lamina
and ligaments, usually on one side.
Foraminotomy - Removal of bone, disc, scar tissue or excessive
ligament around the inter-vertebral foramen, that is compressing
the nerve bundles .
Spinal Fusion - Fusion is the spine surgery in which two vertebrae
are joined with a bone graft or any similar biological substance. It
is used to eliminate motion between adjacent vertebrae.
Spinal Decompression It refers to surgically removing the tissues
which are pressing against the spinal cord or the nerves resulting
in pain or other problems.

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