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Space  People  Objects  Media

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Chosen MP3s

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Funan Digitalife Mall
109 North Bridge Road #06-00 Funan DigitaLife Mall  Singapore 179097  Tel: (65) 6339 9008 Fax: (65) 6337 2588  Business Hours:

10.30am to 8pm (Sun-Fri);  10.30am to 9pm (Sat) 


Experien ces

Desired Experiences
 Accomplishment  Beauty  Creation  Enlightenment  Wonder

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Spacious Items are neatly arrange Sufficient space to move around Cooling environment Noise from speakers

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Quite a number of customers Interaction between customers and staff Accommodating sales person (C.K Tan)

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Product looks appealing Good sound quality from media players Smooth to the touch

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Eye catching advertisements Attractive array of colours on website

Chosen MP3s

Samsung YP-U3

Creative MuVo T200

Sansa Express

Samsung YP-U3 Best sound quality Creative MuVo T200 Second best. Sansa Express Third best.

Direct USB (Plug and Play)

Samsung YP- Creative Muvo Sansa Express U3 T200 Non-recordable FM tuner Recordable FM tuner Buttons

Sensitive touchpad Support more music formats (E.g.: .ogg)


Support only basic music formats (E.g.: .mp3 .wma )

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Needs & Wants Feelings Likes and Dislikes Suggestions Price

Customer Feedbacks

Needs & Wants
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Louis: Need to listen to music during journey to school. Jason: I like the style and design of the mp3. Angela: For entertainment purposes. Zhi Qiang: Can listen to my favourite tunes on the go.

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Louis: Feel more “IN” Jason: Better than discman Angela: No feeling Zhi Qiang: Feel kind of sad cos my money is spent

Likes and Dislikes
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Louis: It is small in size, convenient to carry. Jason: Wide range of interchangeable covers. Angela: Should have more range of colours Zhi Qiang: Sansa express mp3 is too thick.

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Louis: Make the cover changeable Jason: Change touchpad to buttons (Samsung) Angela: Longer warranty Zhi Qiang: Make a lock for the cap (Sansa Express / Creative)

Price to be worthy

Jason/Louis : Free accessories (Eg: pouch, spare ear piece) Angela : Free micro SD for the Sansa Express Zhi Qiang: Give extra covers for Sansa and Creative mp3 as they are easily lost.

Sales Promoting Events

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In-House Promotion ( For Couples) Public holidays IT Fair

Has Desired Experiences been delivered? 
Accomplishment  Beauty  Creation  Enlightenment  Wonder

Is the experience…


provide us with more details on chosen products  No. It was a typical visit to an electronics store

Yes. Salesperson was friendly enough to


Yes. Some customers were kind enough to accept the interview but others rejected our offer for interview Yes. After talking to the salesperson we


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