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Experience the Future of Automated Business Management and Control

What is Value Creation Automation (VCA)

Value Creation Automation is a technological solution
designed to help businesses produce better and faster
through automated management, tools, and processes.
VCA embraces a holistic approach and provides an
end-to-end automation solution which covers entire
businesses processes.

Perspective & Functionality

In light of the challenging business trends, automation is
becoming a need at all business fronts.
VCA functions on the fundamental concept of lean
management via automation. The core element of
value is integrated at all levels to ensure process
With VCA, businesses can eliminate all problem areas,
lower costs, increase profitability and visually monitor all
aspects of management and operations.

VCA Features
Visual 3-tier display screen

Human resource management

Integrated management

Risk management

Cost controller

Integrated communication

Quality controller

Automated Statistical Process


Financial controller
Time controller
Task and decision rule executor

Evolution & continuous improvement

3-Tier Display Screen

You can not control what you can not see
VCA implements simple-to-understand visual displays for measuring,
controlling and analyzing all functionalities of the organization.
This enables managers and company owners to view real-time
performance, detect problem-areas, devise solutions, and help the company
Processor Level
Common visual display
screen for processor level
workers in the company.

VCA focuses on a 3-tier display system:

Manager Level

Director Level

Common visual display

screen for managerial

Visual display screen for

executive and director level

Integrated Management
VCA integrates all enterprise processes to create a
technological framework for functioning.
All aspects of management, finance, sales, marketing,
delivery, time and cost are interconnected with VCA for
performance enhancement and effective control.

Cost And Time Controller

Cost and time controllers are integral tools for controlling and
analyzing in an enterprise.
VCA allocates a budget and an accurate time-frame for
completion of all tasks and processes in an automated manner.
Actual Cost And Cost Standards

Risk Triggers

Cost Differentiator

VCA continuously analyzes costs of each

task and measures actual costs against
set benchmarks.

Acall for action is sent to immediate

managers or supervisors instantly.

VCA will automatically determine the cost

of labor, materials, tools and other
expenses occurring at task level.

As a manager, you can visually monitor task progress and receive

immediate notifications for delayed and over-budget tasks.

Quality Controller
Our technology conducts automated quality checks
throughout the entire task and process level. Every output
generated from each activity is measured against quality
parameters and CTQs (critical to Quality).
VCA automates quality management through Error
proofing, Checklist and Validation.

Financial Controller
VCA integrates all accounting books and statements,
interlinking all financial data which is readily available for
executives anytime on any given day.
Financial statements automated and managed by VCA
Income Statement

Cash Flow Statement Equity Statement

Balance Sheet

VCA also maintains a thorough record of financial ratios that

help executives analyze the performance of the company.

Task And Decision Rule Executor

VCA automates standard decision making by simplifying
business processes and creating entry points to apply
business rules for business improvements.
VCA Defines The Decision Rules
a) Identify the decisions within the process.

e) Establish root causes for poor decisions.

b) Define decision requirements models.

f) Analyze historical trends.

c) Link decisions to metrics.

g) Apply the automated rules in the process.

d) Define decision measurement approach.

Automated Human Resource Management

VCA automates, streamlines and systemizes multiple HR tasks
for the convenience and better performance of human
resource managers.
VCA Automated HR Functions Include
Role to task mapping
Employee training and development
Performance appraisal
Talent acquisition

Risk Management
Risk management is occurring continuously throughout all operational and management levels
in the organization via VCA.
Our technology manages risk in following way:

Risk Identification

Risk Control

Failure Mode Analysis

All risks are identified, marked and

defined to create a risk matrix.

Risk quantification and response

planning techniques are implemented to
counter risk occurrence.

All risks are analyzed in real-time based

on the following parameters: occurrence,
severity and detectability.

Integrated Communication
VCA builds an automated communication system which functions
effortlessly throughout all levels internally and externally.
Workers, managers, and supervisors can communicate with each other
using internal messaging system which is displayed on their screens.
VCA also manages a broad external communication network which
connects business stakeholders with vendors, suppliers and customers.
Action Request (Adhoc Child Process)

User Tagging

Search and filter options for calls and messages

Automated emails and messages

Automated Statistical Process Control

VCA implements automated SPC tools such as control charts
which constantly monitor all activities against predefined
standards of quality.
Benefits Of VCAs Real-Time SPC Function
Reduce variability and counter defects in production
Improve productivity quality levels by minimizing variation
Identify variation in real-time at all levels of production
Visually see all SPC tools and results
Make real time decisions with accurate SPC data

Evolution And Continuous Improvement

With rapidly changing markets, organizations must be constantly
evolving and responding to changing customer needs.
VCA, our technology, is tied to evolution and continuous
development. Yes, our system has the ability to detect changes
(internally and externally) and reconfigure.

What Your Company Can Achieve With VCA

Increase in productivity

Minimize costs of production

Produce quality output

Increase ROI

Increase market share

Capacity utilization

Build and sustain brand

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