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Aeronautical Engineering
Colleges in Maharashtra

Aeronautical Engineering
College in Maharashtra
Our Aeronautical Engineering institute is pure technical
college run by Kohinoor Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. which
is approved by Director General of Civil Aviation, (Govt. of
India) for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course at Bhopal
For our Aeronautical Engineering student we provide all the
facility which is important in their study. We also provide
Audio / Video facilities for the better understanding of the

Aircraft maintenance engineers are critical; thats why

they get paid higher
Among various job profiles associated to the field of aircraft,
maintenance engineering is quite peculiar. Though not many
students opt for it because they consider the job quite difficult,
it is not in reality. On the contrary, it is quite interesting and
challenging. Maintenance engineers use their technical skills
and logical approach towards resolving the practical problems.
Other than those who design and test the flying machines,
those who look after the preventive and corrective maintenance
are equally important. The job offers handsome salaries, and
there are good opportunities for growth. An
aircraft maintenance engineering college in Bangalore is the
place where you get structured training of the same.

Qualification and eligibility

Typically one should acquire the bachelors degree in
engineering to make an entry in the field. Advanced
training helps in grasping the technicalities and intricacies
of the aircraft. Students proficient in Physics and
Mathematics can do wonders in the field. Especially, the
expertise in Calculus, Trigonometry and Algebra help a lot.
A good aircraft maintenance engineering college doesnt
leave a stone unturned to acquaint the students with the
latest things in aviation. Apart from theoretical knowledge,
they provide hands-on experience as well.
As far as aptitude is concerned, a candidate should have
excellent problem-solving personality. The ability to discuss
technical problems with other technical and non-technical
fellows makes a person successful maintenance engineer.

About us
We, Sha-Shib group provide classic learning experience to our
students so they can excel in the field of their career. We offer
various courses like technical education, management programs
etc. We have many branches across India having best
infrastructure to meet the students need undergoing Aeronautical
Engineering, Aircraft maintenance Engineering, B.Ed. and various
other programs. Keeping in view the result and placements of the
students, Hindustan Aerospace & Engineering located at Pune is
the best option for students desirous of pursuing aircraft
maintenance engineering course and become an Aircraft

Courses for aircraft engineering: Students who are pursing

aircraft maintenance engineering are taught the typical
subjects that cover civil aviation rules, aerodynamics,
aircraft maintenance, aircraft structure, its design, logistics,
business applications in engineering, modern aircraft
technology, etc. The students will gain hands on
competencies in the application of structural analysis of
aircraft, aircraft development and design, control systems of
aerospace equipments and much more.

Our campus

Our Placement
Successful Candidates, after passing A.M.E. course have wider opportunities in
Govt. Sectors, Flying clubs/ Institutes, Private Flying clubs/ Institutes. Air Taxi,
Cargo Operators etc.
Better job placement are available with:
Air Works India Ltd.
Blue Dart
Deccan Aviation Pvt. Ltd.
Raymonds Ltd.
Saraya Aviation (P) Ltd.
Taneja Aerospace& Aviation Ltd.

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