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About .


• In the present business advancement
methodology and arrangement improvement
exercises Microsoft .NET innovation is assuming a
fundamental part.
• Microsoft has made a world class best
improvement suit for the designers who create
normal business and worldwide subject related
arrangements utilizing the product building.
• Microsoft built up the .NET stage to meet a stage
free, dialect nonpartisan and system situated
improvement apparatuses.
• The arrangements grew by utilizing .NET are
adaptable and dependable

Accumulation and Execution
• In .NET stage the accumulation and Execution is
taken care by the CLR (Common Language
Runtime). CLR takes after the accompanying
grouping of steps when a .NET source code
composed utilizing C#/VB.NET/VC++. NET/VJ#
• A source code written in C#/VB.NET/VJ#/VC++.NET
is ordered and Microsoft Intermediate Language
(MSIL) is produced
• The MSIL is ordered by the .NET CLR's JIT compiler
and results the local executable code at runtime.

.NET Versions
• .NET has diverse forms right from the beginning of
its development. .NET 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and
most recent 4.0
• In 1.0 the fundamental .NET improvement API are
• In 1.1 Built-In backing for Mobile ASP.NET segments
is presented
• In 2.0 the Generics is presented
• In 3.0 the Service model is presented
• In 3.5 the LINQ is presented
• In 4.0 Parallel Computing is presented
• With each rendition numerous new highlights are
added to the .NET improvement environment and
made it more dependable advancement instrument

Article Oriented:
• .NET is item situated. It bolsters the article arranged
ideas like Object Initialization, Inheritance, and
Programmed Garbage gathering:
.NET has the asset administration framework by utilizing
Garbage accumulation where the issues or Memory
break are over come. System.GC() is the API gave in
.NET to conjure the Garbage Collector unequivocally in
the system.
.NET gives the security design to the application by its
System. Security name space.
Multi Threading:
.NET gives office to create application with Multi
threading where numerous procedure can be executed
no concurrently to make application more proficient and

Special case Handling: 
.NET gives the system of taking care of exemptions in
the application at runtime. One can characterize and
utilize the custom exemptions with the assistance of the
System. Exception class. .NET has predefined
framework special cases like FileNotFoundExcepotion,
Argument Exception, ArrayOutofBoundsException and
so on.
.NET has the highlight called Reflection utilizing which
the .NET executable can be perused with its metadata.
The sorts in the executable can be know by utilizing this
highlight. The .NET gatherings can be created runtime
and examined at runtime by utilizing this highlight.
Cross Language Integration: 
.NET backings various dialects like C#, VB.NET, VC+
+.NET, and VJ#. An answer can be created utilizing any
of these dialects. Indeed, even parts grew in one dialect
can be devoured by other dialect applications.

.NET Assemblies are proficient modules that can be used
in the applications. There are three sorts of
congregations Private, Shared and Satellite. Private
gatherings can be utilized by the application just.
Imparted gatherings can be put in Global Assembly
Cache (GAC) and be imparted by different applications.
Satellite congregations used to impart the asset sorts.
 .NET applications can be produced for a distinct nearby
assets based execution situations. Case in point Chinese,
Japanese and so on.
Now a days lot of .NET training classes and
.NET online training are also available.