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Hydrometallurgy and

Electrolytic Processes
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[1] ● It is divided into three areas: .Metal (compound) recovery .Hydrometallurgy ● A branch of extractive metallurgy which deals with the processes involving aqueous solutions to extract metals from ores.Solution concentration and purification .Leaching .

Three Areas under Hydrometallurgy 1. [2] . Leaching Involves the treatment of mineral materials.specifically oxidized containing desirable metals using acidic or basic solutions to dissolve soluble elements and concentrate in an enriched solution.

platinum and palladium. © International Precious Metals Institute https://www.Aqua Regia is a highly corrosive acid mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid which will dissolve most metals including tch?v=4J4nLdmcZzw .

] Ion exchange [v.] Gas reduction [vi.Three Areas under Hydrometallurgy 2.] Cementation [iii.] Solvent Extraction [iv.] Precipitation [ii.] Electrowinning . Solution concentration and Purification ❖ can be done in different ways: [i.

Three Areas under Hydrometallurgy 3.involves the process of refining extracted metals for commercial use - involves Electrolytic process involves metallurgical processes that take place in some form of electrolytic cell . Metal Compound Recovery .

. while an anode is composed of an inert electrical conductor. usually as the result of an ore having undergone one or more hydrometallurgical processes. - The metal of interest is plated onto a electrolysis process used to recover metals in aqueous solution.Metal Recovery involving Electrolytic processes - Electrowinning .

[3] . which acts as the electrolyte.another electrometallurgical process whereby the valuable metal is dissolved into a molten salt. and the valuable metal collects on the cathode of the cell. Fused salt electrolysis .used to dissolve an impure metallic anode (typically from a smelting process) and produce a high purity cathode.Metal Recovery involving Electrolytic processes - - Electrorefining .

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