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Combating the black

liberation theology

A Christian is someone who believes in the

Gospel of Christ
Christianity is not political religion nor is it about liberation, when you
.politicize the faith of Christ, you comprise the faith of Christ when
you do, give unto Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar and what belongs
to God give to God, avoid at all cost at politicizing Christianity and
the Gospel.
It it extremely important to get the Gospel right and the Gospel is
simply this
We Are at Peace with God because of Jesus
Romans 5 5 Now that we have Gods approval by faith, we have
peace with God because of what our Lord Jesus Christ has done. 2
Through Christ we can approach God
Romans 5:8 Christ died for us while we were still sinners. This
demonstrates Gods love for us.

The Gospel of God is simply the following God restoring

Humanity back to himself, (Genesis 3) Adam and Eve who
represented all Humanity, there sinned and as a result of this
sin entered into the Human bloodline because of one man
Adam (Romans 5:12) but another man fully God, Fully man,
whom the bible calls the second Adam, Jesus Christ died on a
cross and raising back up from the dead defeating sin and
death that had entangled man.
The man-Christ given full Authority by God to come take back
authority back for man, who had been given the power to rule
(Genesis 1:26) but man had that taken away from them, which
is why when Christ Jesus Fully God, Fully Man when he rose
back up from the dead he said the following
(Matthew 28:18 When Jesus came near, he spoke to them. He
said, All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to
This is Jesus Christ, The second Adam saying the first Adam
failed his mission, man was suppossed to rule, but sin took
that away from them, but Jesus Christ Fully God, Fully man
the second Adam came to rescue man and take back what I
rightly gave to them Dominion and the Authority to rule, this
is the Gospel it's all about Christ Jesus.

Getting the Gospel Right

1 Corinthians 15 (Jesus Came Back to Life) Brothers and sisters, Im making known to
you the Good News which I already told you, which you received, and on which
your faith is based. In addition, you are saved by this Good News if you hold on to
the doctrine I taught you, unless you believed it without thinking it over.
I passed on to you the most important points of doctrine that I had received:Christ
died to take away our sins as the Scriptures predicted. 4 He was placed in a tomb.
He was brought back to life on the third day as the Scriptures predicted.
The Gospel of Christ is not about liberation from poverty, hating the white man, hating
capitalism, being for socialism or marxism the Gospel of God is simply this Christ
Died for our sins, he is our atonement for our sins not so that we can get rich or out
of poverty but that we have been saved from hell apply anything more to this then
you're an accursed man who has comprised and corrupted the Gospel of Christ
which is the Good news of Salvation in Christ through Faith in Jesus Christ simply
for what he did on the cross and living according to his will.

Do not politicize the Gospel but if you

want to enter the promised land out of
1. Family Values are important, a mother and a father in every
home Ephesians 6 [ Advice to Children and Parents ] Children,
obey your parents because you are Christians. This is the right
thing to do. Honor your father and mother that everything
may go well for you, and you may have a long life on earth.
This is an important commandment with a promise.

2.Education is the key to a getting a good job

and working for a living and not welfare.
3.Voting your values and a for a political party
that respects you and cares about your
4.Seeing yourself as member of the body of
Christ and every one else who is a Christian
as a member, White, Black, Asian or Latino