Leadership-The Bill Gates Way

Early Life
‡ Born in 1955 to a father who was a lawyer and mother who was a school teacher ‡ Started LPG (Lakeside Programmers Group) in 1968 along with his friend Allen and did several freelance software projects ‡ Joined Harvard university in 1973

‡ Provided BASIC software program to MITS who introduced first micro computers ‡ Dropped out of Harvard in 1975 and started Microsoft in 1977 and introduced FORTRAN and COBAL following the success of BASIC ‡ Supplied IBM with MS-DOS operating system which also became a huge success ‡ By 2002 Microsoft s worth was more than 29 bn US $

Gates HRD policy
‡ Believed in having a talented rather than a huge employee base ‡ Followed N-1 Recruitment Policy Directly participated in hiring recruitment programs during the early days of Microsoft

Employees were provided with a open work environment Employees were rewarded heavily based on their contribution with stock options and pay rises, By 1992 3400 Microsoft employees were millionaires

Gates as an eminent Marketer
‡ Bought DOS for a few thousand dollars renamed it and earned huge profits ‡ Successfully predicted future trends ‡ Introduced several Innovative products ‡ Followed competitive pricing ‡ Followed the famous strategy of announcing product launch even before years of actual release

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Great Risk Taker Is a great visionary Great Innovator Assertive Good technical knowledge about his business Never been complacent Positive image among the general public and is known for his charity works through BMGF

‡ Blamed of suppressing innovations in the industry ‡ Practiced Monopolistic trade practices ‡ Stifled competitions in the industry ‡ Dominated the industry owing to it s huge market share ‡ Bureaucratic management style

‡ Though Bill gates took a lot risks during early stages of his business, later on he became more calculative and more risk averse and Microsoft became more concerned about stifling the competition rather than facing it. Also, Microsoft failed to break it s image of being viewed only as an user friendly software component but not as an efficient software.

‡ Gates has been a very successful businessman and his success could be attributed mainly towards his visionary and assertive qualities. He cannot be considered as a charismatic leader. But his abilities to foresee , respond to threats correctly and manage a company company like Microsoft efficiently have made him a leader of global repute.

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