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K Identity vs role confusion ² individuals face
many decisions at adolescence: what work to do,
how to be a man or woman, and what to believe
K Resolve dilemma, individuals acquire basic
strength of fidelity/dependability. Allows them
to make choices that serve needs, strengths and
interest of themselves and others.
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K '
   ² dilemma during early
adulthood - being able to merge your identity with
someone else·s without losing yourself in the process.
K ': able to trust someone enough to
reveal your personal thoughts and feelings to him/her,
it is necessary to have a true sense of who you are.
  g learn to love, meaning an overall
sense of caring and generosity toward others
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K (  

|$  ² decide how to
make an individual contribution to society g
basic strength of caring. Have children, or
´great worksµ. Requires fidelity and love
K SUMMARY ² tasks of early adulthood are to
determine first who you want to be and what
you want to do so that you are true to yourself
K Development reflects psychological maturity
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K Ägo development begins in infancy with the
understanding that you are an individual
separate from mother.
K Teens at C  |$
C  |$ ² view life in black
and white terms: e.g. normal, abnormal; right,
wrong; cool or uncool.
K Young Adults |  |$ ² see begin to
accept individual differences/appreciate others
as individuals
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K Msychology perspective ² people spend a
lifetime developing clear sense of self ² progress
determined by psychological development
*   $
  +' $'    emotional
maturity, independence and maturity of mental
processes (decision making ability)
K  , $'   : physical and

  , $'   :
sexual maturity
K    | ' $'   :: expectations and
  | ' $'   
opportunities that each society defines for individuals
K &
     :: physical, economic, and
political environment in individual lives
*   $
K &- ² when individuals are physically
&- ²
mature and emotionally ready for marriage, they
will marry, if they are old enough according to
culture and society in which they live, and if they
can afford to live independently within
economic environment.
|  Msych perspective integrated with
sociology perspective
% +  
K The individual·s path of development is unique
in terms of timing of stressors or role changes
that require responses.
K 4 elements that determine path (in your notes
K |  Common stresses such as leaving
school, starting work, getting married mark
transition to adulthood but society supports
individuals in development by socializing them
for these events