IMC Advertising Campaign for Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh.

y Understanding the creative advertising

campaign of Coca-Cola (Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh).
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yBalajee R. Narendra (8537) yVikas Bankar (8559)

Advertising objectives
y Informative : What the product entails? How it can be used? y Competitive : What is the brand usage coupled with features and advantages? y Comparative: brands.

Comparison of two or more identified

y Defensive: Advertising to generate a superior imagery in the minds of the consumer as opposed to the competitor. y Reminder: To remind the consumer that the brand is around with its uses and benefits adding value to brand. y Reinforcement: Assurance provided to the consumer they have made the right choice with choosing the best possible product in the category.

Advertising objectives contd
y Advertising frequency: The number of repetition needed to put across the brand s message to consumer has an important impact on advertising budget. y Product substitutability: Soft drinks require heavy advertising to establish a different image because of heavy competition. y A good ad focuses on one core selling proposition. Message can be rated on desirability, exclusiveness and believability. Bilkul Ghar Jaisa .

Parent Brand Position (Juices)
y Coca-Cola in India currently enjoys market leadership in the juice drink segment with brand Maaza (no.1 mango juice drink in the country) and Minute Maid Pulpy Orange (no.1 orange juice drink in the country). y With the launch of Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh, Coca-Cola in India is all set to further extend its leadership in this fast growing segment

About Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh
y Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh is a lemon juice-based drink from The Coca-Cola Company's stable (Minute Maid brand umbrella) developed especially for Indian consumers. y Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh' made out of fresh lemon juice concentrate, providing consumers with refreshing experience - just like natural, home-made nimbu pani. y Innovative consumer proposition of Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh is best explained by the brand's tagline Bilkul Ghar Jaisa' (just like home)

Product Launch
y Part of a phased launch, Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh was made available to consumers through selective channels and outlets in the state of Tamil Nadu and rolled out nationally later. y Launch was further supported by intensive consumer activation program that included both above and below the line activities involving extensive experiential sampling, road shows, etc .

y Made available in two pack sizes- on-the-go 400 ml PET and 1 liter PET priced at Rs 15 and Rs 40 respectively . y Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh initially will be retailed across 35,000 outlets in the state followed by a nation-wide launch. y The entire brand campaign has been developed and executed by Leo Burnett Worlwide".

Emotional positioning
y Emotional connect with the people (bilkul ghar jaisa) y Emphasis on connection with target audience (people watching IPL). y Ad depicting a young guy who reminisces past memories of home made nimbu pani by mother after playing cricket with friends . y Strong impact with not only what is said but also on how it is said. Strong lyrical composition with catchy traditional music adds to the brand imagery.

Impact of Advertisement on consumer
y Reach Number of individuals in a household which are exposed to Nimbu Fresh ad in a specified time period (IPL matches, prime time programmes, etc). y Frequency Number of times the individuals have watched the advertisement over the course of time (product appeal). y Impact Value generated through the ad and consumers drawing towards the product.

Target Media Types Nimbu Fresh (Future course) Implemented
Newspapers Magazines Radio Television

Major Types of Advertising Media

Outdoor Internet Alternative Media

Advertisement USPs
y Scene 1 shows children playing cricket outside which is a common trend in India and people having a connect to the same. y Scene 2 cleverly shows a scene similar to that of Slumdog Millionaire with the boy dropping the catch and another guy reacting to the same quite cleverly positioned. y IPL fever is banked upon by Nimbu fresh in depicting the cricket craze amongst youngsters whenever a major tournament is on. y A lady squeezing out fresh lime juice out of lemons and making fresh lime juice later on. y The homemade lemonade scene transforms into a scene where a teenager is drinking Nimbu Fresh.

y Relations and emotions given importance similar to other Coke brands Children playing cricket boys coming home for lemonade mother making fresh lemonade for all children teenage boy reacting as if Nimbu fresh had a taste similar to that of home made lemonade by mother. y Tagline is well composed and structured. Bilkul ghar jaisa depicting pure lime juice extracts in the product. y The advertisement is successful in accomplishing the communication objectives of informing, persuading, and reminding potential customers of the product being advertised.

Exclusivity in launch campaign
y Life size PET bottles of the drink have been placed, along with replicas of sliced lemon, signifying natural lemon taste. y For approximately 10 days, till February 28, Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh, was retailed only from Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar's 96 outlets across seven cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad.

y Backlit human translites carrying Nimbu Fresh life size banners at nighttime to garner attention ideal for product launch. y Coca-Cola India has a tradition of launching its brands through outdoor campaigns. y Creating Nimbu Fresh Zone in malls to promote brand awareness. y Placing Nimbu Fresh bottles alongside fresh lemons to depict the nature of the product to consumers.

Campaigns and promotions
y A special Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh zone was created with a canopy, with lemon cut outs and multiple bottles stocked in it. Floor graphics of lemons were pasted around it, making the zone stand out in the store. y One of the contests, the 'Fresh n Spoon' race, involved a Nimbu Fresh bottle replacing the lemon in the 'Lemon and spoon' race. For the Fresh n Spoon race, a bigger spoon was used and participants were asked to get across a distance balancing the bottle on the spoon.

y Nimbu Fresh bottles were kept in the Farm Fresh area that stocks fruits and vegetables, where some bottles were kept in the lemon crates. y In the electronics section, attractive communication was placed on refrigerator door handles that said 'Open the door to get fresh' and inside, tent cards were placed along with the products in the doors of the refrigerators. y A canopy was also created near the chill station section. The brand also had presences in the fashion section as well as in the trial rooms.

Cutouts in Malls

Promotions in malls

Human banners

Tempo advertisement

Lemon cart

Nimbu Fresh Zone

Market potential
y The size of the largely unorganised 'nimbu paani' market is 1 billion cases, which is double the size of the carbonated soft drink industry in India. y Advertising campaigns of competitors (Nimbooz by Pepsico, LMN by Parle Agro are lacklusture and fail to have an emotional connect ). y Minute Maid s brand umbrella already leaders in juice segment in India.

The Nimbu Fresh Ad

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