HCCB Pvt. Ltd.
‡ Coca-cola Company, nourishing the global community with the world¶s largest selling soft drink since 1886, returned to India in 1993 after a gap of 16 years. HCCB serves in india some of the most recalled brands across the world including names such as coca-cola, sprite, fanta, thums up, limca, maaza and kinley (packaged drinking water), minute maid pulpy orange. The business system of the company in india directly employs approximately 6,000 people, and indirectly creates employment for many more. Coca-Cola India has increased its market share from 57 percent in the carbonated soft drink (CDs) category in 2005 to 61 percent at the end of December 2006. Coca Cola was the first in the country to launch cans, plastic cap leak proof bottles and full length delivery crates.





‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Understand different selling (RSU, Pre-Sell). Understand the role of a MD in a RSU Suggest improvement areas for a Pre Seller. Final implementation of pre-sell.

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Route riding on RSUs with Salesman. Route riding on Pre-Sell units with Pre-Seller. Route riding with Market Developer. Study Present PJP of Market Developer. Replan PJP of MDs for Pre-Sell based on frequency of service of a beat and number of outlets in a single beat. Implement various process required for pre-sell.

A selling methodology consisting of two parts : ‡ Order Generation ‡ Delivering the Pre-sold order

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ PRE ± SELL Works on a proper beat with a defined PJP Pre-seller generates orders in advance High capacity utilization of delivery vehicle Company gets control over retailers High distributor ROI ‡ ‡ CONVENTIONAL Salesman works without a proper PJP Salesman generate orders and deliver goods at the same time Low capacity utilization of delivery vehicle Company¶s span of control till distributor Less distributor ROI

‡ ‡ ‡

‡ A Pre-seller generates orders in advance after activating the outlet . He also communicates the scheme and promotional offer apart from carrying out his executing an outlet responsibility ‡ Back-end activities like invoicing, delivering stocks, collecting cash & glass are carried out by others ‡ Delivery vehicles are loaded as per the orders, leading to a very high capacity utilization & negligible shortage of brands / pack to the retailer ‡ Company gets control over retailers

‡ Improved Execution ‡ Reduced manpower through better utilization of MD resources ‡ Increased vehicle utilization (90 % ) ‡ Improved Market control ‡ Ensure sell-in & sell-out roles in key markets are managed by company controlled manpower


‡ Role of salesman reduced to deliveryman ‡ Market developer will not only have to do execution and open new account but they will have to generate orders as well . Thus market developer will also act as salesman ‡ Sales executive needs to act as mentor and conduct morning and evening meetings daily ‡ ASM needs to act like an anchor

‡ ‡ ‡ 1. 2. ‡ ‡ ‡ Pre-seller can be a current µroute salesman´ or a market developer All pre-seller are hired by HCCB & paid through 3rd party Pre-seller will be responsible for : RED outlet = execution + volume Non RED outlet = volumes Depending on market pre-seller will be allocated two/three beats each with a frequency of thrice or twice per outlet Pre-Seller will cover 30 outlets in one beat using beat planning format Pre-Seller leave Pre-billed orders at the depot / distributor godown

‡ Route Restructuring ‡ Assigning Manpower ‡ Building back end support

‡ Listing all outlets on a Route on the basis of RED outlet and availability of empty glasses at the outlet ‡ Identify outlets that should be on Pre-sell beats & form geographical clusters ‡ Formulation of beats ‡ Prepare walking order route plan PJP for pre-seller for the beats assigned to him

For pre-sell we need the following : ‡ Pre-seller for generating the order and market execution. Pre-seller is either salesman or Market Developer converted to this role ‡ Drivers & helpers for supplying the orders ‡ At Depot : one person is required to take order from pre-seller and billing

‡ Logistic executive segregates the orders on an excel sheet ‡ He ensures that vehicles are loaded as per orders strictly ‡ The orders are billed in hand held computers at the depot by logistic executive ‡ Bills print-outs are given to the driver, which becomes the basis of delivery ‡ Identify and select the right mix of vehicles as per the geography and the volume

‡ Day µ-4¶ to µ-2¶ days the OJTs of pre-seller will happen ‡ Day µ-1¶ ,pre-seller to go to the market (beat 2 ) post noon and take the orders for the next day ‡ Day µ0¶ no conventional routes move in . The invoiced orders of beat 2 to be delivered & MD¶s work on beat 1 ie generates order to be delivered next day

‡ RED scores of pre-seller , before pre-sell & after pre-sell ‡ Volumes achievements & growth vs targets ‡ Productivity ie numbers of bill cut in a week vs potential


‡ Monopoly of Salesmen. ‡ Unawareness of Schemes, Discounts and Scratch coupons among Outlet Owners in the market. ‡ Supply of Products to Road side venders. ‡ Lack of Space for keeping stocks in the shops. ‡ Empties problem. ‡ Loading of stocks was not done according to order. ‡ Tracker was not filled properly.

‡ Salesman whose record are good should be promoted as Pre-Seller. ‡ Spreading awareness of recent schemes, discounts etc. in the market through MDs. ‡ For Road Side Vendors make Fat Agent. ‡ Outlets which do not have space for keeping 2 days stocks should be put on both the beats so that they get supply every day. ‡ Providing more empties in the market. ‡ Loading of stocks should be done according to the order. ‡ Tracker should be filled properly. Sales Team Leader must have an eye on his MDs by checking their trackers daily at any time.

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