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ChE 152

Transport Processes

Differential balances.Course Description • Fundamentals of heat. Application to interphase transfer. mass and momentum transport. Molecular and turbulent transport system. equations of change. .

Prelim Coverage: Momentum Transfer Fundamentals • General Equation for Transfer Processes • Analogy of Momentum. Heat and Mass Transfer • Newton’s Law and Viscosity of Fluids • Types of Fluids • Time-Independent Fluids • Time-Dependent Fluids • Laminar and Turbulent Flow • Reynolds Experiments • Reynolds Number • Flow through Non-Circular Sections • Overall Balance around the System • • • • Overall Mass Balances Overall Energy Balances Overall Momentum Balances Momentum Transfer Operations/Applications .

Cylinders and Spheres • Flow through Solids in Series and Parallel • Convection Heat Transfer • Forced Convection Heat Transfer • Natural Convection Heat Transfer • Heat Exchangers • Radiation Heat Transfer • Nature of Radiation • Kirchhoff’s Law .Midterm Coverage: Heat Transfer Fundamentals • Modes of Heat Transfer • Conduction Heat Transfer and Fourier Law • Flow through Slabs.

Finals Coverage: Mass Transfer Fundamentals • Mass Diffusion and Fick’s Law • Equimolar Counter Diffusion • Unimolecular Counter Diffusion • Diffusion in Different Flow Geometries • Diffusivity • Self-Diffusivity • Mutual Diffusivity • Tracer Diffusivity • Diffusion of Gases • Prediction of Gas Diffusivities • Diffusion of Liquids • Prediction of Liquid Diffusivities • Diffusion in Biological Solutions. Gels and Solids .

60% Computational Laboratory Outputs .15% Attendance and Discipline .Grading System • • • • Major Examinations .5% Comprehensive Examination .20% .

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Introduction • The unit operations deal mainly with the transfer and change of energy and the transfer and change of materials primarily by physical means but also by physical-chemical means. .

Classification of Unit Operations • • • • • • • • • • • • Fluid flow Heat transfer Evaporation Drying Distillation Absorption Membrane separation Liquid-liquid extraction Adsorption Liquid-solid leaching Crystallization Mechanical-physical separations .

• Heat Transfer • Concerned with the transfer of heat or thermal energy from one place to another. . • Mass Transfer • Concerned with the mass being transferred from one phase to another distinct phase.Fundamentals of Transport Processes • Momentum Transfer • Concerned with the transfer of momentum which occurs in moving media.

heat or thermal energy.General molecular transport equation • All   three of the molecular transport processes of momentum. . and mass are characterized in the elementary sense by the same general type of transport equation.

General molecular transport equation •   • is the flux of the property as amount of property being transferred per unit time per unit crosssectional area perpendicular to the z-direction of flow in amount of property/s·m2 • is a proportionality constant called diffusivity in m2/s • is concentration of the property in amount of property/m3 • is the distance in the direction of flow in m. .

General molecular transport equation .

Example .

.General Property Balance for Unsteady State • In calculating the rates of transport in a system using the molecular transport equation. it is necessary to account for the amount of this property being transported in the entire system.