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+ Blurring

the Lines
Media and
Eldred D. Cole
Deputy Regional
19 February 2013

Romualdo.+ CASE Dumaguing vs. al.  Media  Hired  Did affiliation claim by the opposition not wear identification  Involved in a melee  Filed criminal cases against the governor & mayor-candidate  Decision: . et.

media helped check government abuses by holding officials accountable  strong tradition of criticizing and exposing government wrongdoing .+ Media Role The Past  Edmund Burke dubbed the news media the “fourth estate”  “the freest press in Asia.”  prior to 1972.

+ Media Role The Present Individual and media organization bias can distort reporting. which leads to: incomplete and inaccurate information. and sometimes trivialization and sensationalization of events .

congressional candidate: “Before I used to be interviewed for free.+ Media Role The Present  pervasive and deep-rooted issue of corruption in the Philippine media taking place most particularly during election years and campaign periods  "interview packages" and other shady deals that some media agencies offer candidates Teddy Casiño. now I'm being asked to pay.” .

 The dictatorship did not only “kill” the press. WHAT HAPPENED? . thus the beginning of “envelopmental” journalism. stock and fountain pen.+  Marcos era. where media is dictated to write only about the government’s so-called development projects. lock. and as an off-shoot. the regime sponsored a view of the press as partner in contrast to the adversarial concept that looked at the press as the watchdogs of the government  The press then was regulated and because of such control -  The birth of “developmental” journalism came about. it “purchases” it.

 publicists and spin doctors for politicians and candidates  the challenges of political reportage  violence against journalists  media’s role in nation-building .+ CHALLENGES  corruption has significantly damaged Philippine society by creating a culture of impunity whereby corrupt officials are not prosecuted and media practitioners turn a blind eye or do not expose corrupt practices.

-an agreement that marks a significant step toward curbing rampant corruption in the media both media practitioners and political parties and candidates – to reject engaging in acts that contribute to corruption in the media. which has consistently marred Philippine elections.+  Covenant WAY FORWARD Commitment: Against Media Corruption 2013 .  Codes of Conduct and Ethical Standards .

Remember. not our lifeline… . politics and politicians are just + stories.