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So choose a religious women and hold fast to her…” (Bukhari and Muslim). or for her nobility or for her religion. or for her beauty. .HADITH: “A women may be chosen for her wealth.

IN THIS TOPIC. WE WILL COVER ON:  Discipline  Parents’ and control responsibility  Children’s  Religious responsibility training .

DISCIPLINE AND CONTROL Advantages of Discipline .

ADVANTAGES OF DISCIPLINE Safety from physical and moral danger Avoid wrong influences A chance to be successful Feels loved and secured .


WHAT TO CONTROL? Going out Friends Language Time Behaviour .


 Children need food. they need clothes to wear. it is father’s duty to earn money so that the needs of his children (as well as himself and his other dependants) are taken care of. they need medicine to be taken care of in case of illness etc. . All this requires money.PARENTS’ RESPONSIBILITIES Earning the livelihood fathers (the husbands) are entrusted with the responsibility of earning livelihood for their families.

. goes through the time the mother provides the child breastfeeding. It starts from the time a child spends in the womb of mother.PARENTS’ RESPONSIBILITIES Taking care of children’s needs at home during their upbringing upbringing of the children is one of the biggest responsibilities of being a mother. till the child grows up to take care of his/her needs himself/herself.

Every parental couple is supposed to arrange education for their kids as per their capability . primarily of fathers.PARENTS’ RESPONSIBILITIES Providing Arranging education money for children’s education is also a very big responsibility of parents.

It is the responsibility of parents to teach their children about Islamic values. whether he/she is born to parents following any religion. Then it is the upbringing that develops his/her personality and the ideology. .PARENTS’ RESPONSIBILITIES Providing Every Islamic knowledge child is born as a Muslim.

PARENTS’ RESPONSIBILITIES Other responsibilities Parents should also ensure that they are always with their children supporting them in their just ambitions/goals Parents should present themselves as an example for their kids .


CHILDREN’S RESPONSIBILITY • Listen to the advices • as long as in line with syara’ • Eg: ask us to steal. .

to avoid seeing them and to look at them harshly. “To address them lovingly (as ‘Abba or Ammi’) and to avoid calling them by their names. “To deprive them of the benefit of your property and wealth.Respect Calling the parents them with appropriate address. he replied.” . He replied.  Hadith : When someone asked Hasan (Radiallahu Anhu) as to what the lowest degree of disrespect was.” Another person asked Hasan as to what the ‘Qaul-e-Karim’ (gracious word) meant.

Someone asked. Ibne Abbas (Radiallahu Anhu) has said that two doors of Jannah will remain open for every Muslim whose parents are alive and he serves them well. while if he keeps them unhappy.even though our parent is a criminal or nonmuslim. “Then too you must remain good to them. Allah Ta’ala will not be pleased with him until they are pleased with him.” . we should respect them. “What if they are cruel?” Ibne Abbas replied.

.Love them they love us since we cannot even speak and walk One of the deeds that we can for them is make a dua’.

.Help them reduce their burdens by helping with the housework or bring them drinks. Perform Be our duty of 5 daily prayers a pious son/daughter because the dua’ of the pious children is the greatest wealth for the parents.

do not even tell them “oof!” (or anything else that may cause them hurt) and do not rebuke them (even though they may be at fault). (Always) Speak gently to them (Never raise your voice when speaking to them. Speak with respect and never speak harshly to them).Don’t higher our voice to them "If one of them (your parents). . or both of them attain old age.

“O my Rabb! Show mercy to them (my parents) as they had (been merciful towards me when they) raised me when I was young. Lower for them the wings of humility (always be humble and softhearted towards them) out of compassion (meekness) and say.” (Just as parents are merciful towards their children when their children are little and depend on them.) (SURAH AL-ISRA’. VERSE 23-24) . the children should also show mercy towards their parents when their parents grow old and depend on them.

Ali (Radiallahu Anhu) has said that if there was any degree of disrespect below uttering "oof". Allah Ta’ala would (probably) have forbidden it. as they washed it when you were a baby. Mujaahid (Rahmatullah alaih) has said. . that when parents become aged. in the explanation of this Aayat. you should not complain over washing their urine and excreta.


RELIGIOUS TRAINING OF CHILDREN  Righteous man and woman with great intelligent  Good moral and spiritual values  Become the consolation for the eyes of the parents .

and everyone is responsible for whatever falls under his responsibility.” (Bukhari and Muslim). and he is responsible for them.PARENTS RESPONSIBILITIES To guide and provide the children with religious education.   . A man is like a shepherd of his own family.  Parents are accountable for their children  Prophet Muhammad (s) said:  “Every one of your (people) is responsible.

BELIEF I. In Allah Expose children to: )Existence of God )Nature and science )Books and films that show people with firm faith in Allah a) .

Help children build a strong and everlasting relationship with Allah )Educate children to love Allah. put trust in Him and ask from Him all their needs )Parents should not give them the idea that Allah will punish humans for every mistake they commit b) .

.In the Hereafter )Death and the life hereafter )Idea of death and the after should be introduced continuously )To give impression that all human are not immortal II.

the five daily prayers is done properly and regularly. and beat them if they do not recite it when they are ten.RITUALS Educate and encourage children to worship Allah  How to pray. The Prophet (S) said:  “Teach your children the prayer when they are seven.” . recite Qur’an. fast during Ramadhan and etc  Ensure the most important action in Islam.

 Force children to pray if they do not want to do so when they have already baligh  Expose them to worship at an early age  Observe children when they first begin to pray by themselves  Pray with the children  Do not leave the children to pray alone .

MORALS  Key to virtuous life  Teach children about noble characteristics and avoid bad characteristics  Simple discussion or a small reminder  Never underestimate the effect of words and deeds on the hearts of the children .