Team formation«


Participants from the class came forward to form a team, with different backgrounds. Participants from various places and culture united to form the team just like our country. Somewhere equal minded people came together to form the team with the diversity in thoughts. Our group members interacted, gave & received help, shared ideas & information, & encouraged each other to accomplish our task.

Selecting The Leader«      

On the basis of knowledge, communication skill and interpersonal skills the person was chosen who will be leading the TEAM. The person who is very much acceptable to all and has that charisma to handle the team was selected. The leader was selected with the power of authority and have the power of troubleshooting. The leader should have the ability to mingle in each and every situation and hence can bring up all the participants as a TEAM. TEAM. The leader should be responsible, optimistic, conflict handler and have analytical skills. He should be a coordinator who can keep the goals clear and sharper to overcome the hurdles.

Agreements and Disagreements«  


"Teamwork is a make or break situation. Either you help make it or the lack of it will break you." ² Kris A. Hiatt Disagreements regarding the slides and presentations were solved in a distinct manner. Hence the disagreements due to the data collection and manipulation of those collected data was jumped into agreements. The planning for the presentation and even in the formation of the group was shoot out in a elegant manner by the members of the team. Its better for the people to fit in the role where their strengths and preferences suit but people can always go beyond their comfort zone for a short period of time.

Conflicts and resolution« 

It is commonly assumed that great teams do not entertain or have conflicts. It is said that great teams do encourage productive conflicts. Team had conflicts which was resolved by the key persons. The productive conflicts of the team were carried on to come to a certain conclusion such as the topic of IPL and Indian Economy. Avoiding conflict by either crushing it, ignoring it and not being biased advising the parties to get concerned and short out matters. This can be best managed by the distribution of mixed roles; expected role, sent role, perceived role and enacted role.

Key Persons«. 

People who contributes to the team the most are known as Key Persons. Based on various aspects of the previous presentation there were few key persons. Problem solver, information giver, slide designer, leading the team were the roles of these key persons. They use consensus to make any decision and the members are cooperative and communication is open honest and frequent. Awareness that division of labor is possible; different people may make contribution to accomplish the task. Find problems under situations and solving them, not concentrating on individuals.

Key Learning«





Each member must understand the overall task to be accomplished. We shared cooperative goal of achieving task. Individually recognized contribution to the accomplishment of the task. Attempting too much, poor communication, procrastination, and personal disorientation may turn to be the time wasters. A Team is greater than the sum of its parts.


According to Belbin·s research in managing Teams-´overall team effectiveness Teamsdepends upon the knowledge team members have of each other, and use.µ Being homogenous in terms of common values and backgrounds the TEAM effort achieved success. The TEAM was isolated from others (in terms of definition and function) and the tasks had the physical proximity of the members. The TEAM followed the PRIDE principle.
Purpose: Purpose: Have a common purpose and goal Respect: Respect: Act with mutual respect, trust and support Individuals: Individuals: Recognize and respect the differences which enhance creativity and collective imagination Discussion: Discussion: All teams need open, honest and frequent discussions Excellence: Excellence: Team should strive for excellence

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Sudipa Majumder Abhirup Sen Sarma Prasanta Saha Debasree Mitra Sandip Nandi Sourabh Hazra Souvik Chatterjee

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