Green Marketing

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Ø The marketing efforts to produce , promote , distribute and reclaim products or services which are environmentally safe or has environmental benefits . Ø Ø Such a product or service may be environment friendly or produced and / or packaged in an environment friendly way Ø Ø The assumption of this marketing is that the potential consumers will view a product or service ’ s GREENNESS as a

Products are not green/ecofriendly if
Ø Its raw materials are scarce or hard to get . Ø Ø Its design or manufacturing cause pollution or excess power usage . Ø It is non - disposable .

Ø The AMA held the first workshop on “Ecological marketing” in 1975. Ø Ø The proceedings of this workshop resulted in one of the first books on Green Marketing entitled “Ecological Marketing” by Jacquelyn Ottman in late 1970s. Ø Ø The term Green Marketing came in to picture in the late 1980s and early 1990s .

Importance of green marketing
Ø W h a t is it? Ø Ø What are the benefits? Ø Ø How do we do it?

Ø Examples

What is it?
Ø C o rp o ra te S o cia l R e sp o n sib ility Ø Ø Triple Bottom Line Accounting Ø Ø New Product Innovation

Ø Company Ethos

Corporate(social) responsibility
Ø Te rm is n e w , p ra ctice is n o t. Ø Ø CSR is about sustainability – of profits , the company , its people and the environment .

Ø It ’ s now about how a company EARNS its money , not how it SPENDS it . Ø

Why should we do it?
Ø C o n su m e r D e m a n d . Ø Ø £26 billion on ethical goods in 2005 in Britain . Ø Ø The number of people who felt guilty about unethical purchases more than doubled in the decade up to 2004 , from 17 % to 35 %.

Ø And the number of people who recycled at least once a year increased from 73 % to 93 %.

How do we do it?
Ø C o m p a n y v a lu e s Ø Ø Mission and aims Ø Ø Marketing and transparency Ø Ø Supply chain management Ø Ø

Green marketing ideas for business
Ø G e t Yo u r B ra n d o u t th e re Ø Ø Sustainable Packaging Ø Ø Transportation

Ø Give Local Love Receive Local Love Ø

Ø C o n su m e rs a w a re n e ss ( e d u ca tio n a n d k n o w le d g e ) . Ø Ø Variety of products . Ø Ø Price of green products are slightly more . Ø Ø People does not want to stop consuming but want to buy ways that does not harm the environment . Ø Ø To construct a consumer society that accommodates less waste and lower

Ø R e p u ta tio n Ø G a in in g a n d re ta in in g cu sto m e rs Ø C o st sa v in g s ( C N G ) Ø In n o v a tio n in p ro d u cts a n d o p e ra tio n s Ø S ta ff D e v e lo p m e n ts Ø E n e rg y , E n th u sia sm a n d O p e n n e ss Ø S u p p lie r C o n tra ctin g Ø E le ctro n ics se cto r

Facts and figures
Ø T h e U K g re e n e co n o m y is e x p e cte d to b e w o rth £ 3 0 b illio n b y 2 0 1 0 . Ø Ø When you recycle 1 glass bottle , you save the amount of energy needed to light a 100 watt bulb for 4 hours .

Ø The use of bulbs cause emission of carbon - di - oxide , so replace bulbs by CFL ( Compact Fluorescent Light ) lamps .

Companies with green marketing
Ø P h ilip s

ØA ved a


Ø Long Hog Ø Unilever Ø Marks and Spencer Ø Canon


Solar products

Recycled/ecofriendly products

Hybrid/Electrical cars


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