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Hybrid/Electric car

energy charging

Study Course: Modern Logistic System

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences
Oleg Andreev


Nowadays renewable energy and electric cars are becoming more and more
popular opening new paths for consumers as well as businesses to discover
new horizons of eco energy.

Electric cars are the technology of the 21st Century that tend to save fuel
along with environmental protection, however these technology needs a
specific infrastructure and state involvement in order to replace once and for
all fossil fuel vehicles

However low time battery life and charging infrastructure problems remain a
significant issue in the development of eco friendly vehicles.

Situation Analysis
Hybrid/Electric car charging time :
1. One Hybrid/Electric car 8 hours via regular charging plug
2. One Hybrid/Electric car 30 min via electric vehicle charging station(EVCS)


Drivers are less eager to use electric cars because they dont have
appropriate charging conditions as well as charging infrastructure.

Most of the parking lots and PECO stations dont have electric car charging

Those that have it use the inefficient and slow regular charging system which
I will try to prove that is very slow and business costly

So theres a need to install mobile/static electric car charging devices on

parking spots and PECO stations in order to boost the usage of eco friendly
types of cars.

Aim of the Research

To understand how many different types of cars can be charged during a day
by a mobile charging system taking into account various types of charging.
Also to assess the possibility of lines and practicability.

Data assessment explanation

The next slide with PSPP results shows deviation and mean data of charging duration
of various electric/hybrid cars as follows(for the test I took 40 charging times):
2013 Tesla model S 40 min

BMW i3 30 min

2013 Chevrolet Volt Plug-In Hybrid 240 min

2013 Nissan Leaf 240 min

2013 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid 90 min

Ford Focus Electric 240 min

Honda Fit EV 180 min

Smart ForTwo Electric 360 min

Chevrolet Spark EV 420 min

Tesla 2011 Model A 120 min

Initial data assessment and generator selection

Normal paramenters
Mean: 237.50 min
Deviation: 122.45

Extend Model

Running and analysis of the results

Model shows that for each charging
device in a parking lot during a working
day of 12 hours, (also taking into account
the variations within the time of charging
among various electric cars) it is possible
to charge only 5 cars.
That demonstrates the inefficiency of
regular charging plug and the need of
special EVS system that charges the
battery much faster


The parking lot companies have to implement the fast charging system(EVS)
of electric cars and not the regular one as shown by the data to be very slow
and costly

Theres a need to install mobile/static electric car charging devices on

parking spots and PECO stations in order to boost the usage of eco friendly
types of cars and to make drivers eager to use eco cars.