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Chapter One: Domestic Policy

As a Christian not only is your faith suppossed to change a whole nation, a

whole kingdom but your vote to. Remember you are an agent of Christ on
this earth, your subtle goal is to be that and get the world which does not
believe in the Son of God, to do the will of God without them even knowing
it, be wise as a serpent but innocent as doves. The first way you do this is
by looking at the domestic policy of each candidate running for public office.
Look at the candidates running and the platform their running on whether
independent or Republican does this candidate have a plan to combat
poverty, hunger and protect oppressed people such as orphans, the
fatherless in our society, human trafficking victims and the disabled.
(Proverbs 31:9)
The domestic policy of each candidate running for public office must be rooted
in liberty for all people, economic liberty. religious liberty and educational
liberty (Leviticus 25:10) me myself I look for a person running for public
office with this traits of lifting people up write laws that benefits people,
gives people upward mobility, policies that grow the middle class and not
welfarism or militarism

What you want in a presidential candidate or anyone running for

public office is sound health care plan that heals people, takes care
of patients a health care plan that is affordable (Jeremiah 8:22)
And in Social issues, you want a moral president that will not so
much focus on abortion or outlawing abortion but a president that
will have policies that lower the number of abortion rates, and
looking at the stats low income minority girls have the most
abortions because of poverty, so again you want a president who
stresses out and fights poverty with his or her domestic policies
Also on social issues, you want someone in public office that will take
on other social issues like marriage because God is pro marriage
one man and one woman (Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19) a
presidential candidate who has plans to outlaw pornography or not
make it easily accessible on the internet to children, and a
president who cares about the country and most importantly the
people with whom he wants to lead he or she puts them first
before any special intrest or lobbyist.
vote wisely and don't vote like how Paul used to vote to have
Christians killed
Acts 26:10 That is what I did in Jerusalem. By the authority I
received from the chief priests, I locked many Christians in prison. I
voted to have them killed every time a vote was taken.

Chapter Two: Foreign Policy

1. Vote for a president who wants American energy independece and

wants to close us bases in the nation known as Saudi Arabia but
we Christians know it as Mystery Babylon (Revelation 17) Any
Candidate that wants to end the American and Saudi relationship
should have your vote.
2. Vote for a president with a foreign policy of Aid not war, a foreign
policy dealt in compassion, using the American military for good
not for evil, people like Henry Kissenger and Dick Cheney these
men are evil and are war criminals do not vote for such wicked
man, but for man of peace, love and compassion.
3. Vote for a president willing to open up trade with countries,
relations with our countries in fighting human trafficking, Aids,
slavery, famines, extreme poverty, violent extremism, empowering
women and lifting people up.

Matthew 10:16
Im sending you out like sheep among wolves. So be as cunning as
snakes but as innocent as doves.