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the Z10 and Q10. The user interface varies by model. most feature a physical QWERTY keyboard. The first BlackBerry device. 2013. was released in 1999. were announced on January 30.INTRODUCTION  The BlackBerry is a line of wireless handheld devices and services designed and marketed by Research In Motion Limited (RIM) operating as BlackBerry. . the most recent BlackBerry devices. while newer generations have relied on a multi-touch screen and virtual keyboard. an email pager.

56. 93 on the global list of the 100 most valuable brands. from No.BRAND VALUE OF BLACKBERRY   BlackBerry has lost a staggering 39 per cent of its brand value. and it has fallen to No. the report says. and Samsung is up 40 per cent. according to Interbrand’s calculations. Its smartphone rivals have been on the opposite trajectory: Apple’s brand value has jumped 129 per cent. .

To know the satisfaction level of Blackberry mobiles.OBJECTIVES     To study customer attitude towards Blackberry mobiles. To know influencing factor to buy blackberry mobiles. To know about the marketing share of Blackberry .

P . which is located In Sagar M. in that particular questionnaire I have asked some question give in finding and analysis section .  Primary data:  I have prepared a questionnaire for the general public asking about the marketing strategy of Blackberry.  I visited Blackberry store. I Also Met Some Of The Marketing Executives Who Helped Me Getting The Required Information. The sources for the secondary data are as follows:  Data Sources  News Papers  Magazines  Internet  Press articles.RESEARCH AND METHODOLOGY STAGE ONE  The project study started with collection of Primary and Secondary Data.

Also. No particular limitation or shortcoming was realized during the analysis.LIMITATIONS   The research project has been completed with ease and comfortably. due to time constraints. enough justice could not be done to the project. .

so that the working atmosphere. More number of branches has to be opened to improve sales. Location has to be improved. .SUGGESTION AND RECOMMENDATION     Products should be enriched with offers in order to capture the market. sales can be enhanced. Attracting offers should be given to attract more profits.

.CONCLUSION  The Team Leadership workshop provided an engaging environment for Blackberry leaders to gain essential knowledge about teams. and apply practical frameworks to typical issues facing a customer driven organization. develop capability in sharing knowledge and resources.