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A report text describe the way things are with reference of a range of Nature Man Made Animal Sea Flower etc Social Phenomenon Computer Telephone Temple etc Flood Landslide Tornado etc .

General Classification/identification 2. Description .Purpose To describe something in general Language Feature Present Tense Generic Structure Past Tense 1.

which lives on the Australian island of Tasmania and also in New Guinea. and very ER strong back legs and a tail. C T The largest kangaroos are the Great Grey Kangaroo and the Red Kangaroo. Kangaroos have been RU known to make forward jumps of over eight metres. Adult grow to a U length of 1. This means that the female kangaroo has an external pouch on the front of her body. They have short front legs. although it has a smaller relative. and it crawls at once into this A kangaroo is an animal found only in Australia. but very long. These are used for sitting up and for jumping. A baby kangaroo is very tiny E when it is born.60 metres and weigh over 90 kilos. They can also run at speeds of over 45 kilometres per hour. . and leap across fences more than three I C metres high. called a wallaby.KANGAROO Identification Definition Habitat Diet D E S C R I P T I O N Characteristic Reproduction NEXT G ES NT Kangaroos eat grass and plants. R Kangaroos are marsupials.

QUESTION Papua typical festival has roots in the befits of local tribes that war not only conflict of power and interest. and the Lani. arrows. However. As you may have guessed. There are also performances and other interesting attractions. local governments have stressed the Importance of peace between the tribes who fought to prevent revenge and continued loss of life. bows. Baliem valley. traditional game. the Yali. unlike the tribal wars in the past. So Baliem Festival is an event that was held to replace the war between the tribes. the main event is a war between tribes. such as spears. but also a symbol of fertility and prosperity. and machetes. The name Baliem comes from the name of a valley in the central highlands of Papua. as well as . The valley is inhabited by three main tribes: the Dani. Since 20 years ago. Baliem festival is full of peaceful faces and brings joy and fun to the people wearing traditional clothing and bringing traditional weapons.

What is the text about?
A.Festival of War
B. Tribes in Papua
C. Papua’s Cuisine
D. Traditional Dancer
Where can see this festival?
A. In the village Yali tribes
B. In Dani tribe community
C. In the Lani tribe household
D. In Baliem valley of central highlands

Q = Teks itu tentang apa?
KW = Papua typical festival

Q = Dimana kita bisa melihat festival ?
KW = The name Baliem comes from the name of a valley in the
highlands of Papua, Baliem valley, The valley is inhabited
by three
main tribes: the Dani, the Yali, and the Lani.

Is a kind of text that is used to give
information to many people. It has
function to persuade the reader to buy
or use the thing or service.
3 Kinds of advertisement.
1. Product.
2. Service
3. Job Vacancy

1. Product. .

 Creative writing.  Poetry appreciation. Two-hour class twice a week Call 03-23860505 . SERVICE Holiday classes at learning centre for Nursery.2. Friendly atmosphere.  Art in action.  Speech training  Grooming and etiquette Qualified teachers. Kindegarten and Primary Scholl children  Supervised reading progamme.

Requirements .Needed . JOB VACANCY Ciri2/ characteristic : .Looking for .3.

What is the purpose of the text??    To sell the product. . To persuade people to use the product. To advertise job vacancy.

which work together to provide a variety of health benefits.The following text is for question 10 to 11 A BURST OF NATURE NatraBurst TM is a powerful food source consisting of a wide variety of premium ingredients.  Increase energy  Reduce appetite  Promote Fat Loss  Anti-Aging  Promote Healthy Skin BUY 2 GET FOR FREE ON SELECTED STORE . NatraBurst TM help support lean muscle mass with is concentration of high quality protein. with an ORAC calue of 4.000+ . Additionaly. Each serving contains the equivalent of more than 6 vegetables and fruits.

To persuade people to consume te product D. Decrease energy C.10. To describe the composition of the product C. To tell the reader how to use the product . The purpose of the text is … A. To warn the reader the danger of the product B. What’s the benefit of consuming NatraBurst? A. Promote fat loss D. Increase appetite B. promote Healthy Skin ANALISIS 11.

Q = Apa manfaat mengkonsumsi NatraBurst? A=C KW = Increase energy Reduce appetite Promote fat loss Anti-Aging Promote Healthy Skin 11. Q = Tujuan teks itu adalah … A=C .10.


.Descriptive text is. Purpose Sebuah teks yang menggambark an orang. benda atau sebuah tempat To describe something ..

Generic Structure Identification Description Language Simple present tense Feature .

He flies fast and can make clear melodious voice. At the end of that day. Afrika. I’m really proud of Kenari. . Canary bird is originally from Canary Island. I had trained Kenari for several weeks at home. Before that. I feed him there times a week and I always clean his cage every Saturday. he became the runner up. I got Kenari as my birthday present from my parents. he could sing beautifully. Its name is Kenari. I registered Kenari for a competition in the park my house. Last week. So. Kenari is a male canary bird. My pet has beautiful feathers.QUESTION I have a pet.

What is mainly discussed in the story ? A. He had Kenari as abirthday gift B. He registered his pet for a competition . He registered his pet for a competition D. A singing competition B. The writer’s canary bird D. A bird from Canary Island What did the writer do last week ? A. Canary singing contest C. He played with the bird in the park C.

Q = Apa diskusi utama dalam cerita ? A = The writer’s canary bird Q = Apa yang penulis lakukan diakhir minggu? A=D KW = Last week. I registered Kenari for a competition in the Park my house .


(teks yang menceritakan suatu peristiwa yang terjadi pada waktu lampau) . It usually focuses on a person experience.DEFINITION Recount is a kind of text to retell events for purpose of informing past events.

a week ago. Use to be : was and were. last week.The characteristic     Use past tense Use conjunction (kt hubung) : then. . this morning. before. Use time signal : yesterday. a month ago. after.

Generic structure( bentuk) Orientation (orientasi) :  characters. after that. 3. Re-orientation : The writer’s feeling of the events.  Where the events took place. Events : we find the chronologist or the order of the events happened in sequence(urutan): then. 2. .  When it happened. 1. etc.

my brother and I visited our grandparents in Malang. we helped grandfather to water the spinach. but we had fun very much.GENERIC STRUCTURE Last school holiday. The next day. events Although it was a very tiring day. orientation The first day we were there. we sold the vegetables from the farm to the city. Re-orientation . We went there by car.


the capital city of Lampung. such as museum. We wanted to watch the huge animals playing football.QUESTION Dear Kiki. It was amazing to see such big animals running and kicking the ball. zoo and Way Kambas. the Elephant Training Centre. about 110 km for Bandar Lampung. We were verytired. we returned to Bandar Lampung. At 4 p. We left early in the morning at 6 a. The show was great. I hope you can visit it too in the future. The ball was larger than the one used in regular football. because the elephant football show is only held on weekends. Way Kambas is situated in East Lampung. During our visit.m. but I didn’t I was too nervous to do it. It took 3 hours for us to reach Way Kambas from our grandparent’s home. Jakarta. shores. how was you holiday? Yours. We Were lucky to visit the place on the weekend. my brother and I visited our grandparents in Bandar Lampung. There are many tourist destinations. It was really an interesting experience for us. we decided to go to Way Kambas. By the way. 29 September 2013 Last holiday. My brother had a ride on the big animals. but impressed. It would take longer to go there by motorcycle or bus. Water Park. After that we watched other attractions.m. Miranty . by car.

Watching elephant’s attraction How did the writer reach Way kambas ? By. animal ANALISIS .What does the text tell us about ? A.. Miranty’s holiday experience C. A. ridin a huge animal B. tourist destination in Lampung D. bike D. car B.. bus C.

by car .Q = Teks memberitahukan kita tentang ? A=B KW = Last Holiday Q = Bagaimana penulis mencapai Way Kambas ? A=A KW = We left early in the morning at 6 a.m.


Kinds of Schedule Pengertian SCHEDULE Some impotant words Example .

acara.  Schedule (Jadwal) adalah teks yang berbentuk tabel waktu (time-table) mengenai suatu program.SCHEDULE Scedule is a plan for carrying out a process of procedure giving lists of intended events and times. kegiatan. yang menunjukkan bagaimana aktivitas disusun dalam BACK waktu yang telah dibagi – bagi.  .

 Itinerary : Jadwal perjalanan.  TV programmes : Jadwal Acara tv.  Show Time : Jadwal pertunjukkan.  Flight Schedule : Jadwal Penerbangan.  Traveling Route Schedule : Jadwal rute perjalanan.Kinds of Schedule ( Macam – macam Jadwal )  Lesson Time Table : Jadwal pelajaran.  Schedule of Seminar : Jadwal seminar.  National Framination schedul : Jadwal ujian Nainal .



Some Important Word : Depart : berangkat Departure : keberangkatan On time / punctual: Tepat waktu Arrive : Datang / tiba Come: Datang Session: sesi Break : Istirahat Participant : Peserta Arrival : Kedatangan Period : Waktu BACK .

45 Religion 10. 07. 10. Flag Ceremony 2. 11.Look at the timetable for Monday then complete the sentences below !!!! NO Time Subject 1.45 .15 Mathematics 3.12.00 .11.16 Break 4.15 .00 .00 Break 6.45 .30 Baha Indonesia .45 . 08.00 .00 Mathematics 09.11. 11.O7.10.45 Baha Indonesia 7.15 .08. 09.09.00 Economics 5.30 .

Mau tau jawabannya ??? NEXT AJA ....Question 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) The first period is ? The second period is for ? What subject will we have at the sixth period ? At a quarter to eleven untilleleven o’clock we have ? We will have a religion at ....

Answer 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) The first period is Flag Ceremony The second period is Mathematics Subject will we have at the sixth period is Bahasa Indonesia We have Break at a quarter to eleven until eleven o’clock Religion at 10.45. .00 – 10.

THANK YOU  .


Do you know notice • Tulisan atau tanda untuk memberi informasi. instruksi maupun peringatan yang ditujukan untuk khalayak umum. .

Example of Notice .

At a hospital. In the office.2. Place Where do you find the caution above?    At a petrol station. .

3.  All employees and visitors.  All staff of the hospital. . patients. and visitors. For whom?? Caution above is addressed to ?  The visitors of petrol station.

Helping people to clean the smoking area .Helping smokers to design the area d.HELP US CREATE A CLEAN AIR ENVIRONMENT SMOKE ONLY AT THE DESIGNATED SMOKING AREA THANK YOU What does the text tell us about? a.Asking people to smoke at the area b.Asking smokers to keep the area clean c.

PEMBAHASAN Q : Teks itu memberitahu kita bahwa A : Asking smokers to keep the area clean KW : A. Membantu orang untuk membersihkan area merokok . Membantu perokok membuat area C. Menyuruh orang untuk merokok di area B.

wb .Thank you very much for your attention Wassalamualaikum. wr .

What’s this? Do you know what’s this????? .

.What’s that? They are. REETING CAR ..

.What is the definiton of greeting card Greeting card usually made and we give it to others to give congratulations or condolences... Purpose To congratulate someone on his/her.

nds Of Greeting Card Get well soon card New baby born card Birthday card Job promotion card Graduation card Marriage/wedding card .







arrived C. Smith It takes hands to build a house. and Mrs. happiness and lots of joy! Your sincerely Mr. came Pembahasan .Soal No. Morgan From the text we can say that Mr. A. sold B. but only hearts can build a home. and Mrs. Warmth. bought D. and Mrs. Congratulations on your new home May your new place give you …. Smith have just … a new house. 22 Dear Mr.

Arrived  Arrive  Tiba C. Sold  Sell  Menjual B.Pembahasan No. New place sendiri mengarah ke new home. Came  Come  Datang Dengan alasan phrase "new home“. 22 home (V2)  (V1)  Meaning A. jawaban C text . Bought  Buy  Membeli D.

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