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Xerox® Color 800/1000

High Definition Image Quality.
Fast. Vibrant. Flexible.

January 2010

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Page 1
Fast-Growing Trends in Digital Production
Short Web Fulfillment 1:1 Marketing Expanding
Runs/Turnarounds Applications

• In 2010, near 100% • 59% of print • Variable data print • Digital color POD will
expected in less than providers cite enables 28% price grow from $3B (1995)
24 hrs* turnaround premium* to an estimated $49B
• 75% of four color jobs pressure** • Full color variable (2009); a combined
total less than 5,000* • 30%offer Web-to- data will double in annual growth rate of
prints print* the next two years 22%*
• Percentage of Web • Direct Mail Study: • Hardware, supplies and
print spending is purchase history, personnel costs
growing 18% color promotion average
year-over-year* had a 6.5% 6% of annual revenues
response rate across all industries
enterprise = $60

*Source: InfoTrends/CAP
**Source: NAPL

Page 2
We Invented the Industry
1953: First full-color xerographic prints developed in
Xerox lab
1972: Launched Xerox® 6500, the world’s first color
xerographic machine
1993: Xerox 5775, first Xerox digital color xerographic
copier Chester Carlson invents xerography

1996: Xerox DocuColor 40


2000: Xerox DocuColor 2000 Series

Xerox 700 Digital Color
2002: Xerox DocuColor 6060™; Xerox DocuColor iGen3® Press

2003: Xerox DocuColor 5252

2004: Xerox DocuColor 8000
Xerox iGen4 110
2005: Xerox DocuColor 240/250 and DocuColor 7000
2006: Xerox DocuColor 5000
2007: Xerox DocuColor 260 and DocuColor Xerox DocuColor 7002/8002
2008: Xerox DocuColor 5000AP, Xerox 700 and Xerox
Xerox Color 800/1000 Press
2009: Xerox DocuColor 7002/8002 Digital Presses
Page 3 Xerox Color 800/1000 Presses
Award-Winning Technology
National Medal of Technology
“Recognizing over fifty years of innovation in
marking, materials, electronics and

iGen3 and


DocuColor ®

7002/8002 Family

DocuColor 5000AP

Xerox 700

DocuColor 242/252/260

Page 4
Xerox Portfolio — 2010
Xerox Portfolio allows us to
scale to meet customer needs
for volume, performance, iGen4®
applications and more.
— “Start with Xerox, Grow with
Xerox” iGen4®

Xerox® Color 800/1000


DocuColor® 7002/8002

DocuColor® 5000AP

Xerox® 700

DocuColor® 252/260

Application Flexibility — Job Complexity, Mixed Media, Variable Data Printing,

Substrate Latitude, Finishing, Color Management

Page 5
The Right Workflow

• Based on open industry

• Extensive portfolio that
streamlines workflows to fit
customers’ unique business
• Industry’s most integrated
collection of software — resulting

in “touchless” workflows

Page 6
The Right Business Model
Two options for Business Development Support from

Collection of over 100 tools and Affordable fee-based services

resources to assist you in offered through Xerox and external
growing volume and revenue network of
industry consultants
“do it yourself”
“we’ll do it for you”

Enabling your

Page 7
ProfitAccelerator Essentials
Collection of the foundational
elements from ProfitAccelerator:
• Marketing Accelerator Kit
• Sales Management Kit
• Open House/PR Kit
• Prepress for Digital
• Job Preparation Guide for Designers
• Design Guide for Black and White

Brochures on ProfitQuick financial ®

modeling software and the Digital

Readiness Assessment

For more information on ProfitAccelerator tools Kit is available in French,

available to you, visit Italian,
German, Spanish, Portuguese
and Dutch

Page 8
Business Development Services
e-learning Portal available 24/7
• Seven course, customized
communications curriculum
• Partnership between Xerox and InfoTrends
• Visit
Sales and Marketing Services
• Learn how to price for value, create a marketing
and sales management plan
• Improve sales force ability to sell digital, variable
information and target vertical industries
Workflow Services
• Workshops on Color Management,
Designing for Digital
• XMPie and FreeFlow webinars
Application Development Services
• Considerations, implementation and sales of
TransPromo and direct mail applications
For more information on business development
services available to you, visit

Page 9
Start with Xerox — Grow with Xerox

Our different technology designs provide the most optimum performance,

quality and productivity to meet the demands of different print

Whether you are:

• Entering the digital color printing market
• Adding a digital color press to your offset business
• Adding color to your monochrome business
• Or increasing your existing digital color printing power,

we can get you up and running, then grow your digital color
printing capabilities as your volumes grow.

Page 10
Fast. Vibrant. Flexible.
Xerox® Color 800/1000 Presses deliver the
performance, image
quality, versatility and scalability with:
• Fast speeds that make short work of quick turnaround times
• Vibrant images with fine details, smooth sweeps and a wide color
• An array of flexible feeding, finish and design options

Page 11
Xerox® Color 800/1000 Presses 
Fast, Flexible, Outstanding Image Quality
• Advanced Productivity
– 100 ppm/80 ppm
– All weights/all speeds auto perfecting
• Expanded Media
– 55 – 350 gsm (15 lb. Bond to 130 lb.
Cover) coated/uncoated
(auto-perfecting at rated speed)
• Image Quality
– Wide color gamut
– Low Melt Dry Ink (EA-Emulsion

Page 12
Xerox® Color 800/1000 Presses 
Expand Your Capabilities with Great New
• Optional 5th Clear Dry Ink Station
– Flood and Spot (addressable) applications
• Flexible Modular Finishing (Xerox and
• Xerox Productivity Plus - Basic
– Standard offering for maximum press time
– Customer replaceable routine items
– Special tool/software/training support

Page 13
Productivity and Efficiency to the Max!
• Expanded media capability supports a wide variety of
– 55 – 350 gsm coated/uncoated (15 lb. Bond to 130 Lb. Cover)
– Min: 7.2” x 7.2” (182mm x 182mm)
(4” x 6” (102mm x 152mm) tray inserter available with optional Oversized High
Capacity Feeder)
– Max: up to 13” x 19.2” (330mm x 488mm)
• Delivers speed of 100 or 80 ppm on all weights and

Page 14
Productivity — and It Fits Your Workspace!
• Auto perfecting at rated speed; all weights and sizes up to 350 gsm
• 4,000 Sheet Capacity
– (2) Trays — 2000 sheets each
• Reload while run productivity
• Paper stabilizer to minimize skew for custom size paper
• Four blowers help feeding and improved reliability

New Integrated
Standard Sheet
Feed System
Standard Paper Trays
conveniently located
within the print

Page 15
Digitally Mastered for Fine-Tuned Image
Tight Front to Back
Center Registration +/-
• Center registered sheets
for precise registration
• Electronic controls provide
maximum customer
for demanding jobs

Advanced Imaging Technology

• New long life photo receptors
• Dual wire corotrons with auto cleaning
technology last longer and provide more
uniform quality
• Seamless IBT (Intermediate Belt Transfer)
with retractable Bias Transfer Rollers
provide greater versatility and reliability

Page 16
Precision Engineering Built for Your
• New Belt Fuser Technology
– Transfers energy more efficiently to fuse a dynamic range of stocks
at higher (rated) speed from a lightweight 55 gsm to a hefty
350 gsm with maximum productivity
• Outstanding Sheet Flatness and Stack Quality
– New single pass de-curler leverages both belt and roll technology
to deliver optimal sheet flatness
– Advanced in-line cooling cools prints for optimum finishing and
stack quality

New Belt Belt Cooling

Fuser Technology

Page 17
High Definition Image Quality
• Xerox “Low Melt” EA Dry Ink
– Smooth, offset-like finish
– Chemically grown, small consistent
particles produce outstanding quality with
less dry ink
– No fuser oil
– Smooth transitions

you won’t
to look

Page 18
Xerox® Color 800/1000 Presses Deliver
Sharp, Rich, Digitally Mastered Image
• 2400 x 2400 dpi for Excellent
Sharpness and Uniformity
– Vibrant images with smooth sweeps
that command and hold attention
– Outstanding midtones
– Crisp, sharp text
– Pure neutrals, detailed shadows,
bright highlights and excellent photo
• Benchmark Color Consistency
– Page to page, job to job
color consistency

Page 19
Blue-Eyed Baby
Image Detail
Subtle detail that is
visible in the image’s A
darker areas, such as
her hair

Flesh Tones
Smooth flesh
tones; realistic

Fine detail in sweater
in highlight and

Gradual smooth
transitions in both C
large and small areas
of flesh tone; notice
her face

Page 20


Image Detail High Definition Black Density Vivid
Subtle detail visible in Shape Deep solid black Colors
the dark areas of the and Dimension Bright pink
flamingo’s feathers and Contrast and apparent and orange
in his beak clarity and depth of image; notice
detail the curve of the wing
and the layered look of
Page 21
the feathers
Horse Print — Snow
Crisp delineation between horse
and background, even in the
horse’s mane

High Definition Depth and B
Nice contrast and depth – horse
pops off background
Image Detail
Excellent image accuracy across
mid-tones and shadows

Accurate Neutrals
Accurate gray balance in horse’s

Page 22
Green-Eyed Girl


Image Detail High Definition Flesh Tones Vivid Color
Detail visible in fabric Shape Accurate Bright
weave and eyes and Dimension representation of greens
Detail and color helps flesh tones
image pop off the page

Page 23
Be More Creative. The Value Is Digitally
— New Clear Dry Ink 5 Station (optional)

With clear dry ink, you can

address specific areas on your
printed piece or flood an
entire sheet:

• Highlight images for visual

variety to make them pop off • Productivity Clear Dry Ink
the page across all Module
• Draw attention to a headline media:
or variable text • Full rated speed
• Enhance photos, logos or
of 100/80 ppm
variable images in
• Simulate pearlescent or 5-color mode
metallic appearances • Supports both
• Apply digital watermarks to
text and
add artistic effects or images (static
enhance security or variable)
Uniquely supported by FreeFlow®® Print Server, EFI and Creo
• Enhance print quality of Print Servers
textured stocks

Page 24
New Clear Toner with 5th Station — Optional
— Expand your capabilities, capture more high-value applications

Highlight areas in images

Original for visual variety to make
them pop-off the page

Xerox Color 800/1000
Presses let you enhance e
the creativity and of
impact of your prints
with an optional fifth
print station that lets
you apply a clear effect Draw attention to
— expanding your Highlight silhouetted headline text
capabilities to capture photos
more high-value Highlighted areas in blue indicate where clear dry ink has been
applications. applied or requested.

Page 25
The Choice is Yours…The Results Are
Xerox Xerox CX Print Xerox EX Print
FreeFlow ®
Server, Server, Powered by
Print Server Powered by Creo ®

• Workflows to meet your needs, regardless of the print

• Choice of three unique, high performance color servers
• Advanced color management features
• Support for variable data printing
Page 26
Optional High Capacity-Feeder (OHCF) —
— Enables up to four pick-points with 8,000 total sheet capacity

• 4,000 Sheets
(2) Trays — 2,000 sheets each
• 7.2 x 7.2 in (182 x 182 mm)
13 x 19.2 in (330 x 488 mm)
• Tray inserter available for 4” x 6”
(102mm x 152mm)
• 55 – 350 gsm (15 lb. Bond to 130 lb.
Cover) coated/uncoated
• Auto perfecting up to all weights
and sizes
• Same robust paper tray design as
standard sheet fed system

Auto-tray switching and

reload while run
capabilities optimize
press time

Page 27
Choose the Perfect Finish for Your
— Whether you deliver a wide range of jobs or focus on a few….

From high capacity

stacking, hole
punching and
folding to square
fold booklets and
layflats, our array
of finishing options
Optional Interface Module Standard Finisher add polish to all
Catch Tray Required to Support
with Optional C-Z Folder your applications
(500 Sheets) Finishing Modules (2-100 sheets, 3-position
variable length stapler)

High Capacity StackerGBC® Booklet Maker Finisher Xerox SquareFold®

(Single or Dual) Up to 5,000 AdvancedPunch™ with Optional C-Z FolderTrimmer
Sheet Removable Cart (25 sheets or 100 (Attaches to the optional
(Top tray 500 sheets) page booklets) Booklet Maker Finisher)

Page 28
Finishing Combination (Modular Example)

1 2 3 4 6

1 Interface module 5 200 sheet standard post process

2 GBC® AdvancedPunch™ 6 Booklet maker, finisher, hole punch
— 500 sheet top tray
3 High-capacity stacker
7 Xerox SquareFold® trimmer module
4 Optional folder C-fold, Z-
engineering Z-fold

Page 29
Expand Your Possibilities with In-Line Third
Party Finishing
Standard Finisher Plus*
All the features of the Standard
Finisher including optional C-Z
Plus integrated DFA architecture
supporting a variety of third party
in-line finishing options to deliver
the most demanding applications.
• New: Plockmatic Pro 30 Booklet Up to 350 gsm bypass capability

• GBC eBinder
*Available post launch 200

• Xerox Tape Binder GBC eBinder Xerox Tape
Plockmatic Pro
30 Booklet 200 Binder

Page 30
Designed with You in Mind to Keep Your
Business Moving!
Xerox Productivity Plus (XPP) - Basic
• An innovative customer-focused design
to increase press time, productivity
and print volumes
• A partnership between the you
and Xerox service
• You perform key maintenance
activities on your schedule
• Dedicated torx driver for quick and easy
access to key customer replacement parts
• Diagnostic software provides status information
and guides you every step of the way
By replacing routine maintenance items, you Intrinsic in our design is the
maximize your productivity and optimize the ability for you to easily,
performance of your Xerox® Color 800/1000 quickly carry out routine
Presses maintenance tasks, on your
terms, letting you optimize
available press time and put
image quality under your
control, 24 hours a day, seven
days a week.

Page 31
Xerox Digitally Optimized Paper and

Specialty Media
• Coated and
Uncoated Papers
• Carbonless Paper
• ID Cards
• Labels
• Business Cards
• Vinyl Signage
• Durable/Synthetic
• Textured Stocks

Page 32
Xerox Digitally Optimized Paper and

Specialty Media
• Greeting Cards
• Photo Book Media
• Magnets
• Custom Solutions

Page 33
Page 34

Page 35
New Color Press Built for Your

Not all possible combinations shown

Page 36
Finishing. All the Options and So Easy.
GBC® AdvancedPunch™
• Inline printing, punching and collating
• Punch is fully integrated with the
• Interchangeable (optional) die sets
for multiple binding styles
• Punches available in Letter and A4
• User-friendly replacement of die sets
• Add style and versatility to
bound documents

Page 37
Finishing. All the Options and So Easy.
High-Capacity Stacker — For Long Production
• 500 sheet top tray
• 5,000 sheet offsetting output stack tray
– 55 – 350 gsm (15 lb. Bond to 130 lb. Cover)
– Up to 13" x 19.2" (330mm x 488mm)
• Available in single or dual combinations
– Unload while run capability
• Removable cart for off-line finishing,
additional carts available

Page 38
Finishing. All the Options and So Easy.
Standard Finisher with optional C- Interposer Input Tray 2,000-sheet Stacking
Hole Punch
Z folder 100-sheet Stapling
• General Media Latitude
– 55 gsm to 300 gsm uncoated paper
– 106 gsm to 300 gsm coated paper Z-Fold

• 500 sheet top tray (20lb. Bond/80gsm)

– (supports up to 350 gsm)
• Multiple location stapling and hole punching Active De-curling
for Heavyweight
– Up to 100 sheets Stock

– 2/3 hole North America Stapling Z-fold Tri-fold

– 2/4 hole Europe/South America

– 4 hole Sweden
• 3,000 sheet stacker tray A3 Z-fold Interpose
• 200 sheet interposer
• Optional folding module for
C- (tri) and Z-folding and tabloid/A3 Z-fold
• Built in decurler to ensure flat output
Page 39
Finishing. All the Options and So Easy.
Booklet Maker Finisher with Interposer Input Tray 2,000-sheet Stacking

Optional Hole Punch

100-sheet Stapling
C-Z Folder
• Standard finisher features with
booklet making capabilities Tri-fold
• Booklet finisher that enables coated
bi-folding and saddle stitched Bi-fold, A3 Z-
coated booklets Saddle-stitch of
up to 25 Sheets
– Up to 25 sheets (100 pages) Active De-curling
for Heavyweight
– Optional folding module for Stock

Tri- and Z-folding and tabloid/A3 Z- Stapling Folding Z-fold

• 2,000 sheet stacker tray
Post-process Saddle-
Tri-fold A3 Z-fold Interpose stitch

Page 40
Finishing. All the Options and So Easy.
Xerox SquareFold® Trimmer Module
• Inline square fold and face trim
• Gives documents a more professional,
finished look
• Accepts booklets up to 25 folded sheets (or
100 imposed pages)
• Easy setup from print server or
printer User Interface
• Accurate face trim settings yield sharp,
crisp results
– Trim adjustable 2–20mm in 0.1 mm increments
• Booklets can be opened flat without
damaging the spine
• Creasing roller technology creases the cover
and innermost sheets, minimizing image
cracking on the fold line
• Supports media up to 300 gsm

Page 41
Inline Finishing — Plockmatic Pro 30 Booklet
Professional Quality Booklet Making Up to 30 Sheets/120
Designed to support production run lengths from
64–300 gsm
CF 30 Cover Feeder
– Supports 206mm x 275mm to 320mm x 457mm (option) — Insert up to 200
– Standard 8.5” x 11"/8.5" x 11"/ 11" x17 "/12" x 18" sheets preprinted booklets
– Standard A4/A3/SRA3 SQF 30 Square Fold (option)
— Creates a flatter square fold
• Saddle stitches and folds from two sheets up booklet from the original
to 30 sheets (20 lb. bond − 80 gsm) creating saddle stitched booklet, with a
up to a 120 page book look similar to that of a paper
– Able to fold a single sheet back book

• Optional square fold module creates a more

professional flatter square fold booklet
• Available to support off-line requirements
as well

BM 30 FTR 30 Trimmer (option)

Booklet —
Maker — Trims off the excess “creep”
Folded and caused by folding multiple
saddle sheets

Page 42
Inline Finishing — GBC eBinder 200

Produces Full 360°/“Lay Flat” Booklets

— Stack, punch and bind functionality all in one inline device
• Binds books of 2 to 100 sheets (4 to 204 duplexed pages)
• Substrate range (bound) — 60 gsm to 216 gsm
• Small footprint — approximately two feet wide
• Bypass enables other DFA downstream finishing alternatives

Durable Polyester Bind Element

• Self-adjusting polyester bind element (one-size-fits-all)
• Available in black, navy blue, white and frost/clear

Page 43
Inline Finishing — Xerox Tape Binder
Professional Appearance With a Secure Thermal
Adhesive Tape
• 8.5" x 11" or Bind
A4 book configuration
• Book size — 15 to 125 uncoated
(20 lb. bond/75 gsm)
• Speed — up to 100 sheets per
• Bypass capability — for inline access
Binder tape
other 3rd party finishing devices cartridge
• Small footprint — 34" L x 28" W x 39"
(850mm L x 715mm W x 980mm H)
• Convenient binder tape cartridges
• Convenient control/display panel ay panel

Page 44
Digital Color Page Volume Growth Trends
North America Digital Color Page Volume (Billions)
Business Identity

200 Fulfillment


150 Catalogs



Direct Mail

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Caslon & Co., Forecast 2006: NA Color Production Digital Printing Market, April 2006

Key Messages
• Digital color page growth driven by convergence of new technologies with evolving and emerging
market needs
• Sources of page growth include offset transfer, mono to color migration, emerging application types,
new markets
• Key success factors include advanced print solution and coverage skilled in applications and process
Page 45
Put the Pieces Together With
FreeFlow® Print Server
• New Calibration Method
• Optimized Profiling
• Xerox Confident Color

• Parallel RIP Technology
• Batch Printing

• Variable Subset Printing
• Book Production Options
• Sample On Demand

Page 46
Color Matching Workflow
One Button, Along with Xerox ConfidentColor
Technology, Provides a Built-in Color Matching Xerox
Solution consistent
performance for
out of gamut
colors Optimized
RGB and
spot color
Calibration using accuracy that far
advanced noise exceeds industry
reduction standards Accuracy honed at every
technology stage of the color
matching process with
Xerox exclusive

Page 47
Deliver Superior Photo Printing with
Advanced ConfidentColor Technology
• New printer imaging technology
• Large gamut (largest)
• Uniformed toner size

Automatic RGB rendering

image optimized for
enhancement photos

FreeFlow photo automation tool

Page 48
Optimizations Unique to the
Xerox® Color 800/1000 Presses
• Engine productivity maximized
– Job batching
– Intelligent print housing
– Access to Printer Productivity
Mode controls at the Server
• Edge enhancement
• Color tables optimized for the
• Clear Dry Ink support via Spot
Color workflow*

* Available post launch

Page 49
Drive High Value with VI Printing

• Xerox Patented Parallel RIP technology optimizes VI

• Drive Transactional and TransPromo applications
– Delivers color management with IPDS data stream
– Supports VIPP Pro output for optimized productivity

Application Flexibility Through Subset Controls

• Expanded Finishing Options
• Covers
• Imposition

Page 50
Xerox FreeFlow Print Server

• Maximize power with new high

speed hardware platform
• ConfidentColor Technology
delivers state-of-the art-color
• User interface (UI) is easy to
use and customizable to meet
your requirements
• Robust VI support to deliver
great results
• Remote Print Server capabilities
allow you access anywhere,

Page 51
About Creo Color Servers

• Built on the legacy and IP of Scitex

and Creo
• Over 30 years of experience in the
printing industry and 10+ years
experience in the
digital print market
• A Xerox partner since 1996
• Leveraging image enhancement
• Shipped over 25,000 Creo color
servers for production environment
Creo Color Servers: We
unlock the full power of print-
on-demand to maximize our
customers’ success.

Page 52
Creo Color Servers: Six Areas of Excellence

• Open connectivity
• Flexible and easy to use
• Superb quality, color
management and imaging
• Exceptional productivity and
• Comprehensive, open and robust
Variable Data Printing (VDP)
• Excellent document printing

Page 53
Creo Color Server is More Than a Box

• Open connectivity to prepress systems and other 3rd party workflows

with built-in JDF capabilities
• Greater productivity with new parallel RIP  capable of processing two
jobs simultaneously
• Increased productivity by receiving immediate SMS or emails directly
to your mobile phone or mailbox with notification on press downtime
• Produce industry-leading color: advanced color management
technology gives users precise control over color rendering and image
• Full support for Xerox Clear Dry Ink
• Unique architecture is designed specifically for maximum productivity
in VDP  provides the same workflow for VDP and static jobs
• Flexible and powerful imposition tools

Page 54
Hardware and Software
Specifications and
Creo Color Server platform Creo Color Server technologies
includes: • Microsoft Windows XP
• CORE 2 Quad Q9400, 2.66GHZ Professional for embedded
• 2 GB system memory systems
• Creo Color Server dedicated • Adobe Acrobat version 9.0
hardware standard
– Fusion XCH board • Enfocus PitStop Acrobat plug-

• DVD-RW drive
in version 8
• 2 × 250 GB disk space
• 2 × 250 GB image disks
• Hardware accessories
– 22” wide monitor, mouse and
– Stand
– X-Rite i-1 Spectrophotometer

Page 55
Clear Dry Ink Option

On the CX print server, you can apply clear dry ink

to your job in one of the following ways:
• Spot to clear dry ink
• Clear dry ink to entire page
• Clear dry ink to object

Adding clear dry

ink to the job can
reduce glare and
readability or
serve as a design
element to
smooth, highlight,
add texture or
create added

Page 56
FOGRA Certification

Work in compliance with one of the highest standards of the printing industry — FOGRA Cert
Validation Printing Systems, based on ISO/CD standards. Extended slug line enables printing
the required parameters for FOGRA certification.

Verification that
the system
predictable and
quality results for
print providers
and their

Page 57
SMS and Emails Notifications

Enables you to configure your mail SMTP server account, SMS

SMTP server account, and add users that will receive email and
text message notifications about the status of the press

productivity and
press down time.
sends notification
according to

Page 58
Hybrid Workflow

• Dominance of Creo Color Servers JDF Connectivity

in GA market, commercial printers,
• The Creo Color Server supports
and Kodak Prinergy/Brisque
Software install base JDF 1.3
• Creo Color Servers’ legacy and • Job parameters that are sent in
knowledge native JDF format are
• JDF connectivity to Agfa :Apogee, automatically converted to Creo
Kodak Prinergy & Brisque Color Server job parameters
prepress hybrid workflow • Creo Color Server sends real-time
JMF status messages
– One workflow for both offset and
digital printing
• Compatibility with GA file formats
– Brisque jobs, CT/LW, Tiff/Tiff-IT,
and more

Page 59
Connectivity to Xerox® FreeFlow® Suite

Central point for job ticket creation and monitor

all your Xerox printers from one interface

integration of
color and B&W
printing with
Creo Color
Suite, and
Xerox VIPP®.

Page 60
Xerox® EX 1000 Print Server, Powered by
— Get the most from your Xerox Color Press

Productivity Usability
• High-performance • Adapts to any level of
• Intuitive operation expertise
• Automated workflows to • Fiery Command
deliver completely finished WorkStation® 5
jobs • Fiery SeeQuence® Suite

Add Services

Color Flexibility
• Maximizes engine’s gamut • Supports APPE v2
• Accuracy and consistency • Integrates with FreeFlow®
• Fiery Clear Dry Ink (option) • Native Fiery JDF

Page 61
Xerox® EX 1000 Print Server, Powered by
— Get the most from your Xerox Color Press
Fiery Delivers
Maximizes engine’s gamut to produce
eye-popping color
• Targets the demanding photo applications:
– Uses maximum print density
– Offers pure primaries
– Comes with Fiery Image Enhance
Fiery Clear Dry Ink (option)
• Unlimited creativity, while making it simple

Offers integrated color management tools for

accurate and consistent color reproduction

Page 62
Xerox® EX 1000 Print Server, Powered by
— Get the most from your Xerox Color Press
Fiery Delivers
Maximizes throughput
• 2x Intel® Xeon® Processor X5560, 8 Cores
• Spool-RIP-Print simultaneously
Comes with Fiery Command WorkStation 5
• Gets jobs done with fewer clicks
• Delivers higher value jobs faster

Automates print workflows and reduces print

• Produces completely finished jobs in a drag and drop
command with Fiery Hot Folders
Industry-leading VDP controller
• Offers visual imposition to deliver faster finished
• Provides easy job recovery for less waste
Page 63
Xerox® EX 1000 Print Server, Powered by
— Get the most from your Xerox Color Press
Fiery Delivers Usability
Adapts to any level of expertise
Fiery Command WorkStation 5
• Gets jobs done with fewer clicks
• Offers all tools at the operators’
• Reduces operators’ mistakes and
Fiery SeeQuence Suite
• Simplifies labor intensive document
preparation tasks
• Integrates Fiery SeeQuence Impose
and Fiery SeeQuence Compose in a
single user interface

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Xerox® EX 1000 Print Server, Powered by
— Get the most from your Xerox Color Press
Fiery Delivers Flexibility
Supports Adobe® PDF Print Engine
• Allows businesses to benefit from native PDF
• Improves end-to-end consistency of the printed
Includes Fiery JDF
• Automates and makes business processes more
• Serves as gateway to EFI™ Web-to-print solutions
and other Fiery-enabled solutions
Integrates with Xerox FreeFlow Workflow

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