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Geography of Pakistan
Weather & Climate

Location of Pakistan

23.5-37 degree Latitude

61-77 degree Longitude

Afghanistan and Iran in West

China in North

India in East

Arabian Sea in South

Physical features in Pakistan are:







A mountain is a large landform that stretches above the surrounding

land in a limited area, usually in the form of a peak.

900m ASL

Steep slope

Rocky Surface

Mountain Ranges
Northern Mountain
North Western Mountains
Central Mountains
Western Mountains

Northern Mountains
Sub-Himalayas or Siwaliks
Lower Himalayas
Greater Himalayas
Trans Himalayas or Karakorum


Sothern most branch of Himalayas

Located in between Indus and Jhelum River

Pabbi Hills

Also known as Siwaliks

900m ASL

Lower Himalayas

In between Siwaliks and Greater Himalayas

1800-3600m ASL

Murree, Galyat etc

Pir Punjal Range

Greater Himalayas

In between Lower Himalayas and Korakaram

Kaghan, Naran, Chilas etc


7500m ASL

Nanga Parbat (The killer mountains)- 8126m

Fairy Meadows

Trans Himalayas

The most northern branch of Himalayas

Along the border of China

Khunjrab Pass

Silk Route

8000m ASL

K-2 (Godwin Austin)- 8611m

North Western Mountains

Hindu Kush Range
Dir Range
Chitral Range
Swat Range

Hindu Kush Range

In the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Most of the part is located in Afghanistan

5000m ASL

Tirich Mir- 7690m

Beautiful Valleys like Swat, Chitral, Dir

Swat, Chitral, Dir Mountains

3000-5000m ASL

Lowari Pass

Malakand Division

River Swat, River Chitral, River Panjkora

Central Mountains
Salt Range
Sulaiman Range
Kirther Range

Salt Range

In Punjab province

In between Indus and Jhelum rivers

Coal, Limestone, Gypsum, Salt and other minerals

Kalar Kahar, Khewra, Skesar

900m ASL

Sulaiman Range

Along the western part of Indus River

1500m ASL

Takht-i-Sulaiman 3383m

Limestone, sandstone and other minerals

Dera in the piedmont like DIK, DGK, Dera Bugti

Kirthar Range

In the north of Karachi

Sindh Province

River Hub and River Liyari

In the south of Pakistan

Western Mountains
White Mountains
Waziristan Range
Toba Kakar Range
Chaghi & Ras Koh Range
Sihan Range
Makran Range

White Mountains

3600m ASL

Silkaram 3761m

In between Kabul and Kurrum River

Khyber Pass (Peshawar-Kabul)

Waziristan Range

Along the border of Afghanistan

In tribal areas (F.A.T.A)

In between White mountains and Toba Kakar Range

Barren mountains

Lies between Kurrum and Gomal River

Mineral rich region

Bannu, Kohat etc

Toba Kakar Range

In the south of Waziristan Range

Quetta, Ziarat etc

Gomal, Bolan Pass

Chaghai & Ras Koh Hills

In the South of Quetta

Baluchistan province

Nuclear tests of Pakistan on 28 May 1998

The most backward area of Pakistan

Nokundi etc.

Sihan Hills

In the south of Chaghai Hills

In the center of Baluchistan

Lower elevation

Makran Range

Along the coastal area of Baluchistan

Moderate climate

Porali, Hingol, Dasht Rivers