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crane with a pile driver .

Equipment consist of: Pile driving hammer Pile driver Accessory Tools .

usually by means of pulleys.  Modern pile driving equipment uses various methods to raise the weight and guide the pile . to drop the weight onto the end of the pile.Types Ancient pile driving equipment used manual or animal labor to lift heavy weights.

5)Draws fresh air through the exhaust ports. . impact and explosion energy to the pile 1) Raise the piston to start 2) Injection of diesel fuel and compression 3)Impact and explosion 4)Exhaust ports exposed and gases escape.Types Diesel hammer A Diesel hammers impact compression.

Vertical Travel Leads .oVertical Travel Leads come in two main forms: Spud and Box Lead types.

Pile driving hammers are designated by type and size  The hammer types commonly used include the following: o Single-acting stream or compressed air o Drop o Double-acting stream or compressed air o Differential-acting stream or compressed air o Diesel o Hydraulic o Vibratory drivers .Pile Hammer  To furnish the energy required to drive a pile.

o More environmentally acceptable than the older. and timber piles. precast concrete. less efficient hammers as they generate less noise and pollutants. o Dominant noise is caused by the impact of the hammer on the pile .Hydraulic hammer o Modern type of piling hammer o Used in place of diesel and air hammers for driving steel pipe.

Hydraulic press-in o Specialty equipment which installs piles using hydraulic rams to press piles into the ground. o The reaction based machines operate at only 69dB at 23 ft allowing for installation and extraction of piles. o Allows for greater press-in and extraction force to be used since more reaction force is developed. o Preferred where vibration is a concern. o There are press attachments that can adapt to conventional pile driving rigs to press 2 pairs of sheet piles at a time. o Additional types of press equipment sit on top of existing sheet piles and grip onto previously driven piles. .

steel sheet pile being hydraulically pressed .

Vibratory pile driver/extractor o Designed in such a way that horizontal vibrations cancel out. o The pile driving machine is lifted and positioned over the pile by means of an excavator or crane o Vibratory hammers can either drive in or extract a pile o Hydraulic fluid is typically supplied to the driver by a diesel engine powered pump mounted in a trailer or van and connected to the driver head through a set of long hoses. ranging from about 1200 vibrations per minute to about 2400 VPM . while vertical vibrations are transmitted into the pile. o Hammers are available with several different vibration rates.

vibratory pile driver powered by a diesel engine .

. o Mainly applied to drill in sandy soil. clay. foundation reinforcement and other foundation projects.5–4 m o maximum pile depth 60–90 m. o power of engine is around 108–450 kW o output torque 60–400 KNm o maximum pile diameter 1. o widely used cast-in-place piles. silty clay. etc.Piling rig o Piling rig is a construction machine for piling in foundation engineering. diaphragm walls.

bridge. omainly used in foundation engineering of municipal construction. Slope protection. Junttan purpose-built pile driving rig . etc. expressway. industrial and civil buildings. diaphragm wall.oeasy and comfortable to control. water conservancy project.

total quality 100t 3) small-sized – torque is around 60–100 kN. total quality 42–65t.m. drilling depth 40m. drilling diameter 1–2. drilling depth 60m.1) PILING RIGS middle-sized – torque is around 120–180 kN.8– 1.torque is around 240 kN. drilling diameter 0. engine power 108 kW. 2) large-sized . drilling depth 80m.8m. drilling diameter 0.m. .m.5m.5–1. total quality 40t.2m. CATEGORIES engine power 125–200 kW. engine power 300 kW.