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REG NO-14397066

.ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND  XYZ is a company that utilizes network marketing as a means to both promote and deliver a product .

.BUSINESS MODEL  35% of the employees in the call center are not meeting quarterly expectations regarding effectively resolving customer incidents/complaints.

PERTAINING TO    Product knowledge Customer service upselling .

 There has been a customer satisfaction survey offered at the end of every call. in order for customers to rate their overall experience on how will the representative handled the inquiry during the call .

but also to blame. 1/3 of the customer service representatives scored poorly on the past call survey.The customers state that the lack of product knowledge and ill customer service is not only evident. .

.PERFORMANCE GAP  The call center needs to meet a minimum of an 90% rate of accuracy in helping resolve any questions customer might have.

NEED ASSESSMENT  Customer service representatives haven’t received the proper training on the products and overall customer service experience. .

ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS  The overall business strategy of the organization is to gain a competitive edge in the network marketing industry by providing doctor renowed products and exceptional customer service. .

3)recall and demonstrate the five components of what constitutes as excellent customer service. 2)recommend at least one product.TRAINING OBJECTIVES     By the end of the training course . . the customer service representatives will be able to successfully demonstrate the following 3 training objectives: 1)name the best selling product.

.OBJECTIVE 1  Name the best selling product and also be able to provide correct product information to customers and answer any questions they might have over its uses.

each trainee will list the best selling product on the top of the sheet and give a short summary on why its XYZ’s best seller. The rest of the sheet will contain four different products on one side of the paper.EVALUATION OF OBJECTIVE1   Following the first objective .we will have a quick match assessment. .

. The trainee must then draw a line from the picture of the product of their respective definations .

OBJECTIVE 2  Recommend at least one product that compliments the order already chosen by the consumer. .

which contains four questions. the trainee is to select one consumer choice(complementary product) that can be recommended to a customer as a complete solution. For each question. .EVALUATION OF OBJECTIVE 2   After the second objective we will have a multiple choice assessment.

courtesy.OBJECTIVE 3   Recall and demonstate the five components of what constitutes as excellent customer service. .first call listening professionalism. Use positive tones with customers.

Each trainee will receive a “customer scenario. they would report to their facilitor and discuss their.” Trainees will then compose a paragraph on how they would handle that specific situation.”why behind their what” .EVALUATION OF OBJECTIVE 3     Trailing our third objective will be a role playing scenario. Afterwards.

CONCLUSION  By implementing this training program we will not only improve the overall customer experience between the cunsumers & the service representatives. but also have the customer service reprensentatives equipped with in depth knowledge on the products & their uses. .

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