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Changing Lives

With Cosmetic
Scleral Shells

and are frequently a

recommended option
to because they are
more strong. Scleral
shells are more similar
to prosthetic eyes than
prosthetic contact lens
in that they surround
the complete damaged
eye. They normally
create a better
cosmetic result.
Cosmetic Scleral Shells
are used in cases
where the eye is
shrunken or the
direction of eyeball is
misaligned or where
lens is not able to focus

Cosmetic Scleral Shells

for you

Feels like your Natural Eyes

The Cosmetic Scleral Shells fix like a sizeable

contact lens sheathing the fore front surface of the
eye. It shifts with the natural eye and is fix so that
the eyelid orifices are well balanced. Patients
having Cosmetic scleral shell are mostly able to
carry it all time, removing it once or twice every
month for cleaning purpose. Some patients select
to wear their shell during the day time, removing it
at night time.
Many patients who have sought to wear a

Who Can
Benefits ?

Cosmetic Scleral
Shells utilized by
ocularists to the
patients who
experience ocular
trauma from an
accident or injury and
having problem in the
cornea resulting
corneal clouding. It is
also used for treating
patients who have a
deformed, shrunken,
or disfigured eye.
Additionally, definite

Reasons of disfigured

Congenital deformity
retinal, corneal)
Infectious diseases
Retinal detachments,
Nutritional Deficiency
(Vitamin A deficiencies)
Accident or injury
chemical burns, trauma

Cosmetic Benefits of
Cosmetic Scleral Shells

Injury or congenital
defects can induce
maximal deformities
to an eye. Various
Cosmetic Scleral
Shells can have
utilized to cover the
unexpressed issues
and match eye
coloring. Alternatives
can cover from a basic
to custom hand-made

Transparent Tinting- Improved tinting of

Cosmetic Scleral Shells gives glassy
coloring that cover the natural iris tones to
moderate lyalter iris coloring.
Standard Opaque Designs- Standard
Cosmetic Scleral Shells are easily
available in different base curves, sizes with
transparent or black backing, iris diameters,
and recommendations.
Custom Hand-Painted-Different custom
hand-made techniques are used to provide
a more natural-looking shells. Onedimensional designs have the color painted
on the fore front surface.

Therapeutic Benefits of Cosmetic Scleral Shells

Eliminating Diplopia
Eliminating Photophobia
Enhancing Contrast/Vision
Color Vision Benefits

With Scleral Shells, make a

Difference. Take time to consult
various shells choices with eye
specialists that will be very beneficial
for patients as well as specialists.

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