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Kanishq Baweja
Jaskanwarjeet Singh Bakshi

they are the country’s first Curated Restaurant Reservation Service. • They offer: • Instant online reservations • 100 word experts reviews • Irresistible deals with every reservation • Dedicated dining concierge • EazyDiner Loyalty Points • EazyTrends – daily editorial content . Mr Vir Sanghvi and others who take their food very seriously. founded by leading food critic.ABOUT THE COMPANY • Eazydiner is a firm set up by a team of Chefs and Hotel operation people who have worked in some of the finest hotels and restaurants around the world. • In a nutshell.

DEPARTMENTS AT EAZYDINER • EazyConcierge • Content • Outreach • Marketing • IT • Finance .



• Infrastructure The firm will not require major changes in the existing Technological infrastructure for the re-engineering. • Organisational FIT: The firm is a start-up that’s barely over a year old. Thus.FACTORS THAT AFFECT IMPLEMENTTION • Net Worth of Eazydiner: Rs 80cr • Turnover: Rs 8.5cr Both of these figures tell us that Eazydiner can afford a data system. This means that the Organisational structure is not a matrix structure with a one to one interaction. financially. training and implementing will not have much error from the tech department. . Thus the firm will be more accepting in terms of the slight change that comes into place after reengineering the processes. • Tech Team The firm has a very competent Tech team that are already managing a website and apps across all mobile platforms.

flush with funds. • Cost Effectiveness of the BPR Coming up with major changes in the Business process warrants lower revenue and profits. such a timeframe is also possible as there is little or no change to functioning of most of the firm’s employees. due to its relatively new age.• Product/ Services The firm is a service based industry that provides online reservation services along with very good deals at Restaurants across India. But very recently Zomato. . the reengineering process won’t hamper the Financials of the firm to a great extent. a biggie in the online food industry has started providing reservation services. this is because some resources are diverted into the re-engineering process. • Competitors When the service was introduced. implementation can be undertaken at a complete scale very fast (3-6 months) which includes flattening of all the kinks that come in between. Therefore Eazydiner needs to up its ante and make itself more efficient to fight the price war that Zomato. will fight. As EazyDiner isn’t at its peak efficiency level. there were barely any competitors in this field. • Timeframe As the tech team is competent and the infrastructure is ready. Such a service doesn’t require a lot of man power. only effective and efficient communication is needed to streamline the process.

• What we recommend instead is an online data sharing system where a database with role based access is set up for all the stakeholders . • This along with a mail and mobile alert system can make communication more effective and efficient. . • This implementation will make future expansions easier with the database doing most of the work. work that can be monitored from offices that far away from the marketplace. • As per their access viable date can be shared. we do not recommend an ERP system for the firm.RECOMMENDATIONS • Looking at all these factors along with the Business Processes. time and competitive restraints of the firm. • It will not hamper the current processes to a great extent and can be implemented keeping in mind all the above factors and Processes within the financial.