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•provide a flexible and dynamic way to
engage students in further learning.
•great way to do informal assessment
during the unit for measuring student
•enjoy the range of activities that the keys
enable them to choose from and
subsequently produce interesting and
thoughtful work.

Warm up Activities Assessme nt Inquiry  METHO DS Reading Contract Activitie s  .

Give the class one of the keys to work on for 5 to 10 minutes to get them thinking creatively before writing or before/after the bell. Question Key: Give the children an answer and they have to come up with five questions that match the answer. Different Uses Key: give children an object in which they are to come up with 10 different uses for. 3. For example you could use the: 1. 2. . Reverse Key: Children come up with 10 things that cannot be done or never seen (give the senerio).

These can be specifically designed tasks for the children to complete at guided reading time (e. the Variations Key to solve a problem or the Interpretaion Key to explain the existence of that situation). . use the Prediction Key to predict possible outcomes for this situation.The 20 thinkers' keys can be incorporated into daily reading and comprehension activities.g.

'Tell me 5 questions that the answer for which could be "kiwi" ' (e.Use the thinkers' keys as a way of unlocking student knowledge and thinking in all learning areas. What is the name of a flightless New Zealand bird?) This this is a quick and easy way to gauge students understanding and plan their next learning. . For example using the Question Key to assess students growing understanding of a topic. The Question Key .g.

Use the 20 thinkers' keys at all stages of an inquiry as a tool for thinking more deeply about the topic. This can be set up as a 'Thinkers Keys' table in a space in the classroom where children can complete the tasks in relation to the class inquiry  .

. cannot Name 10 things you could never do in the Pongakawa School Reserve.The Reverse  Challenges Children to think of the never.

come up with solutions What if all the trees in New Zealand disappeared . The What If A what if question.

The Disadvantages- List disadvantages and Improvements What are some disadvantages of recycling? How might they be overcome? .

The Combination-  List attributes of both. Use these ideas to improve the design of highways.   . then combine List the attributes of rivers.

.The Alphabet-  Come up with something for each letter of the Alphabet Do an A to Z of environmental words.

Add. Come up with a solution for each Use the BAR key to improve a landform of your choosing. Replace acronym. .The B A R-  Bigger.

The Variations-  How many ways can you… How many ways can you cross the Cooks Strait?   .

The Picture-  Draw a picture/diagram Draw or find a shape of anything at all. Find as many links as you can between the landscape and the picture. .

The Prediction-  Make a prediction What would the consequences be if most people in the world lived in New Zealand?   .

.The Different Uses-  Find 10 different uses for… List many uses for an out-ofdate atlas.

 The Ridiculous-  Try to justify a ridiculous statement What would happen if we all had to live underwater? .

The Commonality Find common points between… What do great mountains and oranges have in common? .

The Question Come up with 5 questions for… The answer is Aotearoa. What are 5 questions that could have this answer? .

  .The Brainstorming-  Brainstorm solutions for… Brainstorm ways to encourage the protection of our environment.

.The Inventions-  Design a … Invent a way of remembering the names of the native trees of New Zealand.

The Brick Wall-  Consider alternatives to… Consider alternatives to large cities. .

The Construction-  Construct a… Materials… How could you cross lake Taupo using a tennis ball. a rope and a brick?   .

The Forced Relationships Come up with a solution to a problem involving two dissimilar objects How might an explorer use a pencil to find his way through a thick   .

The Alternative-  Work out 3 ways to… List ways of seeing Queenstown without actually going there .

The Interpretations-  Give 3 possible explanations for… New Zealand’s ski fields are to be moved to Australia. Explain why this is so.   .