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Business Messages

Usman Nazir
Institute of Business

Written Business Communication
Principles of Effective Writing (7 Cs)
Three-Step Writing Process Assignment

Written Business Communication

Written Business Communication

Writing is a mode of communicating a message for a
Writing reveals ones ability to think clearly and to
use language effectively.
The purpose of business writing is to achieve the
understanding and reaction needed in the quickest
and most economical way.
The ease in writing comes from art, not chance,
As those move easiest who have learned to dance.
- Alexander Pope

Written Business Communication

Purpose of Writing
Writing to Inform


Writer seeks to give information and offers to explain it.

Found in accounts of facts, scientific data, statistics and technical,
business reports, etc.

Writing to Persuade


Persuasive writing aims at convincing the reader about a matter,

which is debatable; it expresses opinion rather than facts.
Found in opinion essays, editorials, letters to the editors,
business/research proposals, religious books, reviews etc.

The audience
Clarity in Writing

Written Business Communication

What do you understand from this?
When the owners were contacted on July25, the
assistant manager, Mr. Rathi, informed the chief
engineer that they were considering of ordering
advertising block 25 for sale. He, however,
expressed his inability to make a firm decision by
requesting this company to confirm their
intentions with regard to buying the land within
one month, when Mr Jain, the president of the
company will have come back from a business
tour. This will be August 25.

Written Business Communication

A better way to write it would be:
The chief engineer contacted the owner on July
25 to enquire if block 25 was on sale. He was
informed by the assistant manager Mr. Rathe,
that the company was thinking of selling the
block. He was further told that decision would not
be taken until the president Mr. Jain returned from
a business tour on August 25. Mr. Rathe asked the
chief engineer to submit a written proposal for
the same.

Principles of Effective Writing

Principles of Effective Writing

Seven Cs among others it includes:
Correctness of words, facts, figures, language and
tone (informal/formal writing).
Correctness in grammar, punctuation, and spelling
Accuracy of Language


Dangling Modifier
Unnecessary shift in tenses


Write this in a brief and concise form.

One Possible Way

Case Study

Case Study
What is fuzz?
Rewrite the given case study simply and
Do you believe that some people are born
writers. Give reasons for your answer

Short Quiz
Write the correct form of the verb.
By ______ early, they avoided traffic jams.
Do not let me prevent you from _______ what is
right. (do)

Change the verbs in the following

sentences from Passive to Active.
The students are taught by the lecturer.
The ball was caught by me.

Explain the Three-Step Writing Process
for Business Messages.
Explain the usage of following with
- Present/Past/Future Tense (simple, Continuous, perfect)
- Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Adjective, Conjunction, Preposition
- Comma(,), Colon(:), Semi-colon(;), Apostrophe ()

Thank you