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Sec 3 – Lesson Objectives

By the end of the lesson, students would
• engaged in independent research on
some suggested topics
• devised a framework based on the
given thesis statements
• considered relevant issues related to
their arguments

students would have: • reviewed basic expository and argumentative writing skills • reinforced their learning through the written assignment • reflected on the learning package as well as the IT exercise .Sec 3 – Lesson Objectives By the end of the lesson.

Lesson Plan 1 (40 1.html and select one topic from each category – bioethics. social concerns and education issues – for your independent research . Log on to the following website at minutes) http://www.gc.maricopa. constitutional topicarg. computing issues.

3.Lesson Plan 1 (40 2. . Scan the various sources of information and read those articles that would help expand your thesis statement. Select one of the given thesis minutes) statements and consider some of the related issues that are listed alongside the thesis.

group members can design a framework for their essay. . decide on a topic (based on the thesis statements that individuals have been reading up on in the previous lesson) • Once a common topic has been selected.Lesson Plan 2 (40 minutes) • In your various on-line discussion groups.

[You may use the following slides to revise the 5-paragraph essay] as indicated by your EL teachers. iVLE forum or forum hci.Lesson Plan 2 (40 minutes) • The discussion should be carried out via MSN chat.

html EnglishWorks/writing/ fiveparagraph.html .Sources: /english/topicarg.

the reader should find the main idea of the essay expressed in the thesis sentence. Also in the introduction. The introduction should make the reader want to continue reading.] . the reader should be able to tell what specific points about the main idea will be discussed and in what order they will be developed (forecasting).Expository / Argumentative Essay Template Question: ______________________________ A) Introduction In the introduction.

cite an example. imaginary scene. opinion. personal experience.         . quotation. give information/statistics. define key terms.Expository / Argumentative Essay Template           Introductory ________________________                   statement:      Choice of Introduction : ________________________   Ask a question.

which support the primary support sentences. statistics. or real-life examples. which support the topic sentence. Primary support sentences are general statements. The secondary support sentences (or concrete illustrations). quotes. provide specific details.Expository / Argumentative Essay Template Thesis _____________________________ Statement: B) Body Each topic sentence should be a major point of argument. . which supports the thesis statement.

Expository / Argumentative Essay Template (i) First Supporting Idea * Topic sentence _______________________________________ # Main Idea # Elaboration (ii) Second Supporting Idea * Topic sentence _______________________________________ # Main Idea # Elaboration .

Expository / Argumentative Essay Template (iii) Third Supporting Idea * Topic sentence _______________________________________ # Main Idea # Elaboration (iv) Counter argument/ proposals/ solutions/ recommendations * Topic sentence _______________________________________ # Main Idea # Elaboration .

.Expository / Argumentative Essay Template C) Conclusion: The concluding paragraph should include a general summary statement. or create a solid sense of finality. and a wrap-up statement. encourage the reader to take action. The wrap-up statement could contain insights of the essay writer. emphasize the importance of one of the points of argument. which recaps the thesis.

which captures thesis: _________________________________________ * Wrap-up statement (consequences and insights) _________________________________________ .Expository / Argumentative Essay Template Type of Conclusion: _________________________ Summary of main points. call for action. ask a provocative question. evoke a vivid image. * Closing statement. suggest results or consequences.

[Make sure that you have used the suggested resources to help you flesh out the essay] . develop the framework that you have drawn up into a full length essay of 350-500 words.Lesson Plan 3 – Written Assignment Q. Based on your online discussion.

A Final Note… • Please submit your written assignment through your teacher’s iVLE workbin (or as instructed) • Include also a reflection for submission via emb or blog (at your ELTs’ request) reflection could focus on whether the lesson has met its objectives. opinions on the entire lesson package and/or on the IT emergency exercise itself. .