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Alaska’s State Budget

By: Kristian Wesseling

So here’s what they’re reducing in the area of
Public Safety: Law Enforcement (includes Alaska
State Troopers, Wildlife Troopers and VPSOs).
They’re also reducing various related services like
flights, lab services, overtime, commodities. Public
Safety is something I take very seriously these
days and I do not want to see it cut if at all

“The positions they are cutting are not positions
that are currently filled with officers. The positons
are empty slots that have traditionally been kept
open over the years and have not necessarily ever
been filled.” – UAF Police Chief

I firmly believe that these positions should not be
cut, at least not all of them. The associated costs,
like overtime, flights, commodities, etc.… could be
cut or at least limited so that there is not as much
of an impact on the budget. There may come times
when troopers and/or officers may not be able to
do their job, or at least not in full, and those spots
would still be filled. If there is a need for
additional personnel, and those empty slots are
gone, then they may be out of luck.

The finance subcommittee flat out stated at the
end of this excerpt that if the positions and
funding are cut further, then law enforcement may
not be able to do their jobs effectively. That means
law not being upheld, crimes going rampant and
potentially more deaths occurring, but not
necessarily as a result of crimes.

Alaska does not deserve to become, at least in
part, like some of the lower 48 states, with crime
and deaths occurring more frequently.
The text in blue is an excerpt from this website:

2017 budget proposed by finance subcommittee led by Rep.
Bryce Edgmon, D-Dillingham: $187.9 million. ($156.1 million
unrestricted general fund, $14.4 million other state funds, $10.8
million federal, $6.6 million designated general funds.)
Change from governor's proposal: -$1.4 million, or 0.7 percent.
 Change from 2016 budget. -$4.6 million, or 2.4 percent.

Eliminate funding five Alaska State Trooper positions, five
temporary positions, one trooper captain, four support
positions, and return approximately 15 vehicles to the state
equipment fleet, saving $2.5 million.
Alaska Wildlife Troopers will cut a trooper, trooper captain, and
three support positions, in addition to reducing overtime,
patrol sea days, and flights, saving $713,200.

$510,000 will be saved by reducing funds for the Village
Public Safety Officer program and reducing employee
overtime, moves that will leave enough funds to support
78 VPSO positions and 10 VPSO coordinator positions.
Discontinue community-based batterer intervention
programs and reduce funding for victim services
agencies to fiscal year 2013 levels, saving $340,000.

Reduce travel, personal services, commodities, and laboratory services,
saving $680,000. Another $1.5 million would be saved by unallocated
"The number of Troopers and VPSO’s have been cut considerably in the
last two years. The Subcommittee feels we are approaching the point
where further reductions in those numbers will stretch the ability of law
enforcement to be able to do their job in the professional and timely
manner we all expect," the subcommittee wrote.