By Baldeep Sall

We Media
-Yahoo is a company which provides many internet services: it is most famous for its web search engine Yahoo Search . -Other examples of the services provided are Yahoo mail and Yahoo Video. -Yahoo heavily relies on the growing web 2.0, it was first created by two graduating university students thanks to the accessibility and ease of web 2.0. Since its first version of the web search with investment it soon became a web portal. Again it continues to use the web 2.0 to buy new internet businesses for example Yahoo purchased an online communications company Four 11. Four 11's webmail service, Rocket Mail, became Yahoo! Mail. Yahoo is using web 2.0 to acquire new internet based products in order to continue to grow as a business. -There were several other web portals before Yahoo examples include AOL, iGoogle, MSNBC, Netvibes. -The web search version of Yahoo was first created in January 18, 1995. And has been running since then.

Free Speech
-Yahoo supports free speech by having its search engine it allows information to be shared with links listed to all types of websites. -Also Yahoo provides other social networking sites and user generated content such as Yahoo Buzz, this is a site which allows users to publish their own news articles. This supports free speech as anyone can post their own news article. -There are certain features of Yahoo which have premium accounts for example Yahoo plus which is a monthly paid service. This includes Yahoo Mail plus which features a larger amount of memory space and no adds.

-Yahoo mainly competes with other big media business by diversifying by buying other internet services . In order to do this it has affiliated with other companies to expand their services. -Yahoo formed partnerships with internet providers such as BT with the internet provided by BT, Yahoo offer a range of free and premium Yahoo content to subscribers. -Yahoo competes with other sites such as Google for example by including features which are similar to Google such as yahoo video and yahoo mail.

We Think
-Yahoo offers a whole range of services allowing users to share many things in different ways. -The main commercial value of Yahoo would be through its advertising. -Search advertising is when advertisers bid for search terms to display their ads on the search results. -Other forms of revenue comes through its display and contextual advertising. -A very large audience would be interested with Yahoo since it offers such as range of services. Everyday internet users would use Yahoo s search engine but also small businesses can use a range of tools to help aid the business. -Offering a large range of services is very effective for Yahoo to draw a large audience.

We Think-Pro Ams
-Given that Yahoo has a search engine it shares a lot of different links to other websites, these websites can contain anything so a vast majority of information is shared. -Yahoo also owns Flickr this is a image and video hosting website; it allows users to share images and video content. This is a massive sharing website it boasts an impressive 4 billion images. -Since Yahoo uses a range of services most of these services would only require amateur expertise such as using the search engine while other of its services would require more expertise. An example of this would include Yahoo Boss which allows users to build their own search index using Yahoo this would require more expertise.

Open Source
-Yahoo does use Open Source in some contexts the service Yahoo Boss allows users to make their own web search based on Yahoos search technology. This is an example of Open Sourcing as Yahoo is allowing users to use the existing technology to create their own search applications. -Yahoo has its own online lab where its future technologies which are in its Beta testing stage can be reviewed. The website features an online forum where each prototype in its individual forum; feedback and suggestions can be given.

-Yahoo claims to respect the intellectual property of authors and creators ; Yahoo has an online complaint form if their has been any copyright infringement. -Yahoo has been involved in copyright infringement where in 2008 it was sued by an Indian Music company for streaming copyright content without permission. The company were sent a cease and desist order but Yahoo did not remove the content therefore the matter went further to the court where Yahoo were sued. -Internet freedom is definitely a benefit for Yahoo, as Yahoo capitalises on the freedom of the internet creating services to aid the freedom. For example its Blog services allows users to freely Blog.

Creative Commons
-Yahoo supports creative commons in various forms: -Many Flickr users have chosen to use a Creative Commons licence allowing their images and videos to be shared non commercially. -Also Yahoo have teamed up with Creative Commons to provide their material in their searches. Allowing more accurate and easy information to be provided in their searches. As users will not have to worry about trying to obtain permission for the use of images and videos.

Digital Divide
‡ ‡ ‡ Yahoo drew in at least 1.575 billion visitors annually by 2008. The global network of Yahoo! websites receives 3.4 billion page views per day on average as of October 2007. Most content of Yahoo is free but some services which are their premium accounts have to be paid for. For example their Yahoo plus is a monthly paid subscription.

Gate Keeping
‡ Yahoo used to use gatekeeping; publishers had to apply for consideration after Yahoo had checked how information was available from those who had applied. They then decided what information would be included in their search engine and whose wouldn t. ‡ This gatekeeping method was continued until Google came along and allowed anyone to be included on their search engine. Yahoo soon after changed their Gatekeeping method. ‡ Yahoo now only filter their information their search engine when forced to by other parties. ‡ The following information can be found here.

Free Press
-Yahoo provides a website called Yahoo Buzz. This a site which allows anyone to submit news stories this is how it works: -First, they determine the most popular topics that people are searching for on Yahoo!. -Then, they showcase the most popular stories within those topics, based on activities like voting, commenting, and emailing stories to friends. -Stories with most Buzz may be published on the Yahoo! Homepage.

Marxist Theories of Control
-Yahoo s mission statement is "Our mission is to be the most essential global Internet service for consumers and businesses." -Yahoo s search engine allows access to any type of information as it now longer practices any methods of Gatekeeping. Yahoo does not have a bias it allows a flow of information for people to share.

Power Elites
-Yahoo challenges other existing rivals such as Google and AOL by also diversifying into a web portal. It competes directly with these other rivals by offering almost identical services. -Although Yahoo has tried to make its self more unique from its competitors by including features such as Yahoo answers which is a dedicates site just for people to share questions and answers.

-Yahoo is part of an Oligarchy as it is a web portal and there are only a few other big rivals like Yahoo. -Yahoo does hold a few monopolies an example of this in the email market as Yahoo holds almost half of the marker share.

Internet Neutrality
-Yahoo itself would not be under threat from the new internet bill because Yahoo itself does not provide any material which can be used illegally. -Although many copyright piracy can be found through the Yahoo search such as links to torrent sites. Yahoo itself does not produce any illegal material.