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Ocean Politics

Why Are We Here?

tossed by storms. grounded on reefs.Everything that happens on land happens in the sea ? But on the sea it can float. sink. attacked by sharks and drown . be battered by waves.

secure and efficient shipping on clean oceans” Mission statement of the International Maritime Organization (And what we ensure as GSMA majors) .Why are we here? “Safe.

secure”  Maritime Security “Efficient”  Trade and Economics “Clean Oceans”  Environmental Issues .“Safe.

Divide into groups of 4-5 Make sure you have a computer and internet access! I do a lot of group work in my classes – why? The IQ of a well functioning group is always higher than the IQ of the smartest person in the group .

“Those who can do. and most of them learned how and why from their professors – and those who can’t. “Those who can. do and those who can’t. teach?” Well. sit back and let others do their thinking for them As much as possible. we are going to learn by doing . it’s actually.And… You’ve heard the saying.

In your groups What are the ways we use the oceans to gain wealth? What are the maritime security threats we face today? What are the environmental issues we see in the world’s oceans? (At least 10 answers for each question) .

Fast “popcorn” discussion What issues do you care most about? Show of hands for Trade and Economics? Maritime Security? Ocean Environmental Issues? What specifically? .

and how we belong to the rest of the world.Why does this matter? “To have even the least notion of what we want to do in life is an enormous step in and of itself…. Crossing the Unknown Sea . One of the keys to any possible happiness in work must be the little self-knowledge it takes to know what we desire in life.” David Whyte. how we are made.

Self-knowledge ?? • Self-knowledge is a term used in psychology to describe the information that an individual draws upon when finding an answer to the question "What am I like?". .

the selfconcept. and theories on whether these attributes are stable.• Self-knowledge is a component of the self. which contain attributes that we uniquely pair with ourselves. It is the knowledge of one's self and one's properties and the desire to seek such knowledge that guide the development of the self-concept. or more accurately. . or dynamic. Selfknowledge informs us of our mental representations of ourselves.

• The self-concept is thought to have three primary aspects: • The cognitive self (known self) • The affective self (feeling) • The executive self (behavior) .

of a career worth having How do we get from here – what I’m sort of interested in – to there – expertise? .Self-knowledge is the beginning of expertise. of work worth doing.

Everybody is a superhero. but not many can find their true superpower .