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Case study: Fisheries in Vietnam

• Marine, inland and aquaculture fishing
Major fishing areas
• Gulf of Tonkin
▫ China

• Central Vietnam
• Southeast Vietnam
• Southwestern Vietnam
▫ Cambodia, Thailand

and to increase personal income • The fishing sector provides about half of the annual supply of animal protein in the national human diet • Nearly 10% of the population derives its main income from fisheries • Accounts for 4% of GDP • Over 10% of the total export earnings .Importance to Economy • Vietnamese fisheries have been growing considerably and have been promoted by the government ▫ Aimed at hunger elimination and poverty reduction.

Problem of Illegal Fishing • Big foreign boats often penetrate into Vietnamese seawaters to fish illegally • 300-500 calls of foreign boats fishing illegally in Vietnamese seawaters every year • They are active off shore at day time and near shore at night time • The quantity of marine catches taken by foreign fishing boats is significant .

croaker. trevally . scad. bigeye.000 vessels. snapper. almost all of them made of wood • Only about 100 vessels have the capacity for deep-sea fishing • Main species (English names): Bream.Vietnamese Fishing Fleet • The total fleet consists of approximately 40. lizard fish. tuna.

Japanese and Taiwanese fleets ▫ The development of the seafood processing industry is attracting many people. labor migration to other areas is common ▫ Including work on foreign fishing fleets. mainly women (85%). including Korean. to come and work in the cities .Fishing Economics • Most fishing communities are poor • As opportunities of other sources of income are quite limited.

crab. tilapia. grouper. cobia. carp. snapper. lobster. shrimp.Aquaculture in Vietnam • Catfish. sea bass • Small but growing sector of fishing economy . prawn.

China/Hong Kong (7%) and Europe (6%) .Exports • Seafood is the third major export product of Vietnam (after textile-garments and crude oil) • Exports to 80 different countries. Japan (26%). export markets for fishery products: ▫ USA (35%).

pulling 40% of the total revenue . and dried sea fish products • Among export products. frozen shrimp is the highest earner. squid. cuttlefish and octopus. fish.Main export products • Shrimp.

Overfishing • About 25% of fishing vessels are equipped for offshore fishing operations • To reduce inshore overfishing the government aims to encourage fishermen to fish further offshore where fish stocks are larger • Currently most of Vietnam’s marine catch is taken in waters less than 60m deep and is considered a major cause of coastal overfishing. .

500 a year for fishermen buying new boats fitted with an engine larger than 90hp. • Goal: Development of offshore fishing fleet into major form of economic activity .Looking to the future • Most Vietnamese fishing is in the private sector • To encourage fishermen to use larger fishing vessels that are better equipped for offshore fishing. the government has started to offer subsidies of about US$3.