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36%) • Cultural aspects of youth (global/local). Female – 101:100 • Literacy rate is 90.4% however the quality of higher education is questionable • High crime rate (corruption and bribery is 80.are they accepting international growth idea???? • Progressive and concentrative youth-????? • Unemployment Rate in Indonesia increased to 6.18 percent in the third quarter of 2015 from 5.81 percent in the first quarter of 2015 .Social Factors • Population-transiting from lower to middle income group • Male vs.

youthful and growing population may serve as a key opportunity to enhance both its production and consumption base.43% • By the end of 2016 youth population will be 43 Million below the age of 30 • Indonesia’s large. like most opportunities. while managing rural development so as not to disadvantage some of its less populous regions. .• Youth Population. Indonesia’s population must be properly developed to maximize its potential gains to the country at large. However.


was US$ 3.5 million • Consumption level is 5% . • GDP (PPP): $2.7 trillion • The per capita income. • The economic growth rate is 4.6 billion • Lower middle income is 254.491 in 2014.5 billion. (World Bank) • FDI Inflow: $22.73% in July 2015 • In 2014 the World Bank declared that Indonesia had the 16th largest economy in the world.Economic factors • The currency of Indonesia is the Rupiah (IDR) • GDP is 888.

Indonesia is not the world's most business-friendly country (reflected by the weak ranking in the World Bank's Doing Business Index) and contains specific cultural dynamics which .to an outsider .) • Starting a business or legal entity in Indonesia can be a hazardous undertaking for foreigners. in particular to newcomers in Indonesia who lack profound experience with the country and do not have useful contacts or a network to rely on. • There are two legal entities that are permitted for foreigners in Indonesia: (1) a foreign investment limited liability company and (2) a representative office . Indonesian President Joko Widodo has unveiled a new economic policy package that aims to boost economic growth of Indonesia amid a highly uncertain global context.• President -Joko Widodo (Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle) • Economic Policy Package Indonesia : (In response to the ailing global economy.can make matters complicated.


Political and Regulatory Environment. • Non conducive or conducive • Encourage growth • Trade restrictions • Ease of doing business??? • High tax rate???? • Is Indonesia a part of trade block??? .

Technological Factors • Smart phone users? • Penetration of internet? • Usage pattern? .

Snap shot of watch market in Indonesia • Growth rate• Size• Segment of watches• Major brand (international or local) • Market composition • Key players • Trend in watch market .

SWOT • Strength (fastrack) • Weakness (fastrack) • Opportunity (Indonesia) • Threat (Indonesia) .

PORTER’S Five Forces • Threat of entrants (low/medium/high) • All five analysis??? .

Conclusion and our understanding?? • Enter or not???????? Justify • Competition • Potential of market .