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AdMob Metrics: Platforms

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Developer Survey

Network Statistics

User Survey
47% of devs plan to develop for more than 1 platform in the
next 6 months
• 58% of respondents develop for the mobile web

Which of the following platforms do you currently

develop for or have plans to develop for in the next 6

Developers going cross platform

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iPhone and Android have the greatest percentage of satisfied developers
with the platform while Blackberry has the lowest
If you have an app on any of the following platforms,
how satisfied are you with the platform?

Note: Satisfied as defined by % of respondents who

selected “Very Satisfied” or “Somewhat Satisfied”
Developers use a mix of different business models to monetize
their apps
How do you make money from your apps or mobile

Note: % of respondents using advertising may be overweight due to

respondents being sourced through AdMob’s Publisher Newsletter

Developer Survey

Network Statistics

User Survey
Handset Share vs AdMob Mobile Web/App Usage

Canalys 2009 Market Share.


AdMob Operating System Share, Feb 2010.

Smartphones and Mobile Internet Devices on the rise

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Android gaining momentum

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Regional Difference Exist

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Strong iPhone and iPod growth is international
• >36 million unique iPhone and iPod touch devices in the AdMob Network

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New Devices Driving Traffic Growth
Vast Majority of Android Traffic comes from US
• Motorola Droid is the most popular Android device, followed by HTC Magic, and HTC Hero

Developer Survey

Network Statistics

User Survey
Android shows similar download usage as iPhone
• 21% of Android users buy at least one paid app a month, compared to 50% of iPhone users

Survey based on 963 respondents in February 2010. Visit for more details
Almost twice as many iPhone and iPod touch users regularly
download paid apps as Android and webOS users

iPhone OS users more satisfied with their device compared to
Android device users and webOS device users
Are you likely to recommend your device to a friend or

iPhone users demonstrate high purchase intent in the iPad;
device users across all platforms interested in the iPod touch
Which of the following devices do you currently own or
are you likely to purchase within the next 6 months?
(Please select all that apply)

User Survey Summary
Users across all platforms are highly engaged with apps; iPod touch users
even more
• Android and iPhone users spend 79-80 min/day using apps, 100 min iPod Touch, 89 min
• Android and iPhone users download ~9 new apps/month, ~12 iPod touch, ~6 webOS

Twice as many iPhone users regularly download paid apps as Android and
webOS users
• iPod touch users that purchase paid apps spend $11.39 vs. $9.55 webOS, $8.36 Android,
$8.18 iPhone
• Android users that purchase paid apps download 5.0/month vs. 4.6 iPod touch, 3.6 iPhone, 2.5

iPhone and Android users willing to recommend their device to others

• 91% iPhone, 88% iPod touch, 84% Android would recommend
• 69% of webOS users would recommend their device

Purchase intent for non-smartphone devices varies across platform and

• iPhone users are ~3x more likely to purchase an iPad vs. Android users and ~2x as webOS
• Smartphone users display greater purchase intent with the Apple iPad relative to the Amazon
Survey based on 963 respondents in February 2010 recruited from the AdMob network. No incentives were offered for
completion. Visit for more details.

Developer Survey Summary

Publishers are increasingly focused on developing for multiple

•31% of developers are currently developing for >1 platform
•Almost half (47%) plan on developing for >1 platform in the next 6 months
•58% of developers currently develop mobile Web sites

Considerable cross-development from iPhone and Android developers

•More than 70% of iPhone devs plan to develop for Android over the next 6 months
•Close to half of Android devs (48%) plan to develop for iPhone in the next 6 months

Developers are generally satisfied with their app’s success on mobile

•64% rate their app as “very” or “somewhat” successful
•Developers are most satisfied with iPhone platform and least satisfied with RIM

Survey based on 108 respondents of AdMob developers in March 2010. Visit for
more details.

Sample size for each of the platforms was 47 Apple iPhone OS, 50 Android OS, 13 RIM Blackberry OS, 9 webOS,
17 Symbian OS,
7 Windows Mobile 6.x OS, 4 Adobe Flash Lite, 19 J2ME; some developers develop for multiple platforms

• iPhone and Android are driving mobile web growth from users, developer interest, and network statistics

• Shipments or Market Share vary different from mobile usage

• iPhone and Android similar usage behavior, high satisfaction, but lower paid apps

• Differences exist regionally

• Traffic from smartphones, feature phones, and mobile devices is rising but at different clips

• iPhone / iPod has a huge lead

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